100 Hilarious Space Puns to Skyrocket Your Mood


Space nerds, future astronauts, and space lovers, where are you guys? This article is going to uncover all the space puns that were lying in the extraterrestrial territory!

Puns are a must-have thing in any space jokes collection. Either you select a joke that is hysterically funny or a few space puns that slips into everyday conversation, these jokes will be highly appreciated by any listener.

Speaking of space, there is literally another world in it! Astronauts travel all the way from earth to orbit to discover more about it, but the good part is that for space puns, you don’t have to go anywhere, we’ve got it all right here.

So, at the speed of light, let’s gear ourselves up because we are going to enter a completely new world of all the space puns. Enjoy!

Best Space Puns

To all the space enthusiasts out there, you don’t have to seek the best space puns anymore, because we have got your back with all the space jokes written below!

1. Why did the star decide to take a vacation? It needed some space.

2. Why was the star arrested? It was a shooting star.

3. What channel should you watch if you want to laugh? The comet-y channel.

4. Why is the moon constantly moody? She’s just going through a phase.

5. Which is older: the moon or the sun? The moon, because it can stay out all night.

6. Why did the rocket scientist stop working on a project? He had no comet-ment.

7. Why haven’t aliens come to our solar system yet? They read the reviews: one star.

8. When our solar system was formed, the sun was in charge. So, the planets started a revolution.

9. Yesterday I was charged $10,000 dollars for sending my cat into space. It was a cat astro fee.

10. Why will space be a popular tourist spot? The view is breathtaking and will leave you speechless.

11. Who in the solar system has the loosest change? The moon because it keeps changing quarters.

12. Which is closer, Florida or the moon? The moon. You can’t see Florida from here.

13. Why was Jupiter banned from competing in the planetary boxing championship? He was taking asteroids.

14. Why are people always criticizing Orion’s belt? It’s a big waist of space.

Funny Space Puns

Puns have been scientifically proven to make people laugh…or maybe it’s just a universal phenomenon. Check out the funny space puns jotted down below and don’t forget to share with space lovers.

1. Where do the stars go to get their milk? The Milky Way.

2. Planets have their very own Spotify playlists; they are full of Nep-tunes.

3. If the solar system wore pants, they would be held up with an Astroid belt.

4. Why did Ms. Moon split up with Mr. Sun? He never wanted to go out with her at night.

5. It’s hard learning about space all day, I think I need a launch break.

6. When Santa Claus sees a space ship, he goes UF-Ho, Ho, Ho.

7.When aliens go shopping in space, they visit the department-star.

8.To tell the time in space, you just need a rocket watch.

9. What do you get when you cross a lamb and a rocket? A space sheep!

10. Why did Venus have to get an air conditioner? Because Mercury moved in.

11. What did Neil Armstrong say when no one laughed at his moon jokes? “I guess you had to be there.”

12. Why do Saturn’s two moons swap orbit every four years? To keep minty fresh.

Hilarious Space Puns

If you are throwing a party in space, then we are all ready to help you planet! Here are some hilarious space puns, to make everyone laugh during the party. They will definitely have a ball with these jokes.

1. What do you get if you send an anime fan to one of Saturn’s moons? Otaku on Titan.

2. Why is there no air in space? Because the Milky Way would go bad.

3. What’s a lightyear? It’s like a regular year… with fewer calories.

4. What did the alien say to the cat? “Take me to your litter!”

5. I have hit the space bar 37 times in a row now but I still remain on earth.

6. Why is it hard to define an interstellar cloud of dust? It’s a nebulous concept.

7. Why don’t people like to talk about all the mysterious space in the universe? It’s a dark matter.

8. My boyfriend wanted me to give up my career in NASA to marry him, but I couldn’t. I need my space.

9. What did the first man on the moon say to the second man on the moon?  Buzz off!

10. Why was the Soviet Union the first country to go into space? They were Russian to get there

11. Where do you find the most felines in space? In the catmosphere.

12. What do you do when your space mail isn’t delivered? Return to Sedna.

Space Puns One Liners

Looking for space puns one liners to add to your collection? Well, you don’t have to look for it anymore because we have brought an amazing list of puns related to space.

1. You’re always star-ring up trouble.

2. Burgers always taste better in space because they are meteor.

3. There’s only one reason an alien would visit a bird of prey centre. To see a Millenium ‘Falcon’.

4. I’m reading a book about anti-gravity. It’s impossible to put down.

5. You must be the sun because you’re the center of my universe.

6. The scientists’ new paper about alien life forms didn’t get published. It was too far out.

7. There are so many possibilities, I don’t have the Space or the Time to Continuum.

8. Last night I sat outside to watch a satellite pass by. It went over my head.

9. This weather is so unpredictable! I feel like I’m on an emotional solar coaster.

10. What did the galactic council say to the accused space invader? There’s a rock-solid space against you.

11. How can you save money on your power bill? With a solar system.

Clever Space Puns

A humorous space joke has the potential to rock your world. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the top pun wisecracks in the universe. Have a look at these clever space puns, and add a comment below if you liked them!

1. Why can’t you tell anyone about space? Because it’s too out of this world!

2. What was the first animal in space? The cow that jumped over the moon.

3. People ask how I manage to stay so organised. I just plan-et that way.

4. To organise the best space party ever, you need to plan-et.

5. Why did the people not like the restaurant on the moon? Because there was no atmosphere.

6. What do you say if you want to start a fight in space? “Comet me, bro!”

7. Why do you have to clean your house so much in space? Stardust is everywhere.

8. Feeling sad? Hope you can Saturn that frown upside down.

9. Don’t forget to put some money on the parking meteor before you leave the car park.

10. Aliens are great poets, they write their poems in uni-verses.

11. Kangaroos and koalas are my favourite animals, they are mars-upials.

12. Planets have their own social media network, it’s called Spacebook.

Cute Space Puns

Are your kiddos overly obsessed with the space, planets, and space shuttle? If so then you cannot miss cute space puns to bring a smile to your kid’s face. Take a gaze below and enjoy quality time with your little ones.

1. Why did Mickey Mouse go to outer space? To find Pluto.

2. I am throwing a party in space. Can you help me planet?

3. Why didn’t the sun go to college? Because it already had a million degrees!

4. What do starlets like to read before bed? Comet books!

5. What do stars say when they apologize to one another? “I’m starry.”

6. What do you win in a space talent competition? A constellation prize.

7. Why did the star have a crush on the sun? It was the center of his universe.

8. What’s the best board game to play with your family in space? Moon-opoly!

9. What did the alien say to the garden? “Take me to your weeder!”

10. Why did Venus’s dump Mars? She only wanted a pluto-nic relationship.

11. I love you to the moon and back.

12. I sent all your selfies to NASA because you’re a star.

13. I love you with all my heart and solar.

14. Sometimes I feel like I am the moon and you are the sun, I’d really be in the dark without you!

15. You could say I’m the moon and you’re the sun, because I really like having you a-round!

Space Puns about Astronaut

From cute space puns to astronaut puns, we have got it all covered! All you gotta do is to get yourself hooked to this page and be ready to explore all kinds of space jokes with your family and friends.

1. Why did the astronaut break up with her boyfriend? Because she needed some space.

2. Why did the cow want to become an astronaut? So, she could see the Milky Way.

3. I knew an astronaut who was in a race to see who could get to the moon the fastest. He lost the race so they gave him a constellation prize.

4. Why couldn’t the astronaut book a room to stay at on the moon? It was full.

5. Where would an astronaut park his spaceship? A parking meteor.

6. Why couldn’t the astronaut put the helmet on her head? Because she didn’t have enough space.

7. An astronaut told me there are some crazy bugs on the moon. They are called luna-ticks.

8. What is an astronaut’s favorite chocolate? A mars bar.

9. What does an astronaut call his ex from space? SpaceX.

10. I have two best friends. One is an astronaut but I like the other one better as he’s more down to earth.

11. Why aren’t astronauts hungry when they get to space? They had a big launch.

12. I was trying to have a serious conversation with an astronaut but she didn’t seem to understand the gravity of the situation.

13. What is an astronaut’s favourite coffee shop? Starbucks.

14. Did you hear about the astronaut who broke the law of gravity? He received a suspended sentence.

Space Puns about Planets

Since space is out of reach for us here on earth, that does not stop us from admiring it from afar and making up some fantastic jokes and puns about it! Here are some sun puns and moon puns to enjoy with your pals.

1. Where can planets update their status? Their Spacebook account.

2. Where do planets download their music from? Nep-tunes.

3. How does a planet put a dwarf planet to sleep? Rock-et.

4. I’ll try to think of more Space Puns, but I’ll need some time to planet!

5. Why didn’t the child understand the concept of life on other planets? It was an alien concept.

6. What do planets like to read? Comet books!

7. I wanted to have a space-themed birthday party, but there was no one to planet.

8. Bloom where you’re planet-ed.

9. You must be a planet, and I must be a moon, because I totally revolve around you!

10. The moon has been talking for a long time now, I think it’s just moon-ologging at this point!

Final Thoughts on Space Puns

Space puns or astronomically related jokes are always a delight for any person who is obsessed with space. But, if you have a space lover kid at home, then mama, what are you doing? You have a space cadet on your hands.

Grab these space puns now, to make them giggle and foster their imagination!

Whether you’re a chemist, a biologist, a physicist, or someone who hasn’t studied science since graduation, we can all agree that well-crafted science jokes can be out of this world—and we mean that literally when it comes to space puns!

Also, now that you have got an idea about the good space puns, try using words, stars, rockets, satellites, planets, the universe, and more to launch your own space puns in the outer world.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below that got you rolling on the floor laughing and come back here when you are done with building up your pun, because we won’t mind making some additions to our list!

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