95 Hilarious Shoe Puns to Crack You Up


Are you seeking for the ultimate shoe puns that will make you laugh or at the very least make you smile?

If it is so, take a look at some of our favorite shoe puns. These shoe puns come in all shapes and sizes, so whatever your purpose for looking for the best shoe puns, we’ve got you covered.

Start memorizing these shoe puns to amuse your friends and family, and you’ll be ahead of the game in no time. And how about making up a couple of your own shoe puns? All you need is a small sole to get started. (That one was made up by us!)

We’ve compiled a list of the funniest shoe puns for the whole family to enjoy.

Best Shoe Puns

Here we’ve gathered some best shoe puns for you. These shoe play on words come in all shapes and sizes, so whatever your purpose for looking for the best shoe puns, we’ve got you covered.

1. I saw a man holding a boot to each ear. He was listening to sole music.

2. What order did the governor give when he learned that marauding gangs were looting the local clothing store? Shoe to kill!

3. What do you call a 50th-anniversary dinner at a school for shoe menders? A bunch of old cobblers!

4. What did one shoe say to the other? You’re beautiful! Wanna go for a walk together?

5. How do you know God is a shoe repairman? He spends all his time saving the soles of the people.

6. Why did the student tie his shoelaces with all the other students? They wanted to go on a classroom trip together.

7. What was the reason the robot went inside the shoe shop? He needed to get rebooted!

8. What did the shoe say to the talkative shoe? Don’t make me put a sock in it, buddy!

9. How do you find out if a shoe is an athletic shoe? It does not matter, you just gotta run with it.

10. Why was the employee upset with the gift he got from his boss? The gift they gave him was the boot!

11. What type of shoes do ghosts like to wear? They like the booooooots.

12. What were the last words of the shoe that wasn’t lost? I am the last sole survivor!

13. The hat and the shoe were walking together to the party then all of a sudden, the hat said to the shoe, “I will go right ahead of you, if you don’t mind, just come on foot.”

Funny Shoe Puns

These funny shoe puns are guaranteed to generate the most laughs — and include puns – but be careful not to overuse them. Check out his list of some sneaker puns to choose from.

1. What did the chewing gum say to the shoe? I’m stuck on you!

2. When we were kids, my brothers and I would race to put our shoes on every morning. It always ended in a tie.

3. What did they say about the couple who had the same shoe size? That they were sole mates

4. What sort of shoes should you wear whilst directing a frog? Open toad shoes!

5. I talk to my shoes because the box they came in says Converse.

6. Who asked if it was better for a shoe to be or not to be? Sockspeare!

7. Yesterday, I stepped on some gum by the side of the road. And guess what? I haven’t stopped sole searching since that moment!

8. What shoes does a British apartment wear? Flats!

9. Had an interview for a job as a blacksmith once. I was asked if I had ever shoed a horse. I said no, but I’d told a donkey to go away once.

10. Son: “Daddy, can you put my shoes on?” Father: “I can try, but I don’t think they’ll fit me.”

11. What is the most sole crushing job in the world? The guy destroying old shoes at the city dump.

12. Why did the shoe builder stop taking clients after his relationship ended? He was still heeling.

13. Why did the guy who couldn’t dance only buy his shoes from the clearance bin? It was the only place he could buy two matching left shoes.

Shoe Puns One Liners

Do you enjoy a good puzzle? So do the majority of people, so why not try these shoe one-liners — just don’t get it wrong. Stroll down this list of puns related to shoe that might help you out.

1. I used to work in a shoe recycling centre. It was sole destroying.

2. The shoemaker gave his apprentice everything he needed. He gave him his awl.

3. I had this friend who couldn’t figure out how to untie his shoelaces. So, I bought him a one-way ticket to boot camp!

4. I want to buy platform shoes, but I can’t afford them. I’m still a little short.

5. Our local shoe factory burned down last night! Thankfully there were no soles lost.

6. I’ve invented a shoe made entirely out of Lego. When you stand on it, it doesn’t hurt, you just get a little taller.

7. A racehorse walks into a bar with its entourage. The barman says “you can’t come in here with those trainers”.

8. A friend’s spot burst when he went to the pharmacist. Puss in Boots.

9. I’ve run a shoe repair shop with my friend for years. He’s my sole mate.

10. I bought a pair of shoes from a drug dealer. I dunno what he laced them with but I’ve been tripping all day.

11. The worst thing about millipedes playing football is how long it takes them to put their boots on!

12. The governor, visibly angry at the looting spree by some marauding gangs, he gave a shoe to kill order.

13. For some reason, spies love wearing sneakers. They help them move swift and unnoticed.

Clever Shoe Puns

Telling one of these clever shoe puns will make you the life and soul of any gathering. That’s why; we have assembled these footwear puns here to make everyone laugh around you.

1. Why couldn’t the shoes go out and play? They were all tied up.

2. Before I criticize a man, I like to walk a mile in his shoes. That way, when I do criticize him, I’m a mile away and I have his shoes!

3. Why should you wear good shoes in a fight? You’ll never see de feet.

4. What did the clown say to his apprentice right before retirement? Clown, you’ve got some big shoes to fill!

5. I think our local police horse has a dodgy shoe situation going on. He’s always going good clop, bad clop!

6. What do you call an Italian shoe maker? Roberto…

7. How does the rain tie its shoe laces? With a rainbow…

8. What kind of jokes do shoelaces tell? Knot knot jokes.

9. What type of shoes does Voldemort wear? Horcrocs!

10. Why does food always taste better at the shoe store? They are sole full of shoes.

11. Why did they call the cops on the guy wearing flip flops? They thought he was a clef-toe-maniac.

12. The entire church took off their shoes and raised them over their heads. The priest said he was going to heel all before him.

13. What did the gravestone say for the buried shoe? May your sole rest in peace.

Short Shoe Puns

When you’re making someone’s day by using one of these short shoe puns, people won’t be able to look away. Glance over this amazing list of some puns on shoes we’ve curated for you.

1. I need to get new shoes – one of these isn’t right.

2. Velcro shoes are a rip-off.

3. I took a test on shoes. Totally laced it!

4. What sort of shoes does bread wear? Loafers!

5. What type of shoes does a bully hate? A goody two shoes.

6. Which animal sleeps with its shoes on? A horse.

7. What do you call two banana peels? A pair of slippers.

8. What footwear do philosophers wear? Sock-rates!

9. What kind of shoe do spaceships wear? High heels!

10. How do you make sneakers out of trees? Wooden you like to know!

11. What kind of shoes are most popular with mice? Squeakers!

12. What kind of shoes does a frog wear? Open-toad!

Foot and Shoe Puns

Shoe puns will undoubtedly break your ribs, whether you’re shopping for shoes or simply having a pleasant talk with friends. You can recite these amusing foot and shoe puns repeatedly, but they’ll never get old.

1.What is made of leather, a foot long and sounds like a sneeze? A shoe.

2. I used to buy my shoes in bulk, but now I just buy them by the foot.

3. How come Winnie-the-Pooh doesn’t wear shoes? Because he has bear feet.

4. A friend of mine has this talent for making clown shoes. It’s no small feet!

5. A man with two left feet once walked into a shoe shop. He walked right up to the clerk and said: “Excuse me, do you have any flip flops?”

6. Wanna hear about an impossible feet? Trying to fit into a size 6 shoe when you’re a size 10!

7. What is that inside your shoe? Oh, that’s just my foot!

8. What is everyone’s shoe if they were the same size? Two feet.

9. What are the only shoes that scare Captain Hook? Crocs, they eat up his feet!

10. Why did he absolutely refuse to walk a mile in her shoes? Her feet were three sizes smaller than his own.

11. Why was the shoe repairman confused when the boy asked to repair the hole in his shoe? Because that was the hole to put your foot into!

12. Why did the little brother wear a shoe on his head? He wanted to be a foot taller like his brother!

13. What did the doctor say to the patient who broke their foot for the second time? I’ll reboot you.

Shoe Puns for Boyfriend

If you’re having trouble with your boyfriend, stop worrying and start laughing at our compilation of the funniest shoe puns for boyfriend in the world. Using this shoe puns list is a best way to spice up your relation with your boyfriend.

1. You are my sole-mate.

2. You bring heeling to my sole.

3. Right from the first day, no one doubted their affection for each other. They were real sole mates.

4. I will heel you.

5. I will save your sole.

6. I can shoe you the world.

7. I miss shoe.

8. We make a great pair.

Shoe Puns for Instagram

Are you trying to think of the perfect Instagram caption for your shoe-obsessed followers? You are allowed to use the following shoe puns for Instagram from this list to make your followers laugh out loud.

1. I wish I could wear a shoe on my head Because then I’d be a foot taller.

2. So I bought a pair of shoes from a drug addict yesterday… And I dunno what he laced them with but I’ve been trippin ever since.

3. My daughter’s boyfriend still doesn’t know how to tie his shoes… Every time I walk in her room that’s all she’s doing.

4. Unless you really want to live the Asian culture, ordering for shoe-shi may be a farfetched ambition.

5. A shoe repairer is like God. He can heel you. He can save your sole. And he can even dye for you.

6. Not every shoe is designed for heely terrains.

7. If shoe size really is directly related to the size of a man’s package… Then clowns are way scarier than we all thought.

8. When he started his shoe business, he was still heeling from his broken relationship.

9. The shoemaker finally wedded his sole mate. Together they had run their shoe repair shop for slightly under a decade.

10. Everyone attending the crusade put their best foot forward because the preacher said he would heel the masses.

Final Thoughts on Shoe Puns

Hopefully you enjoyed this amazing article of shoe puns. Have you ever been captivated by amusing shoe puns? This post will have you tying your laugh-laces in knots!

Everyone is required to wear shoes. You cannot go outside barefoot or with only socks or indoor slippers on. As, there is a lot of dirt outside and you don’t want to track it into your house or apartment, you’ll require shoes.

Furthermore, whenever you visit a public place such as a mall or a restaurant, you must wear shoes to keep your feet clean. You need shoes! You need them for a variety of reasons. And you recognize the value of your shoes.

You might also appreciate the various puns that can be derived from shoes. If you’ve been seeking some shoe humor, this is the post for you. They were undoubtedly our favorites.

Did any of these shoe puns make you laugh? Did you notice one that we overlooked? We will be glad to know about your experience by your comment.

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