100 Best Riddler Riddles to Develop Analytical Thinking


The riddler riddles can be very entertaining and can be played by anyone with anyone. You will certainly enjoy reading as well as playing these riddles.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “riddler,” let’s go over it quickly. It refers to someone who asks riddles; a puzzler. Edward Nigma, also known as the riddler or the master of riddles, is one such character.

The riddler riddles arose as a result of this. His perplexing riddles will have the kids entirely perplexed! Most people will find this to be outside of their comfort zone, but once you start, there is no turning back.

It is not difficult to become a riddler. You only need to practice some good jokes at the appropriate times to become a riddler. Let us give you a head start begin with riddles by the riddler.

Best Riddler Riddles

There are many riddles by the Riddler, but selecting the best one takes time. “What Happens When a Liar Dies?” He Still Lies is the answer. It is one of the best riddler riddles.

1. What is it that walks on four legs then two legs and finally three legs?

Answer: The answer to all three is a baby. True, it crawls on all fours, but cut off its legs and it can only wiggle on two limbs. Give it a crutch, it can hobble around on three.

2. What belongs to you, but is used by others?

Answer: Your name.

3. The less of them you have, the more one is worth?

Answer: A Friend.

4. I come from a mine and get surrounded by wood always. Everyone uses me. What am I?

Answer: Pencil Lead.

5. I give you two coins worth 15 cents. One of the coins is not a nickel. What coins did I give you?

Answer: A dime and a nickel; one of the coins isn’t a nickel, but the other one is.

6. What is one thing that all people, regardless of their politics or religion, have to agree is between heaven and earth?

Answer: The word “and.”

7. You have me today, Tomorrow you’ll have more; As your time passes, I’m not easy to store; I don’t take up space, But I’m only in one place; I am what you saw, But not what you see. What am I?

Answer: Memories.

8. There is a word I know, six letters it contains but, remove one letter, and twelve remains. What is the word?

Answer: Dozens.

9. The more there is, the less you see. What am I?

Answer: Darkness.

10. I am always in front of you and never behind you. What am I?

Answer: Your future.

11. You can drop me from the tallest building and I’ll be fine, but if you drop me in water I die. What am I?

Answer: Paper.

12. When you turn me on my side, I am everything. If you cut me in half, I am nothing. What am I?

Answer: The number “8.”

Funny Riddler Riddles

The funny riddler riddles are the simplest way to entertain your child. I, for example, can be cracked, told, made, and played. What exactly am I? It’s a joke! I hope your child gets the laugh.

1. I am first on earth and second in heaven and appear twice per week. What am I?

Answer: The letter “E”.

2. There are three men in a boat with four cigarettes but no matches. How do they manage to smoke?

Answer: They threw a cigarette overboard, and made the boat a cigarette lighter.

3. What weighs six ounces, sits in a tree, and is very dangerous?

Answer: A sparrow with a machine gun.

4. What does a liar do when he’s dead?

Answer: He lies still.

5. What’s worse than a millipede with flat feet?

Answer: A giraffe with a sore throat.

6. How can the number four be half of five?

Answer: IV, the Roman numeral for four, which is “half” (two letters) of the word five.

7. What was the biggest island in the world before the discovery of Greenland?

Answer: Greenland was always the biggest—people just didn’t know it yet.

8. A girl fell off a 20-foot ladder. She wasn’t hurt. Why?

Answer: She fell off the bottom step.

9. Sometimes I am born in silence, Other times, no. I am unseen, But I make my presence known. In time, I fade without a trace. I harm no one, but I am unpopular with all. What am I?

Answer: A fart.

10. What kinds of stones are never found in the ocean?

Answer: Stones that are dry.

11. An elephant in Africa is called Lala. An elephant in Asia is called Lulu. What do you call an elephant in Antarctica?

Answer: Lost.

12. What is 3/7 chicken, 2/3 cat, and 2/4 goat?

Answer: Chicago.

13. What kind of tree can you carry in your hand?

Answer: A palm.

Riddler Riddles with Answers

Riddler riddles with answers are preferable because they do not require much thought. For example, if you hit me hard enough, I’ll crack. But you’ll never be able to stop me from staring back! What exactly am I? A mirror.

1. What is it that no one wants to have, but no one wants to lose, either?

Answer: A lawsuit.

2. What is it that travels on all fours in the morning, on two legs at noon, and three at twilight?

Answer: Man.

3. When is a man drowned, but still not wet?

Answer: When he’s trapped in quicksand.

4. How do you fit 5 elephants into a compact car?

Answer:Two in the front seat, two in the back seat, and one in the trunk.

5. What are the next three letters in this combination? OTTFFSS

Answer: E N T (Each letter represents the first letter in the written numbers: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, etc.)

6. What animal walks on all fours in the morning, two in the afternoon and three in the evening?

Answer: A person during the course of their life; they crawl as a child, walk as an adult, and use a cane as an elder.

7. What do you bury when it’s alive and dig up when it’s dead?

Answer: A plant.

8. What’s really easy to get into, and hard to get out of?

Answer: Trouble.

9. I can shave 25 times a day and still have a beard? What am I?

Answer: A barber.

10. What is black when it’s clean and white when it’s dirty?

Answer: A chalkboard.

11. There was a green house. Inside the green house there was a white house. Inside the white house there was a red house. Inside the red house there were lots of babies. What is it?

Answer: Watermelon.

12. As I was going to St. Ives, I met a man with seven wives; each wife had seven sacks; each sack had seven cats; each cat had seven kits; kits, cats, sacks, and wives. How many were there going to St. Ives?”

Answer: One.

Short Riddler Riddles

What sounds better to instantly make you laugh? short Riddler riddles with answers. For example, how does one gain access to a locked cemetery at night? With a skeleton key, of course!

1. I can be long, short, grown, bought, painted, left bare, round, or square. What am I?

Answer: Fingernails.

2. What does a turkey do when he flies upside down?

Answer: He gobbles up.

3. What falls, but does not break, and what breaks but does not fall?

Answer: Night falls and day breaks.

4. I can be cracked. And I can be made. I can be told. And I can be played. What am I?

Answer: A joke.

5. If you are running a race, and you pass the person in second, what place are you in?

Answer: Second place.

6. I am so simple that I can only point, yet I guide people all over the world.

Answer: Compass.

7. What continues to go up and down without moving?

Answer: Stairs.

8. I go around in circles, but always straight ahead. I never complain no matter where I am led. What am I?

Answer: A wheel.

9. What can travel around the world while staying in a corner?

Answer: A Stamp.

10. What has one head, one foot, and four legs?

Answer: A bed.

11. People want to make me. Some save me. Others change me. And some raise me. What am I?

Answer: Money.

Tricky Riddler Riddles

Have you ever considered taking a Riddler riddles quiz? Let the tricky Riddler riddles serve as a warning. It can be cruel, poetic, or blind, for example. However, if it is denied, violence may result. Justice.

1. I sit in the corner while traveling around the world. What am I?

Answer: I’m a postage stamp!

2. The more you take away from it the larger it grows, what is it?

Answer: A Hole.

3. How do you divide seventeen apples among sixteen people?

Answer: Make applesauce.

4. First, think of the color of the clouds. Next, think of the color of snow. Now, think of the color of a bright full moon. Now answer quickly what do cows drink?

Answer: Water.

5. You walk into your kitchen. On the table are two kids, three dogs, four cats, a bird, and two spiders. How many legs are on the floor?

Answer: Six — the table’s four legs, plus yours.

6. If an electric train is traveling south, then which way is the smoke going?

Answer: There is no smoke—it’s an electric train.

7. Which is heavier: a ton of bricks or a ton of feathers?

Answer: Neither, they both weigh the same.

8. There are 3 apples in a basket and you take away 2. How many apples do you have now?

Answer: You have 2 apples. You took away 2 apples and left 1 in the basket.

9. A bus driver was heading down a busy street in the city. He went past three stop signs without stopping, went the wrong way down a one-way street, and answered a message on his phone. But the bus driver didn’t break any traffic laws. How?

Answer: He was walking, not driving.

10. How many sides has a circle?

Answer: Two. The inside and the outside.

11. I drive men mad,For the love of me, Easily beaten, never free. What am I?

Answer: Gold.

12. What has to be broken before you use it?

Answer: An Egg.

13. I’ve married many people, but I’ve always been single. Who am I?

Answer: A priest.

14. What can jump higher than a building?

Answer: Anything. Buildings don’t move, let alone jump.

Hard Riddler Riddles

There are numerous hard Riddler riddles with answers that we fail to consider. For example, “Hope Shines Brightly in This Dark City, Find the Source Of The Signal, And You’ll Soon Hit Your Mark.” The Bat-Signal.

1. We’re five little items of a different sort. You’ll find us in “a tennis court.” What are we?

Answer: We’re vowels!

2. I have billions of eyes, yet I live in darkness. I have millions of ears, yet only four lobes. I have no muscle, yet I rule two hemispheres. What am I?

Answer: The human brain.

3. Whoever makes it,tells it not.Whoever takes it,knows it not.And whoever knows it,wants it not.Who am I?

Answer: Fake/ counterfeit money.

4. I grew up from a seed, as tough as a weed. But in a mansion, in a slum, I’ll never know where I come from. Do you know what I am?

Answer: Orphan.

5. I am first a fraud or a trick. Or perhaps a blend of the two. That’s up to your misinterpretation. What am I?

Answer: Confusion.

6. How is seven different from the rest of the numbers between one and ten?

Answer: Seven has two syllables and the other numbers only have one syllable.

7. A boy was at a carnival and went to a booth where a man said to the boy, “If I write your exact weight on this piece of paper then you have to give me $50, but if I cannot, I will pay you $50.” The boy looked around and saw no scale so he agrees, thinking no matter what the carny writes he’ll just say he weighs more or less. In the end, the boy ended up paying the man $50. How did the man win the bet?

Answer: The man did exactly as he said he would and wrote “your exact weight” on the paper.

8. 100 coins were dropped and got scattered inside a dark place. 90 of the coins fell with heads facing up and the remaining 10 coins fell with tails up. You are asked to sort the coins into 2 piles. Each pile should have the same count of tails-up coins. How is it possible?

Answer: Make 2 piles, one with 90 coins and the other with 10 coins. Flip 10 coins on the pile of 90. The piles will have the same count of tails-up coins.

9. On Christmas Eve, when Santa leaves his workshop at the North Pole, what direction does he travel?

Answer: South. The only way to travel from the North Pole is south.

10. In the land of Geopolizza, three men were captured by the infamous Riddler. So, the Riddler buries the three men, named 1, 2 and 3 in such a manner, that 1 is in the front, 2 in the middle and 3 in the back. They are buried neck deep, and cannot move, not even their heads. He shows them 5 caps, two of which are red and 3 of them are white. He then switches off the lights and places a hat on top of their heads. The situation is such that no one can see their hat color, 1 is facing the wall and cant say anything, 2 can see 1 and 3 can see both 1 and 2. Then he tells the rules of his game: “If either of you three can tell the correct color of your head, I will let all of you go. However, if any of you answer wrong, all 3 of you will instantly die. Time is 3 minutes.”Upon 2 and half minutes passing, A shouts the answer and all 3 are released free. How did he know the correct answer ?

Answer: P3 can only be certain of his cap if 1 & 2 are both white. Since he is not certain then 1 & 2 must be either white/red or red/red. 2 knows this but the only combination that he will be able to know the colour of his own cap is if he sees that 1 is wearing a white cap. 1 knows this but as 2 remains uncertain then 1 must be wearing a red cap.

11. What is made of water, but if you put it into water it dies?

Answer: An ice cube.

12. I give you a group of three. One is sitting down and will never get up. The second eats as much as is given to him yet is always hungry. The third goes away and never returns. What are they?

Answer: A stove, fire, smoke.

Riddler Riddles for Adults

Riddler riddles for adults are required for elderly gatherings. For example, we’re five different kinds of small items. We’ll be on “a tennis court.” What exactly are we? We’re the vowels. A fantastic one!

1. I am always around but unseen. I am often avoided but never outrun. I could find you at the end of the road or even the next corner. What am I?

Answer: Death.

2. What has neither nails or bones, but has four fingers and a thumb?

Answer: A glove.

3. When is the time of a clock like the whistle of a train?

Answer: When it’s two to two.

4. When is a Minotaur’s owner as high as an elephant’s eye?

Answer: Corn (maize).

5. How can you physically stand behind your father while he is standing behind you?

Answer: You are standing back-to-back with your father.

6. I can be flipped, broken, opened, closed, and removed. However, I can never move. I am sealed by hands. What am I?

Answer: A deal.

7. What can you break, even if you never pick it up or touch it?

Answer: A promise.

8. The more you take, the more you leave behind. What are they?

Answer: Footsteps.

9. I am an odd number but once you take away a letter, I become even. What number am I?

Answer: Seven.

10. You throw away the outside and cook the inside. Then you eat the outside and throw away the inside. What did you eat?

Answer: An ear of corn.

11. Break me, and I’ll cage you. Obey me, and I’ll save you. What am I?

Answer: The Law.

12. Four hang, four sprang, two point the way, two to ward off dogs, one dangles after, always rather dirty. What am I?

Answer: A cow.

13. Some people adore me, while others despise me. There are some that take me for granted, and others that treasure me. And I’ll last forever, unless you break me. What am I?

Answer: Marriage.

Riddler Riddles for Kids

Riddler riddles for kids are a great alternative for bedtime stories and guarantee a night of better sleep. For example, what begins with T, ends with T, and contains T? It’s a teapot.

1. I am a five-letter word and a fruit. Take out my first letter, and I am a crime, take out my second letter too, and I am an animal. Take out only my first and last letters, and I become a kind of music. What am I?

Answer: A Grape.

2. What goes up white and comes down yellow and white?

Answer: An egg.

3. What English word has three consecutive double letters?

Answer: Bookkeeper.

4. I have a tail, and I have a head, but I have no body. I am NOT a snake. What am I?

Answer: A coin.

5. You walk into a room and push something. People scream, glass breaks, and someone dies. What happened?

Answer: You pushed a fishbowl off the table.

6. If the day before yesterday was the 23rd, then what will be the day after tomorrow?

Answer: The 27th.

7. I add lots of flavour and have many layers, but if you get to close I’ll make you cry. What am I?

Answer: An onion.

8. A pet shop owner had a parrot with a sign on its cage that said Parrot repeats everything it hears. Davey bought the parrot and for two weeks he spoke to it and it didn’t say a word. He returned the parrot but the shopkeeper said he never lied about the parrot. How can this be?

Answer: The parrot was deaf.

9. During which month do people sleep the least?

Answer: February (as February has fewer nights, of course!)

10. I make a loud sound when I’m changing. When I do change, I get bigger but weigh less. What am I?

Answer: Popcorn.

11. What word contains 26 letters but only has three syllables?

Answer: The alphabet.

12. I’m tall when I’m young and I’m short when I’m old. What am I?

Answer: A candle.

Final Thoughts on Riddler Riddles

To use the Riddler riddles with your family can be a lot of fun. These riddles are excellent for your children’s mental development and can help them develop the ability to think critically.

Riddlers riddles are both for adults who are children at heart. They can also use them throughout their get-togethers or meetups.The riddles have no age restriction. If it cheers you up, it must be true.

If you’ve gotten through the easy ones, never doubt the capacity of the riddles by the riddler.

The deeper you delve, the more you recognize that some will make your jaw drop.

The reason for creating Riddler riddles with answers is to save you time by not having to look up the answer online.

Be wary of people who try to give a quick glimpse in the hopes that he will see the solution and say it to appear smart in front of others.

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