65 Hilarious Phone Puns to Make You Laugh


From a teenager to an elderly person, everybody owns a phone nowadays. And this is why we all can see a handful number of phone puns roaming on the internet.

Despite the fact that mobile phones have completely overtaken our lives, these devices are very beneficial for us even for the slightest inconvenience. Thus, if you want to look at the balanced picture of mobile phone usage, take a look at the given phone puns.

As cell phones are an excellent method to stay in touch with others while also providing a sense of security to the user, phone puns are also an amazing source of entertainment providing a sense of relaxation to your mind.

Whether you are bored with your friends or spending alone time at home scrolling on your cell phone, these phone puns are highly recommended to kill your time in the best possible way.

Best Phone Puns

Are you in need of the best phone puns to fritter away time? Then, get yourself hooked to this page because we are going to assist you in providing you with the best puns through phone play on words.

1. Why didn’t the cell phone wear his glasses? He lost his contacts.

2. What happens when you cross an iron with a telephone? You get a smooth signal.

3. I named my phone “The Titanic” because it’s always syncing.

4. Why did the telecommuter quit her job? Because talk is cheap.

5. My cell phone got drunk. It took too many screenshots.

6. What is an unlimited phone plan? A limit cannot be charged.

7. Why did a pirate leave the boat to get his forgotten cell phone? Booty calls.

8. What does the hippie say when they answer the phone? “Mellow”

9. I left my phone under my pillow last night and woke up to coins underneath it. It must have been the Blue-tooth fairy.

10. I went to the bathroom earlier today and forgot my phone. It was a shitty experience.

11. What kind of phone does a burglar use? A no-key-a.

12. You might be able to use a smuggled cell phone in prison. You just have to have cell coverage.

13. What did the therapist say to the angry client when their cell phone battery died? I suggest you find an outlet!

14. What did the phone say to begin the race? On your marks, handset, go!

15. My wife and I got married under a cell phone tower. The ceremony wasn’t great, but the reception was perfect.

Funny Phone Puns

We were going to add another funny phone puns here, but we decided it’s uncalled for! Just kidding, here are some telephone puns to put a smile on your face. Check it out!

1. What network does LukeSkywalker use? Yodaphone.

2. I would not be able to picture myself without having a camera phone.

3. How can someone tell if a bee is on their phone? They’ll get a buzzy signal.

4. Why don’t birds make cell phone calls? They might accidentally wing the wrong number.

5. My husband asked me to sync his phone. So I threw it in the sea… not sure why he is upset.

6. My dad enjoys writing jokes and storing them on my phone. He calls it his Dad-a-base.

7. Apple is announcing a new cell phone for children. iKid you not.

8. What happened to the girl’s phone when she was getting a perm done? She got a frizzy signal.

9. How did the mobile phone propose to his girlfriend? He gave her a ring.

10. I phoned OK magazine the other day. They answered and said “Hello?”, so I said “Sorry, wrong number,” and hung up.

11. If they could prove cell phones give deadly radiation You could say to people you don’t like “can’t talk right now, you’re giving me cancer”.

12. Why did the hobbit set his cell phone to vibrate? He was afraid the ring would give him away.

Hilarious Phone Puns

We all as human beings, need a short break to relax our minds. If you are on your phone to calm yourself then go through these hilarious phone puns to distract your mind. These cell phone puns are much needed, for sure!

1. I fell asleep on my phone the other day. It downloaded a nap.

2. Why does Mr. Potato need a cell phone? Incase Mr. Onion Rings.

3. Why don’t skeletons have a mobile? They don’t have anybody to talk to.

4. What’s a lobster say when they pick up the phone? “Shello”

5. What is a phone’s favorite TV show? Game of Phones.

6. Why do people still have landlines? To locate their cell phones when they go missing.

7. How come an owl turns his cell phone off at night? So he doesn’t get any hooty calls.

8. What happens when you cross a cell phone with a skunk? You get stinky service!

9. How come the mummy doesn’t want a telephone? Because he always gets too wrapped up on his calls.

10. You know you’re texting too much when you try to text, but you’re on a landline!

11. What do you call a bald spot on a cell phone salesperson? A gap in coverage.

12. I was on the phone with my wife and said, “I’m almost home, honey, please put the coffee maker on.” After a twenty-second pause, I asked, “You still there, sweetheart?” “Yeah,” she replied. “But I don’t think the coffee maker wants to talk right now”

13. While I was driving, I saw another person driving while talking on his cell phone. I got so mad, I threw my beer at him.

Short Phone Puns

People tend to avoid long jokes because they lose their interest halfway through them. For this reason, we have compiled a list of puns related to phone which include short puns as well as phone one liners. Take a look!

1. What is a tiny cell phone called? A microphone.

2. I dropped my phone in the river. It started to sync.

3. What brand of hand soap do telephone operators use? Dial.

4. My mobile phone has a tuneless ring tone. It’s chordless.

5. Mobile phones cause cancer if you smoke them.

6. How did Sam win the talent show? Sam-sung.

7. How does a pirate communicate? With his aye phone.

8. What do cell phones order at dinner? Apps.

9. What do you call a loud conversation? A megaphone.

Clever Phone Puns

Since we know that it’s not easy to find mobile phone puns all in one place, the following is the list of clever phone puns to help you out laugh a little louder. Get your hands on this list now, and choose the best jokes out of all.

1. I put my phone into airplane mode… it’s a terrible transformer.

2. Since getting sober, I decided to go with the cheapest cell phone provider I can find! Way fewer bars!!!

3. Why is it so hard to contact a pirate? He leaves his phone off the hooks.

4. What did the thrifty man say when he got his phone bill? “Who says talk is cheap!”

5. Why does the owl turn off its phone at night? So it doesn’t get any hooty calls.

6. The umpire kept answering his phone during the softball game. He said he didn’t want to miss any calls.

7. Mobile phones have been around longer than people think. I was watching this film the other day and heard Sir Lancelot ask someone to fetch his charger.

8. You didn’t hear the joke about cell phones? Probably because it had a bad reception.

Phone Puns Captions

If you can’t recall any good p-ones, then there is no need to bother yourself anymore as this page has covered a bunch of phone puns captions that could be used for your Instagram post. Now, ring on it, before it’s too late!

1. A friend of mine has a mobile phone shaped like an Italian dumpling. It’s a gnocchia.

2. What do a phone and an engaged girl have in common? They both have rings.

3. Someone just called my phone, sneezed and then just hung up. I am getting sick and tired of these cold calls.

4. Did you hear about the cell phone that got arrested? It was charged with battery.

5. What do you call a fake Nokia? A phone-y of course.

6. What happens if you cross a night crawler with a telephone? You get Ringworm!

7. Where do phones like to travel? To the Great Call of China!

Final Thoughts on Phone Puns

Now that we are living in a world of technology and modernization, cell phones have become a necessity to us. These modern cell phones are capable to present some phone puns to make you laugh out loud.

From the invention of the first telephone to the creation of the smartphone, technology has come a long way.  And without any doubt, these essential devices have brought along quite a number of phone puns with them.

So, regardless of the fact that whether you are a Samsung user, Huawei user, or Apple user, phone puns on this hub will surely gonna crack you up every time, you will read them.

Grab these puns now and make sure to share these jokes with your friends and family, either by text or in person. Also, comment down below, if you are a phone freak and have a deeper insight into technology.

We are pretty sure that these puns have given you a great time!

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