97 Hilarious Lobster Puns to Make You Laugh


A Lobster is something that can make you laugh as soon as you see it and lobster puns are even funnier than that. If you want to have a good laugh, then you should definitely read our lobster puns as they are full of entertainment and joy.

Sea and all its creatures give us moments of joy whenever we experience them. For this reason, lobster puns have been made to make everyone laugh. Many people like to eat lobster as a dish in different forms.

When you hang out with your friends and close family, you can use these lobster puns to have a good time. You can joke around with your friends who like to eat lobsters.

We have gathered for you all the categories of lobster puns that you will enjoy reading for sure.

Best Lobster Puns

Hop on to our first category of lobster puns that will excite you. We have carefully compiled all the best lobster puns in the world so you can choose your favorite ones out of them.

1. The lobster sang for his new wife a song on their wedding and it was shrimply the best.

2. The lobster teacher praised the student’s speech as it was quite crabtivating.

3. Why do lobsters take so long to learn the basics of the alphabet? It is because they spend many years at C.

4. What did the wise lobster tell his son? Keep your friends close and your piers closer.

5. Why did the lobster have its meal early? The food was served on a first come first surfed basis.

6. Do not bother the lobster because he is very crabby all the time.

7. What made the lobster very rich? Because it invested more in shelling in resources.

8. What music does a lobster listen to? Bisque-o.

9. I was boiling a lobster, and it started screaming… I felt bad, so I drove it to the woods and set it free.

10. While playing hide and seek, the lobster screamed, “I can sea you!”

11. Where do lobsters sleep? In water beds!

12. What would a lobster want with a smartphone? It takes a lot of shellfies.

Funny Lobster Puns

Lobster puns are mostly funny and if you are thinking to roast your friends, then check out our collection of funny lobster puns. Use the funniest lobster puns from the list below to joke around.

1. The lobsters are at the bottom of the sea because they dropped out of school.

2. The lobster is often found bragging about his party in the hot tub.

3. What do you call a tired and overworked lobster? A frustracean.

4. Stopped by a roadside stand that said lobster tails $2. I paid my $2 and he said… Once upon a time there was this lobster…

5. Lobsters are picky when it comes to their eating habits. Most of them are sailective eaters.

6. The lobster made a party to show gratitude but it ended up as a turtle calamity.

7. The lobsters use the first-come, first surf basis to deliver the movie tickets to customers.

8. The lobster in therapy began the long process of reframing his tidal view on life.

9. What’s the difference between a battling lobster and a cart lobster? The later farts into the hay while the other darts in the fray.

10. Lobsters don’t like sports because they’re afraid of nets and getting caught.

Hilarious Lobster Puns

If the last list of lobster puns was not amusing enough for you or you have used those lobster puns, then you will find this list funnier. Read below all the hilarious lobster puns.

1. Generally, you would find many hipsters among lobsters. That’s because many do not belong to the main stream.

2. When a crab starts throwing things at others that crab is called a lobster.

3. There are many people who want to work at the Red Lobster. It just helps them to drop their shells.

4. Did you hear of the red lobsters that were massacred by the blue lobsters? The whole sea-n was marooned.

5. Whenever I hear about the cruel murder of the lobster family, it sands shivers down my spine.

6. Where do crabs and lobsters park their public transport vehicles? At the bustacean.

7. How much salt do lobsters use when cooking pasta? Just a pinch.

8. Where do the lobsters normally work at the bread factory? At the crust station.

9. The ocean said nothing to the lobster — it just waved.

10. What’s the difference between a greyhound station and a lobster with a boob job? One’s a crusty bus-station, the other’s a busty crustacean.

11. What’s the difference between a lobster and a Chinese man who’s been run over by a bus? One’s a crustaecian and the other is a crushed Asian.

12. What’s worse than lobsters on your piano? Crabs on your organ!

Lobster Puns One Liners

Lobster puns become more fun when they are one liners. For your convenience, we have listed all the best lobster one liners. This list of puns related to lobster is worth a read if you’re also a lobster lover.

1. A lady lobster wears seashells because she has outgrown her B-shells.

2. The fast-swimming lobsters were sailected for the race based on their performance.

3. When others were confused about the trip location, the lobster said, “Water boat going to the Bahamas?”

4. A lobster reported a crime to the police. They asked him to be more Pacific.

5. During the lobster wedding, the lobster groom referred to his new spouse as his “butter half.”

6. The police asked the lobster to be more pacific while describing the crime.

7. The lobster decided to throw a thanksgiving party but it turned out to be a turtle disaster.

8. The lobster was quite sandguine about his new endeavor in life.

9. A lobster was thinking about proposing, and his best friend asked if he was shore.

10. The lobster said he was going to dive into the pot of boiling water, and everybody thought he was cray-sea.

11. The lobster said to the shrimp, “I know it may sound shellfish, but I want you to be in this company forever.”

12. Even after being struck down several times, the lobster went with the float.

13. He came to him with a lobster in one hand and a glass of beer on the other. He said, “Shell we dance?”

Clever Lobster Puns

Are you tired of reading those simple and boring lobster puns? Don’t worry, we have listed down some clever lobster puns for you. These clever lobster puns will surely be more fun to read.

1. A shellfish called his Chinese lobster friend a crust-asian.

2. The lobster cooked for his family and they said it was souper good.

3. As a huge lobster was approaching, the little crab whispered “That’s a s-hell of a creature”.

4. You should never host a lobster race since all shell will break loose.

5. After witnessing a crime on the streets, the brave lobster crabbed the phone and called the police.

6. The lobster was performing quite whale when the director called it sea-n.

7. When the lobster was asked why it tasted differently from the other freshwater crustaceans, it said, “The ocean made me salty.”

8. When the crate turned up empty, the lobsterman said, “Its a-piers we have a problem.”

9. The lobster was looking for a shellphone, he was recommended the brand Clamsung.

10. The lobster made a painting of the sea, the others said it was lobstacular.

11. Why did the lobster lie at the bottom of the ocean with twitches? It had a nervous wreck.

12. The lobster told the salmon; it is because you have a cod father that you are successful.

13. The stand-up lobster comic was trying to crab everyone’s attention.

Cute Lobster Puns

For all your cute friends whom you want to impress, you can tell them these lobster puns from the list below. Read all these cute lobster puns and short-list your favorite ones from them.

1. The lobster knew what his responsibilities were but didn’t know his tidal.

2. When everybody was wondering what to eat, the lobster stepped up and said, “Water boat having tofu curry for dinner.”

3. The salmon was asked to tell who his cod-father was by the lobster.

4. A lobster could not sea others when they were playing a game of hide and seek.

5. The lobster from Spongebob Squarepants might be the funniest character of the show. He is hil-larry-ous.

6. The little lobster was terrible at his studies. He stayed at C-level.

7. Lobsters keep their books on book-shell-ves.

8. Lobsters laugh so hard because humans crack them up.

9. You’re a lob-star.

10. The crab said he wanted to be a prawnfessional chef.

Short Lobster Puns

Long lobster puns at times lose their purpose and can be annoying as well. We have listed short lobster puns for you that are interesting to read. You will surely enjoy reading these lobster puns.

1. A lobster answers the phone with, “Shello?”

2. A lobster left home due to pier pressure.

3. The lobster asked its friend the catfish, “Who is your cod-father?”

4. The lobster lost its fortune since it was shelling out money.

5. Lobsters make terrible friends because they’re way too shellfish.

6. Crabs and lobsters catch their trains at Queen’s crustation.

7. The shellfless lobster donated everything to charity.

8. A lobster that is scared of tight spaces has claw-strophobia.

9. A lobster needed money so he went to the prawn-broker.

10. The doctor told the sick lobster to get some more vitamin-sea.

11. The favorite shot in tennis for the lobster is the lob.

12. I know someone who is really good at plumbing, but I lobster number.

13. The lobsters partied all night like cray-sea.

Lobster Puns Captions

Captions have become a huge part of our lives. If you are also looking for some good lobster captions, then you should check out our lobster pun captions below. Have a look!

1. A greedy lobster was called a shellfish by his friends.

2. Lobsters prefer their morning clawfee to be hot.

3. Lobsters love to celebrate holidays because ’tis the sea-son.

4. A lobster was crying because his teacher called him a lost claws.

5. At a goodbye party, one lobster told his colleague that he was one shell of a guy.

6. If you ever cross a lobster and a telephone, you’ll end up with snappy talk.

7. The lobster was so huge; it was one shell of a creature.

8. All the lobsters gathered by the shore as the crushed Asians were pulled out one by one.

9. The lobster didn’t have a good day. It started feeling crabby from morning.

10. “If there is a will, there will be a wave” says the wise old lobster to his grandchildren.

11. The old crab couple were shellibrating life at the beach party with the younger ones.

12. The lobster did not make many friends as he was crabby most of the time.

13. A bachelor crab was thinking about marrying. The other crab asked if he was shore about the decision.

14. I do not like eating lobsters and clams cooked in hot water because of my shellfish steamed issues.

Final Thoughts on Lobster Puns

Whether you are sitting in a gathering of friends or family, you make sure you have a good time with all of them. You can use our best collection of lobster puns to crack up your friends and family.

Other than that, if you have started up your Instagram page or you want to start up your cards business, then you can use our lobster puns to use on your Instagram page.

Cards are the best way to express your love to someone. Using lobster puns in those cards will instantly boost up the value of your card.

Very few people like lobsters, you can use lobster puns to describe such people as well. Since we have provided you a vast collection of lobster puns of several categories, you can choose your favorite ones from them. Your review means a lot to us, so if you really like our article, share it with your friends on your social media asking them to read as well.

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