82 Hilarious Ice Puns That Help to Break the Ice Instantly


It may be freezing outside, but we have a wonderful way to warm up the mood and have some fun with our amusing ice puns.

From glaciers to ice shelves, as well as the flakes and hail that fall on us, ice forms some of nature’s most magnificent vistas. There’s something for everyone in this collection of ice puns too.

We’ve uncovered a plethora of funny terms for ice or words including ice that you can use into your comedy acts or simply laugh over in everyday conversations with pals.

These ice puns are wonderful for making youngsters giggle and can also be used as clever comments for images on social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram. So, what are you holding out for? Go ahead and look for your favorite ice pun.

Best Ice Puns

Do you require amusing ice play on words to correspond with the frigid winter season? The wish is granted. Here are a few of the best ice puns for you to enjoy. ‎

1. I know an Eskimo that always wanted to visit space. I think he’d make a great ice -tronaut.

2. Why do Eskimos build so many igloos? Because they want to ice-o-late themselves.

3. Why couldn’t anyone get a job at the ice rink? There was a hiring freeze.

4. What did the woman say after she slipped and fell on ice? Nothing, she just gave everyone the cold shoulder.

5. Remember that famous game show host? His motto was “ice to see you to see you ice”.

6. Always actually keep in your minds that you don’t break anyone’s heart as well as anyone’s PROMICE.

7. What should we say to break the ice with a new friend? Ice to meet you!

8. Did you know when you cross a scary vampire and a snow man, you get a severe case of frostbite.

9. That rabbi’s gone crazy! He’s been running around a circumcising all kinds of lettuceand that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

10. Did you hear about the Cop who arrested an innocent Iceberg because he thought it looked like the one that sunk the Titanic? He was fired for Glacial Profiling.

11. He was going to take a hike in the snow barefoot last night, but then he got cold feet.

Funny Ice Puns

Let us now go through some funny puns about ice that we have prepared for you. With these ice puns, you can break the ice and make new friends! ‎

1. Did you hear the winter version of one of Queen’s hit songs? They re-named it B- ice- ycle Race.

2. What did the iceberg lettuce say to the cucumber? “Man, how’d you get to be so cool…”

3. Why did the inventor spend a lot of time on thin ice? He was looking for his next major breakthrough.

4. Do you know what Jack Frost loves to eat? He always has ice-burgers.

5. If I’m a celebrity get me out of here was filmed on a snowy mountain, what would the celebrities eat? Ice and beans.

6. It was so cold we went skiing instead of swimming, you could say we were mis -sled.

7. I am so very irritated with all these ICE who actually keep biting my clothes.

8. These shoes feel a bit tight. I don’t think they’re the right s-ice.

9. I saw a slow skier earlier in the snow; I guess you could say a slope-poke.

10. When my mother saw the picture I took during the Alaska trip last year, she said that “It is a very ice pic!”

11. What will you call a big broken glacier piece, floating towards United Kingdom? Ice -burgh

Hilarious Ice Puns

Let’s look at some hilarious ice puns now. These ice puns are not only appropriate for the chilly weather, but they also provide amusement on warmer days.

1. Do you know what batman loves to eat? His diet isn’t very varied, he just love just- ice.

2. Guess what people do when their ice house falls apart? They Igloo it back together.

3. Katy had the best ice pun to tell you… The problem is it slipped her mind.

4. Penguins are never full from dinner, they like to have ice-pudding for afters too.

5. What do you call a frozen crocodile? A croc-ice.

6. How come you are actually so intelligent as well as so ICE in what ever you actually do.

7. Every morning in the winter when my mom leaves home for work, she always wishes me to have an ice day!

8. Taking a walk on an icy lake is snow problem, the thing is you have to brave the cold weather.

9. The sinking of the Titanic was not an accident! Even the iceberg was fake!

It was made by the build a berg group.

10. After breaking into a luxurious hotel in London, the robbers warned the receptionists and assembled guests – “Alright ladies and gentlemen! All hands over the ice!

11. The artic circle has its own toy store. It’s called Fisher Ice.

Ice Puns One Liners

Even the coldest person will laugh at these icepuns one liners. So, if you’ve just met someone and need to break the ice, or if you want to make an old buddy laugh, make good use of this list of puns related to ice. ‎

1. I had a really good final ice pun to tell you, but it slipped my mind.

2. My sister once froze a dollar in a block of ice.It was cold hard cash.

3. Did you hear about the traveling snowman? He did his sales calls by i- cicle.

4. I couldn’t tell that was a celebrity due to the disg-ice.

5. I actually think that you should actually get your ICESIGHT checked by the doctor.

6. My friend told me the best diet in cold weather is icebergs and sweet chilly sauce.

7. If you live in an igloo, what is the worst thing about global warming? No priv -icy!

8. What do you call it when a snowman throws a temper tantrum? A meltdown.

9. What do penguins eat for lunch? Ice burg- ers.

10. If you want to serve a polar bear a drink before bed, just give him an ice-cap.

11. Why did the bride refuse to get married in the igloo? Because she got cold feet!

Flirty Ice Puns

Let’s take a look at some of the most flirty ice puns. These flirting ice puns are sure to make even the stiffest people laugh. So go ahead and have a good time. ‎

1. I am just so much in love with the colour of your ICE.

2. The first time when I met my wife, I said that “I have an ice for you.”

3. All I chilly want to do is spend time with you.

4. You mean snow much to me.

5. N -ice to meet you – Let’s break the ice!

6. Is that an ice -icle in your pants? Or are you just happy to see me?

7. I’m stuck on you like igloo.

8. Help! A woman is melting! Should I freezer?

9. It’s cool spending time with you.

10. Icy your beauty and I fall in love at frost (first) sight.

11. I only have ice for you.

Fire and Ice Puns

Fire and ice are opposite to each other but their combination makes for a really good image in our mind. If you want to bring that image out in the form of words, here are some fire and ice puns that may help you do that.

1. What does the ice say to the fire? Fire listen, you might be hotter, but I’m cooler.

2. I’ve just had a great idea for a set of game of thrones themed lingerie.A thong of ice and fire.

3. What happens when an ice cube gets angry? It boils with anger, and then lets off some steam.

4. Why did the little girl’s ice cream melt? She was on fire.

5. I am not cold. I am just a (hot) little chilli. (Chilly)

6. Which runs faster, hot or cold? Hot, everyone can catch a cold.

7. If Ice cube suddenly released one of the best rap singles of this decade. It would be a song of ice and fire.

8. It’s so cold you have to open the fridge to heat the house.

Ice Puns Captions

If you’re seeking for ice puns captions, you’ve come to the right place! You will be able to enjoy many ice puns captions here, which will keep you warm. ‎

1. What to do you call kids that like to spend time on the ice? Chill -dren.

2. I’m looking at this icy weather through froze-colored glasses. (rose)

3. I’m on the ice list this year.

4. It’s so cold today, I would like you to know this cold weather is snow much fun.

5. The frost this morning froze my gnomes into an odd stance, icy pose.

6. Be the change you wish to ski in the world.

7. There’s snow business like snow business.

8. I’m so lucky – I am the frozen one! (chosen).

9. What is the best meal to eat in an igloo? Brr -eakfast!

10. This winter has been extremely frostrating. (frustrating)

Ice Puns for Instagram

If you live in a snowy area, you will be happy to get back into the swing of winter activities. And you’ll undoubtedly be shooting a lot of photos. If you want to upload them on your Insta profile, here are some ice puns for Instagram that you may use with them.

1. What do you call someone who steals a glacier? An ice burglar.

2. There weren’t enough lifeboats on the Titanic. However, that was just the tip of the iceberg.

3. What one ice cube says to another to complement it? You are so cool.

4. If a snowman cannot ride a unicycle, tri-cycle, or bicycle, so what can he ride?  An ice – ycle!

5. If the formula of water is H₂O, then what is the formula of ice? H₂O cubed.

6. It’s so beautiful. It could bring tears to your ice.

7. You can’t flurry love, no, you just have to wait.

8. Why should you never ice skate on a duck pond? Because the ice might quack.

9. Fall turns into winter before your very ice.

Final Thoughts on Ice Puns

Ice isn’t exactly a humorous topic to make fantastic jokes about, but humans love to find comedy in anything on the planet, which is why we compiled this collection of ice puns for you.

Being able to tell jokes about the most mundane of everyday events may reveal a lot about your sense of humor. That’s why it’s a good idea to get some ideas from the smart ice punslisted above. Feel free to modify these to add your own spin, or simply share them as is.

Ice might be vexing, but ice punsare the polar opposite! A nice pun might sometimes be the only thing that can ease the impact of sliding or freezing your tail off.

So, if you need to break the ice while meeting strangers or simply want to make your friends laugh, these hilarious puns will do the trick.

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