87 Hilarious Gnome Puns for Kids


Welcome to our amazing collection of gnome puns. Gnomes are half-human, half-fantasy garden ornaments that range in height from one to two feet tall, wear pointy hats, and are frequently depicted holding fishing rods or gardening tools.

Gnomes are charming characters with a long history that have become popular as garden ornaments, with some individuals amassing quite a collection.

They belong under the genre of décor, and they’re meant to grab visitors’ curiosity and spark conversation while they’re visiting your gnome home.

These amusing little creatures also appear in a variety of fantasy novels, memes, and games, with Dungeons and Dragons being one of the most well-known examples.

Using gnome puns to name gnomes may be a lot of fun, since it’s common to give them strange and amazing names and, of course, deliver the groanworthy gnome puns that just roll off the tongue – Gnome pun intended!

We have curated a list of gnome puns that all the family will enjoy.

Best Gnome Puns

Do you need a good laugh on a gloomy day? A couple of best gnome puns should do the trick. Here we have collected some best gnome play on words to choose from.

1. Why are there so few famous gnome playwrights? Many of them are ungnome.

2. What are gnome’s favorite historical societies? The Gno-man empire.

3. Why don’t gnomes like to live alone? Because gnome man is an island.

4. What did the gnome’s best friend say when people complained about his friend? He’s great once you get to gnome him.

5. Did you hear a gnome’s favorite sport is baseball? They love to score gnome runs.

6. Why are gnomes rubbish rappers? They have gnome rhyme and gnome reason.

7. If you see a grumpy gnome, chances are they are unhappy about the new rules. There’s gnome fishing allowed in the river.

8. Gnomes love country music, their favorite lyric is “country roads take me gnome”.

9. Why are so many gnomes successful? Good things come to gnomes who wait.

10. What did the adult human say to his friend when he introduced him to his pal gnome? Say hello to my little friend.

11. What kind of homes do many gnomes live in? Geodisdic gnomes.

12. What did the witness say at the gnome trial? In my gnome words here’s what happened.

13. How do many desperate gnomes raise funds? They start a gnome fund me campaign.

14. Why are there so few gnome airline pilots? They can’t meet the height requirements.

Funny Gnome Puns

We were surprised to learn how many funny gnome puns and jokes there are. This appears to be something that people want! Stroll down this list of few best puns about gnomes for you.

1. Gnomes can be quite annoying when they’re indecisive, all they say is yes, gnome, maybe.

2. What do gnome cowboys sing? Gnome on the range.

3. What do people chant at the gnome president’s rally? Go big or gnome home.

4. What did the trumpet player say when he caught another using his instrument? Blow your gnome trumpet.

5. Gnomes love to show off because there’s “Gnome business like show business, gnome business like show.”

6. My parents always moan I’ve eaten them out of house and gnome.

7. If you have a mystery that needs to be solved, just go to Sherlock Gnomes.

8. I’ve just bought some more supplies; they had a great selection at gnome depot.

9. Where do gnomes first go when they log on to the internet? The gnome page of course!

10. Why do gnomes often like to go shopping? Because some of the stores offer gnome money down deals.

11. Why were the gnomes ticketed by the park ranger? He warned then this is not a gnome-naked beach.

12. What do you call teenage gnomes who hang with their friends? Hanging with their gnomies.

13. What did the gnome say to the traffic cop who pulled him over? Do you gnome who I am?

14. What do spiritual gnomes say when doing yoga? Gnom-aste.

Gnome Puns One Liners

Check out this list of puns related to gnome we’ve assembled for you. These gnome one liners have been rearranged in a humorous manner; read them and share them with your friends and family. All jokes are intended solely for the sake of amusement.

1. If they all say they didn’t eat the sweets, then trust gnome one.

2. We learned about the Gno-man conquest in school today.

3. It doesn’t have to be very long. Not like gnomes are known for their length anyways.

4. Gnomes love baseball so that they can score gnome runs

5. The miniature golf coach told his players, “Go big or go Gnome.”

6. My favorite gnome-boy song is “Gnome, Gnome on the Range.”

7. Grandpa Gnombert says, “Good things come to gnomes who wait.”

8. They started a Gnome Fund Me page to help the Gnome Matters Fund.

9. You don’t gnome me, so don’t judge me.

10. Gnome, Alaska gets very cold in winter. Extra hats are required.

11. See Gnome evil; hear Gnome evil is an age-old saying.

13. The Gnomes will sing until till the cows come Gnome.

14. Gnome Shopping Network sends red hats right to your door.

Short Gnome Puns

Some of the funniest moments occur when some amazing short gnome puns are just slipped into chat, so how many of these puns can you use? Explore few of them in the following gnome puns list.  

1. That was a nice one, gnome boy.

2. East or west, gnome is best.

3. Today, all roads lead to gnome.

4. Chickens come Gnome to roost for evil-doers.

5. The baby gnome cried, “Don’t wanna go Gnome!”

6. Don’t leave Gnome without your hat!

7. What is that gnome’s name? I’ll ask her.

8. Sweet Gnome Alabama is a favorite song in Montgomery.

9. Mind your Gnome business, she told the busybody.

10. Excuse me, do I gnome you?

11. He’s very funny, once you get to gnome him.

12. Blow your gnome trumpet, why not!

13. There’s gnome body like you.

14. This is a gnome away from gnome.

15. Choose your gnome adventure.

Cute Gnome Puns

These cute gnome puns are devoted to anyone who likes all things about gnome. The gnome love puns are amazing because they catch you off guard. You can enjoy how meanings are flipped in a humorous way with these puns.

1. What’s the number one song on the gnome’s country-western chart? Country roads take me gnome.

2. What do you call a hollowed tree trunk in the backyard? A Gnome home.

3. The gnome flunked his spelling test because he forgot it was Friday. If only he’d Gnome!

4. The gnome girl would have passed her test if only she’d Gnome more geography.!

5. What song does a Gnome beekeeper sing? Gnome worry, be happy!

6. The gnome mommy said to her naughty son, “Oh, Gnome you didn’t!”

7. The grandma Gnome made a sweet Gnome Sweet Gnome picture.

8. What is the favorite ride for gnomes at Disneyland? It’s a small, small world.

9. Where are many of the elderly gnomes housed? A nursing gnome.

10. What line in an alien movie do gnomes love the most? “ET phone gnome.”

11. What did the father say to his gnome son when he began to cry? Big gnomes don’t cry.

Christmas Gnome Puns

During Christmas season, people that actually like or adore gnomes have brought them into their houses and built year-round gnome décor. Here are some gnome Christmas puns to celebrate it.

1. What do gnomes love to sing at Christmas? We’re driving gnome for Christmas.

2. Why do college student gnomes love Christmas? They get to gnome for the holidays.

3. I received gnome gifts last Christmas.

4. “Have a merry little Christmas” Gnome saying.

5. There’s gnome one like you. Merry Christmas!

6. Driving Gnome for Christmas.

Garden Gnome Puns

Garden gnomes are a popular way to add character and fun to the front yard or garden of a property. Garden gnomes, painted in brilliant colors and posing throughout the garden or landscaping, are frequently the subject of these gardening gnome puns. Explore them here!

1. The Garden Gnome General showed his enemies Gnome mercy.

2. If gnomes want some ideas to revamp the garden, they just watch Extreme Makeover: Gnome Edition.

3. What is the Gnome allegiance pledge? Gnome matter what, I’ll protect your garden!

4. Garden gnomes don’t always get on, just look at Gnomeo and Juliet.

5. How to survive a garden gnome attack? Defend yourself when the lawn warriors strike (and they will).

Gnome Puns from Movies and TV

Gnomes may be extremely amusing! We’re still not sure why folks insist on putting these on their lawns, but that’s a discussion for another time. Now, we have plucked few movie and TV gnome puns to make you laugh.

1. It’s movie night, time to watch A League of Their Gnome.

2. If a gnome wanted to seek revenge on a trouble maker, where would he get his ideas from? Gnome Alone.

3. What soap opera do gnomes love? Aussie favorite Gnome and Away.

4. The greatest movie featuring a dog is Lassie Come Gnome.

5. Take a trip back to 1982 to find a gnomes favorite movie quote: E.T Phone Gnome!

6. Juliet’s burning question: Gnomeo, Gnomeo, wherefore art thou, Gnomeo?

7. Extreme Makeover, Gnome Edition is a popular TV show.

8. The best Star Trek movie is IV: The Voyage Gnome.

Final Thoughts on Gnome Puns

As you can see, these gnome puns are quite amusing and versatile. Gnomes have long been a famous figure in popular culture. These little guys aren’t going anywhere, whether it’s in movies or as lawn decorations!

These gnome puns are a lot of fun to read, and you won’t regret taking the time to look through this collection. Good genomic puns are hard to come by.

As a result, we created this collection specifically for you to ensure that you have a good time and laugh with your friends and family while unwinding after a long day. These gnome puns are never crude or vicious.

You don’t have to worry about offending crews if you share it with them. We’ve also got you covered if you enjoy tending to your garden because you’ll learn pleasant ways to send your kids to work in the garden without getting into a fight with them.

Please email us any other good gnome puns or jokes you’d like us to include on this list! We’ll include them as soon as possible.

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