90 Best Friendship Riddles to Share with Your Close Friends


Friends, who solve friendship riddles together, stay together! And yes, that should be the mantra of all the friends out there.

Undoubtedly, true friendships like friendship riddles are rarely seen today. It’s hard to find someone who values you as much as you do them and makes an effort to spend time together and check on one another.

Whether it’s gossiping, planning the future, cracking friendship riddles, studying together, or just sitting next to each other in silence, all that matters is that you give enough time to your buddy and listen to them patiently.

Thus, to level up your friendship, develop a true bond and deepen the connection, we have covered multiple friendship riddles and answers for you to solve.

Ready? Let’s go!

Best Friendship Riddles

Are you looking for the best friendship riddles? Well, then get yourself hooked to this page because we are going to cover a bunch of riddles for friends that you will surely enjoy.

1. What costs nothing but is worth everything, weighs nothing, but can last a lifetime, that one person can’t own, but two or more can share?

Answer: Friendship.

2. The less of me you have, the more I am worth. Treat me with care, as I will you and both of us will share our time on earth. What am I?

Answer: Friend.

3. A girl is sitting in a two-seat swing looking sad and blue. You think, “I’d like to be her friend.” You say, “I’ll swing with __________.”

Answer: You.

4. More rare today than long ago. There’s a salutation from friends written below. What am I?

Answer: Letter.

5. How does a mermaid make friends with a dolphin?

Answer: On porpoise!

6. What is weightless but takes two people to hold it?

Answer: Friendship.

7. The fewer of me you have, the more I am worth. What am I?

Answer: Friends.

8. Like a good friend, I am always there for you. Night or day. What am I?

Answer: A shadow.

9. People are scared of me but I am loved by some. I can be your best friend but could become your enemy in a blink of an eye. What am I?

Answer: A dog.

10. I am hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget. What am I?

Answer: A friend.

11. Most people want it. If you have it, you are lucky. What is it?

Answer: Friendship.

12. I have a stepmother, I love to sing, I have 7 little friends. Who am I?

Answer: Snow white.

13. If you go to the club and you’re paying the cover, is it cheaper to take one friend to the club twice, or two friends to the club at the same time?

Answer: It’s cheaper to take two friends at the same time. In this case, you would only be buying three covers, whereas if you take the same friend twice you are buying four covers.

14. Only one color, never one size. Stuck at the bottom, yet easily flies. A friend in the sunshine, at home in the rain. Doing no harm and feeling no pain. What am I?

Answer: A Shadow.

15. A few days ago, I was invited to dinner at a friend’s house. The strange thing is, my friend recently got involved with some weird religious cult. While I was there, he served up some type of meat, but he wouldn’t tell me what kind of meat it was. It kind of freaked me out. For a second, I wondered if it was human meat, but then, after I ate it, I knew it definitely wasn’t human meat.

What’s really going on?

Answer: The guy who was invited over was a cannibal. How else would he have known it wasn’t human meat if he’d never had human meat to begin with?

Easy Friendship Riddles

Friendships are not easy; it requires time to bond and get to know each other. So if you would like to make your bond grow more strong, then get your hands on given easy riddles to ask your friends, as these puzzles are the newest addition to friend riddles.

1. Which ship has two mates, but no captain?

Answer: Friendship.

2. What was given to you, belongs to you exclusively and yet is used more by your friends than by yourself?

Answer: Your name.

3. Where do cows go with their friends?

Answer: The moooovies!

4. Just one more time, think hard and say the words to answer this: To show you are a friend you can give your friend a __________.      

Answer: Kiss.

5. What did teeth give their teeth friends when they were sad?

Answer: Mouthwash to brighten them up.

6. I am a ship that can be made to ride the greatest waves. I am not built by tool, but built by hearts and minds. What am I?

Answer: Friendship.

7. I am the family you chose, with me by your side, you’ll never lose! Who am I?

Answer: Best friend.

8. What force and strength cannot get through, I with a gentle touch can do.

and many in these twisted halls would standwere I not, as a friend, at hand…

Answer: A key.

9. Janie’s friends were chipping in to buy her a wedding shower present. At first, 10 friends chipped in, but 2 of them dropped out. Each of the 8 had to chip in another dollar to bring the amount back up. How much money did they plan to collect?

Answer: $40 (10 at $4, or 8 at $5).

10. If you break me, I do not stop working. If you lose me, nothing in life matters. Who am I?

Answer: Best friend.

11. I’m a pet that has four legs and a tail at the end. You might hear me barking and I’m known as man’s best friend. What am I?

Answer: A dog.

12. She’s a character in Thomas And Friends. But her names not Emily I should stress. She also has the name of a flower and in Mario games she’s a Princess. What could I be?

Answer: I m a daisy.

13. If you have two friends and six women, how many women do each of your friends get?

Answer: None.

14. The best thing about winter is when outdoors you go and have a fight with your friends. Using balls made out of…?

Answer: Snow.

15. Thirty friends were on a hiking trip when they decided to enjoy the bonfire. They assembled for it and agreed to play a game. For that, they divided themselves in five teams with seven members each, forming five rows. How did they manage to achieve this formation?

Answer: You can see that they decided to form a pentagonal formation.

16. Your friend tells you about a story he once tried to impress a young lady with, but instead got a slap in the face. He wants you to attempt to see the flaw: It was a hot and windless day, in our bunker, when suddenly one of ours yelled: “Enemy!” We opened fire on them, leaving one hundred of them dead before they retreated. I was checking a dead captain’s glasses when the shout came that they were incoming again, and the CO ordered us to open up on them with our mortars, when I yelled: “Cease fire! They’re Americans!” Later, an American colonel thanked me for my work after I said that I saw their flag, waving back and forth in the wind. What is wrong with this story?

Answer: At the beginning, it was said that “It was a hot and windless day,” yet at the end, it is said that “The flag was waving back and forth”. Had it been windless, the flag would have been limp.

Hard Friendship Riddles

Unlike puns or one-liners, riddles are all about a kick of discovery which involves thinking one thing at a moment and then abruptly changing your mind. Therefore, if you need hard riddles for friends to bamboozle them, we have got it all here!

1. What is stronger than glue and lasts a lifetime?

Answer: Friendship.

2. Five friends have their gardens next to one another, where they grow three kinds of crops: fruits (apple, pear, nut, cherry), vegetables (carrot, parsley, gourd, onion) and flowers (aster, rose, tulip, lily). They grow 12 different varieties. Everybody grows exactly 4 different varieties. Each variety is at least in one garden. Only one variety is in 4 gardens. Only in one garden are all 3 kinds of crops. Only in one garden are all 4 varieties of one kind of crops. Pears are only in the two border gardens. Paul’s garden is in the middle with no lily. Aster grower doesn’t grow vegetables. Rose grower doesn’t grow parsley. Nuts grower has also gourd and parsley. In the first garden are apples and cherries. Only in two gardens are cherries. Sam has onions and cherries.

Luke grows exactly two kinds of fruit. Tulips are only in two gardens. Apples are in a single garden. Only in one garden next to the Zick’s is parsley. Sam’s garden is not on the border. Hank grows neither vegetables nor asters. Paul has exactly three kinds of vegetable. Who has which garden and what is grown where?

Answer: Hank: pear apple cherry rose. Sam: cherry onion rose tulip. Paul: carrot gourd onion rose. Zick: aster rose tulip lily. Luke: pear nut gourd parsley.

3. You have a large number of friends coming over and they all get thirsty. Your first friend asks for 1/2 a cup of water. Your second friend asks for 1/4 a cup of water. Your third friend asks for 1/8 a cup of water, etc. How many cups of water do you need to serve your friends?

Answer: Just one. If your friends kept asking for water like this forever one cup would be enough.

4. A man is stuck on an island with his best friend and a fisherman. The fisherman and his best friend go off to catch food while he builds a hut. The fisherman returns alone with some salmon he had prepared. His best friend had fallen off a cliff. After he is rescued from the man goes to a diner and he orders salmon. He eats his meal, he pulls out a gun and commits suicide. Why does he do this?

Answer: He realizes what he had eaten on theisland was not in fact salmon, but rather his best friend.

5. If you and a friend have the same amount of apples, how many does she need to give you in order to have 10 more apples than her?

Answer: She will always need to give you 5 apples. You both need at least 5 apples to begin with, but apart from that it doesnt matter exactly how many you each have. When she gives you 5 you will have 10 more than her because she will lose 5 and you will gain 5, resulting in a net difference of 10. For example, if you each have 25 apples and she gives you 5 of hers, she will be left with 20 and you will now have 30, precisely 10 more than she has.

6. There are five best friends. They all go to a salon. One gets a touch up, one gets their hair done, one gets a manicure, one gets a pedicure, one got her eyebrows done. When they go back to their hotel they fall asleep. 10 minutes later they hear a scream. When they turned on the light there was a dead man on the floor with a knife beside him. They called the police and the police arrested the murderer. Who did it and how did they know?

Answer: It was the girl who got her hair done because before the other girls got their makeover they had to wash there hands!

7. There were three friends- Jade, Alicia, and Damien, and they were playing a game called “I’m Going on a Picnic.” The object of the game is to figure out the pattern of the objects listed. (Jade starts, then Alicia and Damien-Assume that they could all go to the picnic.) Jade: I’m going on a picnic. and I’m going to bring Ants. Alicia: I’m going to bring Dogs. Damien: I’m bringing some Juice. Jade: Lemons. Alicia: An Almanac. Damien: Art. Jade: Iguanas. Alicia: Money. Damien: Dirt. Jade: Cats. Alicia: Igloos. Damien: Elephants… What is the pattern?

Answer: They were spelling out the name of the person who would go after them. (Damien said Juice, Art, Dirt, and Elephants-JADE).

8. When no one around you, no one care you, then I rise like a sky. What am I?

Answer: A Friend.

9. A man was found dead on his bed with blood on his pillow, a broken stick with a mark on it with parts of it under the bed, and a gun on the bed. (Now pay attention to these series of questions) Was it murder or suicide? If murder, who did it and why? If suicide, who provoked him to do it and why?

Answer: It was suicide. The man was the smallest midgit in the world and his friend was the second smallest midget in the world and they worked at a circus. His friend was jealous of him so he broke a yardstick (note: that was the broken stick on the bed) and marked it at four feet. When his friend measured his height, it looked like he grew making him very depressed which led to killing himself thus making his friend the smallest midget in the world. (Bet you never saw that one coming).

10. My mother died when I was little. I love to sing, I love a human. My best friend is a fish. Who am I?

Answer: Ariel!

11. What did the elevator say to its friend?

Answer: “I think I’m coming down with something”

12. It is Halloween and your friends dare you to go into a haunted house. You creep up to the door, a little scared wondering what is behind the door. You go in and there is a long hallway leading out into a dark musty room with three doors. You’re kind of scared once you are inside. You try to turn back, to get back outside, but when you turn around the door is closed and locked. You yell for help but there is only silence. The room is dark and you look for a light source. You see a light switch and try to turn it on. Sadly the power is out. You are terrified but have no choice but to follow the long hallway to the three doors in the pitch black. Behind one door is a bottomless pit with no end. Behind another door is an electric chair which you must sit in. Behind the last door is a pool full of acid. You must go in one of the rooms to the danger. Which one should you go through?

Answer: You should definitely go through the electric chair. Since the power is out, when you sit in the electric chair it will have no effect on you.

13. My stem’s planted firmly where I am allotted. My tail is wavy and my face is quite blotted. I relay much emotion though flatly I’m spotted, And I grow half my size whenever I’m dotted. I can speak any language, yet utter no words. I’m no seed, yet I am well known among birds. But I do have a speech impediment: I can say cage but not page, aged but not wage. I can say deaf but not red, bed but not sled. I live on a highway that’s structurally sound, where you might see my friends accidentally bound. It has many lanes, and also long lines. There are lots of sharp turns, but plenty of signs. I am played but not won, made but not spun. The key is to measure before you’ve begun. What am I?

Answer: Musical notes.

Friendship Riddles with Answers

No trivia game is complete without friends arguing at some senseless answers. Thus, to save your time and to avoid an unnecessary quarrel, below are a few friendship riddles with answers to entertain you guys.

1. How can you physically stand behind your friend as he physically stands behind you?

Answer: Stand back to back.

2. You can do this with your friends. You can do this with your nose. But don’t do it with your friend’s nose!

Answer: Pick.

3. My buddies and I were inseparable mates until one by one we were split. My teacher then gave me a smack on the head so off in the corner I sit. What am I?

Answer: A Staple.

4. You really wish that doll was yours, Now help your friends to learn. Would it be best to grab, or say “Could I please have a __________?”

Answer: Turn.

I am a toy and can be any color. I make you and your friends jump up and down. Everyone stands on me and bounce! What am I?

Answer: A trampoline.

5. Who is Roo’s mother and Winnie’s friend?

Answer: Kanga.

6. What is a vampire’s sweetheart called?

Answer: His ghoul-friend.

7. How do oysters call their friends?

Answer: On shell phones!

8. I used to be the favorite. But then someone else came in. (Buzz Light year.) Now he is my best friend. Who I Am? (YeHaw)

Answer: Woody!

9. How can you share five apples with seven friends?

Answer: Make apple sauce.

10. “Lifes funny”, said an old friend when I bumped into him the other day. “Listen to this, I was born in March, yet I celebrate my birthday in August, and last February I married my mother”. How is this possible?

Answer: He was born in August in a town called March, became a priest and married his widowed mother to her second husband in February.

11. What do you call two people who embarrass you in front of your friends?

Answer: Mom and dad.

12. Why didn’t the mummy have any friends?

Answer: Because he was wrapped up in himself!

13. What is this type of toy? There’s the well-known Paddington and in The Muppets there’s Fozzie. They are fun to cuddle, keep you safe and warm. A best friend for life in stuffed form.

Answer: A teddy bear.

Friendship Riddles for Adults

When it comes to adult friendships, we all are pretty much struggling to find the right balance between social and professional life. Hence friendship riddles for adults are the ultimate solution to protect your friendships. Check these puzzles out.

1. The earth is black and white to me. Other colors I can not see.Some call me man’s best friend. Because I’ll stick by your side til the very end.

Answer: Dog.

2. I’m a friend to parents who like things neat. Before you enter their home, I keep you clean. Pay me a quick visit and I will wipe your feet. What am I?

Answer: A doormat.

3. Looking sad and lonely. Your friend sits on the rug. Since you want to cheer him up. You offer him a __________.

Answer: Hug.

4. I may be your best friend, but I depend on you. In the brink of danger, it is you I will defend. What am I?

Answer: A dog.

5. How do skeletons call their friends?

Answer: On the tele bone!

6. This element is a girl’s best friend. What is it?

Answer: Carbon.

7. What did the bat say to his best friend on Friday night?

Answer: Let’s hang out!

8. What does a brain do when it sees a friend across the street?

Answer: Gives a wave.

9. I’m it. I chase you- One, two, three. I try to catch the friends see. What am I doing?

Answer: I am playing tag!

10. More precious than gold, but cannot be bought. Can never be sold, only earned if its sought. If it is broken it can still can be mended. At birth it can’t start nor by death is it ended.

Answer: Friendship. It is more precious than gold to have a genuine friend, and true friendship cannot be bought or sold, only earned. When a friendship is broken it can be fixed and infants arent able to make friends until theyre older, but death can’t end it. Love doesnt work as an answer because a friendship requires two people to interact, while parents love their children as soon as theyre born.

11. A mile from end to end, yet as close to as a friend. A precious commodity, freely given. Found on the rich, poor, short and tall, but shared among children most of all. What is it?

Answer: A Smile.

12. My only timepiece is a wall clock. One day I forgot to wind it and it stopped. I went to visit a friend whose watch is always correct, stayed awhile, and returned home. There I made a simple calculation and set the clock right. How did I do this when I had no watch on me to tell how long it took me to return home from my friend’s house?

Answer: Before I left, I wound the wall clock. When I returned, the change in time it showed equaled the time it took to go to my friend’s and return, plus the time I spent there. But I knew the latter, because I looked at my friend’s watch both when I arrived and when I left. Subtracting the time of the visit from the time I was absent from my house, and dividing by 2, I obtained the time it took me to return home. I added this time to the time my friend’s watch showed when I left, and set this sum on my wall clock.

13. Alone I am 24th, with a friend I am 20. Another friend and I am unclean. What am I?

Answer: The letter ‘x’. It is the 24th letter of the alphabet, XX in Roman numerals is 20, and XXX is a label for movies that are very inappropriate (unclean).

Friendship Riddles for Kids

Despite the fact that this collection of clever riddles may need you to engage your brain more than you’d want, you’ll be entertained and glad you did. For this reason, we have jotted down the friendship riddles for kids to enjoy while utilizing their cognitive thinking. Have a look!

1. What’s cheaper than gold, yet more valuable. Hard to find, but easy to lose?

Answer: A Friend.

2. Why was the guy looking for fast food on his friend?

Answer: Because his friend said dinner is on me!

3. You have two robots in your hand. You see a watching boy. Now you could play alone or say, “I’d like to share this __________.”

Answer: Toy.

4. Which is the best ship of the world?

Answer: Friendship.

5. Given them to the girls whenever, And they’ll be best friends forever. Shiny, pretty stones, Bought with massive loans.

Answer: Diamonds.

6. How can you tell which one of your friends has the new iPhone 6s plus?

Answer: Don’t worry, they’ll let you know.

7. You’re going to a friend’s house and want to give them some brownies. On the way to their house you cross 5 bridges. At each bridge you must pay a toll of half of your brownies to the owner. But they are all very nice and give you back a brownie from what you give them. How many brownies must you start with to give your friend 2 brownies?

Answer: Just 2. Each time you give the owner of a bridge half of your brownies (1 brownie) they give you one back as well.

8. What did the rabbit say to his friend on Valentines Day?

Answer: Some bunny love you!

9. Where does Ariel go when one of her friends is missing?

Answer: The Lost-and-Flounder Department.

10. I have a piece for your ear, and a piece for your mouth. You sometimes hear me ringing. You can speak to your friend, Although you’re alone. What am I?

Answer: A cell phone.

11. What kind of flowers are great friends?

Answer: Rose buds.

12. A tested formula of love. Inevitable part of love stories. The romantic dim light and good food are its friends. It never goes out of trend. What is it?

Answer: A candle light dinner.

13. Two companions Terry and Garry were talking about their families. Terry told some great stories about his courageous grandfather who fought for Britain in “World War I”. Terry told that his grandfather is so brave that he was awarded a bravery honor medal with words “For our Courageous Soldiers In World War I” embedded into it.

Answer: Garry Knows that his friend is lying? How? “World War I” was named after after “World War II”

Final Thoughts on Friendship Riddles

Friendship riddles are a quick and easy technique to irritate our pals. That puzzled expression on their face, their pleading for hints, and then the realization that the answer was so obvious is an amazing way to strengthen your bond with them while having a ball at the same time.

Moreover, to make this game more fun, you can also team up your friends and asks the brain teasers out loud. Whoever replies to the friendship riddles and answers first will earn a point. This way, it would be a healthy competition among the friends, and you guys will learn more about your buddies.

So, now that you have gone through a bunch of friendship riddles gather your buddies and let the fun begin. Also, be mindful that you don’t peek at the answers to friend riddles until you finalize your own response because that would otherwise just kill the soul of the game!

Enjoy and have a good day ahead!

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