82 Best Egg Riddles to Crack You Up


Cracking jokes to make everyone laugh is not easy. Why not ask egg riddles to crack you and your friends up? Make your day by cracking it up to your friends with some sunny-side-up egg riddles. Riddles with jokes are the best way to keep everyone else rolling on the ground with a burst of laughter.

These days social media has turned our lives into a scrolling machine, clicking likes on photos has become a duty to fulfill. Why not make your feeds amazing and different from others? Put on some egg riddles on your stories so that your followers do not skip your feeds but take time to solve them.

Keep yourself updated with some egg riddles with answers so that you do not miss a chance on cracking up your friend’s minds.

Best Egg Riddles

Riddles are the best way to keep others busy solving them while you enjoy their curiosity to get the answer. You can ask some of these best egg riddles to your fellows. Riddles about eggs are perfect to ask each other.

1. If I had 4 eggs, a thief gave me 3 and my rooster laid 5 more, how many do I have?

Answer: 3 eggs only. This is a tricky riddle and has a lot of wordplay involved. The first line is a hypothetical situation. So it means that the total number of eggs is zero, to begin with. In the second line, a thief gives 3 eggs, making the total count 3. the third line reads, a rooster lays eggs, which is an impossible thins as roosters don’t lay eggs, which means zero eggs collected from the roosters. So, 0+3+0 = 3

2. Why did the sherriff arrest the cook?

Answer: Because he was beating the eggs.

3. What do you do when your dog makes you breakfast?

Answer: You get pooched eggs.

4. Why do turkeys lay eggs?

Answer: If they dropped them, they’d break!

5. It is white but it turns yellow when falls on the floor.

Answer: Egg.

6. What has to be broken before you can use it?

Answer: An egg.

7. What suit of cards lays eggs?

Answer: One that’s chicken hearted (calling Batman a coward).

8. What does everyone know how to open but not how to close?

Answer: Egg.

9. If a rooster laid an egg on a barn roof, which way would it roll?

Answer: If you’ve been paying attention, you’d already know roosters don’t lay eggs.

10. Why does it take 1 million sperm to fertilize one egg?

Answer: They won’t stop to ask directions.

Funny Egg Riddles

Be it Easter or any other occasion funny egg riddles are never getting old. Ask these funny egg riddles to your parents or kids and get to know who is the smartest in your family.

1. I have 10 eggs. I break 3, I fried 3 and I ate 3, how many do I have left?

Answer: 7.

2. After I am created, you break me and make me again. what am I?

Answer: Egg.

3. How do you make an egg laugh?

Answer: Tell it a yolk.

4. Gold covered in silver, silver covered in pewter.

Answer: Egg.

5. How can you drop a raw egg from a height onto a concrete floor without cracking it?

Answer: Concrete floors are very hard to crack.

6. What do you get when a chicken lays an egg on top of a barn?

Answer: An eggroll!

7. Mary goes to the store and buys one dozen eggs. As she is going home, all but three break. How many eggs are left unbroken?

Answer: Three eggs.

8. Why does it take over a million sperm to fertilise an egg?

Answer: Because none of them stop to ask for directions.

9. If Mr. Smiths peacock lays an egg in Mr Jones yard, who owns the egg?

Answer: Peacocks don’t lay eggs, just peahens.

10. How many Easter eggs can you put in an empty basket?

Answer: Only one! After that it’s not empty anymore.

Egg Riddles with Answers

If you are a babysitter or a new teacher to kids and you want to become their favorite person we have the best solution for you. Ask them these egg riddles with answers and become their favorite person in no time.

1. There is a carton of 6 eggs on a table, and there are 6 people around the table. Everyone takes an egg and there is still one in the carton. How is this possible?

Answer: The first 5 eggs are taken by the first 5 people. The last person takes the last egg, while it’s still in the carton!

2. What is a chicken racing driver’s favourite part of the car?

Answer: The Eggs-celerator.

3. Where does the Easter Bunny get his eggs?

Answer: From an egg plant!

4. I have golden treasure inside of me but I’m not a treasure chest because I have no key hole around me.

Answer: Egg.

5. How can you spell “White of an egg” in one word?

Answer: Albumen is white of an egg (yolk is yellow).

6. Why did the Easter egg hide?

Answer: Because he was a little chicken!

7. Suppose you have twelve eggs and a balance scale. All of the eggs are identical except for one whose only difference is its weight. Using the scale only three times, determine which egg is the odd egg out and whether it is heavier or lighter than the other eggs.

Answer: Weigh four against four. If they’re equal, weigh three of them against three you haven’t weighed. If they balance too, weigh the last remaining egg against any of the others to see if it is lighter or heavier. If the three suspects are heavier, weigh one of them against another and the one that goes down is it. If they balance the remaining suspect is heavy. Use the same process if they’re lighter. If the initial four vs four don’t balance, weigh two heavy eggs and a light egg against one heavy egg, one light one and a known normal egg. If they balance weigh the remaining two light eggs against each other. If they balance the unweighed heavy egg is the odd one out. If the side with two heavy eggs goes down weigh them against each other. If they balance it is the light egg on the other side. If the other side goes down it is either because of one heavy egg on that side or because the one light egg on the other side is lighter than the rest. Weigh one of them against a known normal egg to determine which is true.

8. What type of people always steal eggs?

Answer: Poachers!

9. On what days are eggs the most angry?

Answer: Fry Days!

10. A man ate an egg each day. He did not have any chickens at home. He never bought, borrowed or stole chicken eggs. How is this possible?

Answer: He didn’t buy Chicken eggs or eat it. He ate ostrich, goose, quail, etc. eggs.

Easy Egg Riddles

Under this section, you can get to know some easy egg riddles for your kids. Keep them busy by challenging them with some fun riddles and putting a reward to every riddle.

1. Which one is correct to say? – “The yolk of the egg IS white” or “The yolk of the egg are white”?

Answer: Neither, because egg yolks are yellow!

2. Where do you get frogs’ eggs?

Answer: At the spawn shop.

3. What kind of jokes do eggs tell?

Answer: Egg yolks!

4. On a white paper yellow spout.

Answer: Egg.

5. Why was the baby chicken shy?

Answer: It still hadn’t come out of its shell!

6. Two fathers and two sons ate three eggs for breakfast. Each of them ate a whole egg. Can you tell how this is possible?

Answer: The answer to “Two Fathers and Two Sons Ate Three Eggs Riddle” is “one grandfather, one son, and one grandson.”

7. If a rooster laid a brown egg and a white egg. What kind of chicks would hatch?

Answer: None.Roosters do not lay eggs.

8. What two words do these letters make? Gges Esgg Gegs Sgeg

Answer: Scrambled Eggs!

Hard Egg Riddles

Asking riddles to your friends by challenging them is always fun. Why not try some of our hard egg riddles which we have searched for you and make your friends go crazy.

1. Why did the duck get fired from his Easter job?

Answer: He kept quacking the eggs.

2. You have two sand hourglasses, one that measures exactly 4 minutes and one that measures exactly 7 minutes. You need to measure out exactly 2 minutes to boil an egg. Using only these two hourglasses, how can you measure out exactly 2 minutes to boil your egg?

Answer: Flip over both hourglasses at the same time. 1. After 4 minutes, the 4-minute hourglass will be done, and there will be 3 minutes left in the 7-minute hourglass. Immediately flip the 4-minute hourglass over again. 2. After 3 more minutes, the 7-minute hourglass will be done, and there will be exactly 1 minute left in the 4-minute hourglass. Immediately flip the 7-minute hourglass over again. 3. After 1 more minute, the 4-minute hourglass will be done again, and there will be exactly 6 minutes left in the 7-minute hourglass. Immediately flip over the 4-minute hourglass. 4. After 4 more minutes, the 4-minute hourglass will be done again, and there will be exactly 2 minutes left in the 7-minute hourglass. At this point, put your egg in the boiling water. When the 7-minute hourglass is done, it will have been exactly 2 more minutes, and your egg will have boiled just right. Or after step 2 just flip 7-minute hourglass for second minute.

3. The boys want you to find out how. You are observing the boy spinning an egg when suddenly it drops to the floor. The apartment clerk casually hands him a broom to clean it up, as if it happens every day. You now know why the boy always wins the daily competition. How?

Answer: The clerk handed the boy a broom, so the egg the boy was spinning must have been hard-boiled. If the egg was raw, the clerk would have handed the boy a mop

4. Marble walls as white as milk, Lined with skin as soft as silk, in a fountain crystal clear, a golden apple will appear, there is no key to this stronghold, yet thieves break in and steal the gold. What is it?

Answer: An egg.

5. Where do eggs go on their summer holidays?

Answer: New Yolk City (The Big Omelette).

6. Did you hear the joke about the broken egg?

Answer: Yes, it cracked me up!

7. My first customer said that he would buy half my eggs and half an egg more. My second and third customers said exactly the same thing. When I had filled all three orders I was completely sold out of eggs and yet I hadn’t broken a single egg all day.” How many eggs had the egg trader sold in all?

Answer: Seven Eggs? 1st gets 4 eggs. 7/2 = 3.5 + .5 egg = 4. 2nd gets 2 eggs. 3(remaining eggs)/2 = 1.5 + .5 egg. 3rd gets a sole egg. 1 remaing egg /2 =.5 + .5 egg.

8. What do you call a funny book about eggs?

Answer: Yolk book.

9. What is white on the outside, soft in the inside, and golden in the heart?

 Answer: An egg.

10. How does the Easter Bunny manage to paint all their eggs?

Answer: They hire Santa’s elves during the off season.

What Am I Egg Riddles

What am I egg riddles are the most famous egg riddles of all time. There is no egg riddle completed without what am I egg riddles. Let’shack these riddles given below.

1. I get harder when in hot water. I’m only useful once I’m broken. Some people eat only the white part for its low-fat, high-protein nutritional content. what am I?

Answer: An egg.

2. I have a little house in which I live all alone. It has no doors or windows, and if I want to go out I must break through the wall. What am I?

Answer: A chick in an egg.

3. After I am made, You break me and re-make me. What am I?

Answer: Egg.

4. I am useless when together but useful when I am apart. what am I?

Answer: An egg.

5. I can be decorated but I’m not a house. I can be boiled but I’m not a kettle. I have a shell but I’m not a crab. I can be cracked but I’m not a joke. I come from a chicken but I’m not a nugget. What am I?

Answer: Egg.

6. Breakfast or dinner, I always taste great. I come from an animal that never stays up late. What am I?

Answer: Egg (Duh)

7. Ice melts when heated. But when I get hot I freeze. what am I?

Answer: Egg.

8. A container without hinges, lock or a key, yet a golden treasure lies inside me. What am I?

Answer: An egg.

9. I am a container with no sides and no lid, yet golden treasure lays inside. What am I?

Answer: Egg.

10. I only have stomach, no head, no legs, no hands. I am white in colour. Who am I?

Answer:  Egg.

11. I have no bones and no legs, but if you keep me warm, i will soon walk away what am i?

Answer: Egg.

Egg Riddles for Adults

Adults have a hectic routine. They work like robots, so why not try to grab their attention with some of our egg riddles for adults and distract them from their daily tough routine.

1. Why do the citizens of France only have one egg with their breakfast?

Answer: Because one egg is an OEUF.

2. An egg has to fall 100 feet, but it can’t break upon landing (or in the air). Its fall can’t be slowed down, nor can its landing be cushioned in any way. How is it done?

Answer: Drop it from more than 100 feet high. It won’t break for the first 100 feet.

3. A science teacher told his after school class, “Whoever can get this egg into this smaller glass bottle will win no homework for a week! The rules are: the egg has to go into the bottle in one piece, and you can’t break the bottle. You can also use anything in the science lab. So, do we have any volunteers?” A boy raised his hand and the teacher pointed at him. The boy took the egg and looked around the science lab for the things he could use. He saw some writing paper, a pack of matches, some vinegar, a sink, and the glass bottle. By the end of the after school class, the boy had gotten the egg into the smaller bottle. How did he do it? Hint: Without doing anything to the egg, the egg can’t fit into the bottle.

Answer: First, soak the egg in the vinegar which softens the shell without compromising the egg. Next, take some of the writing paper and shred it into pieces. Take the shredded pieces and put them into the glass bottle. Take a match and light a fire inside the bottle with the shredded paper. After, take the vinegar-soaked egg and put it on the top of the bottle so no oxygen can get into the bottle. The fire can’t live without any oxygen so it will try to suck oxygen from the entrance which the egg is blocking. When the fire does this, the fire becomes like a vacuum. So, basically, the fire sucks the egg into the bottle to try to get the oxygen. After a short while, the shell will reharden and that’s how the egg got into the bottle

4. What’s more useful when it’s broken?

Answer: One egg.

5. A locked sphere without hinges or key break me open and golden treasures you’ll see

Answer: Egg.

6. Two farmers brought a total of 100 eggs to market. Each farmer set a different price to sell his eggs–farmer 1 selling each egg at a price of a and farmer 2 selling each egg at a price of b. After selling all eggs, each farmer received as much money as the other. The first farmer remarked, “If I had sold your eggs at my price, I would have gotten 15 coins.” The second farmer replied, “If I had sold your eggs at my price, I would have gotten 20/3 coins.” How many eggs did each farmer sell?

Answer: Suppose farmer 1 sells x eggs, so farmer 2 sells 100 – x eggs. Then farmer 1 sells at a per egg get to earn ax, and farmer 2 sells at b per egg to get b(100 – x). The two amounts received are equal: equation I:  ax = b(100 – x). If farmer 1 sells 100 – x eggs at a price of a per egg to make 15 then we have: -equation II: a(100 – x) = 15. If farmer 2 sells x eggs at a price of b per egg to make 20/3 then we have:

equation III: bx = 20/3. Dividing equation II by III gives: (a/b)(100 – x)/x = 15/(20/3), (a/b)(100 – x)/x = 9/4. Then from equation I we can solve for a/b: a/b = (100 – x)/x

Substituting into the result of II/III we get: ((100 – x)/x)(100 – x)/x = 9/4, ((100 – x)/x)2 = 9/4, (100 – x)/x = 3/2, 2(100 – x) = 3x, 200 – 2x = 3x, 200 = 5x, 40 = x. Thus farmer 1 had 40 eggs and farmer 2 had 100 – 40 = 60 eggs. It is easy to then solve for the price per egg: a(100 – x) = 15, a(60) = 15, a = ¼, bx = 20/3, b(40) = 20/3, b = 1/6. And each farmer would have received 10 coins from selling all the eggs.

7. What does an evil hen lay?

Answer: Deviled eggs!

8. This food, made from pork, is often eaten alongside eggs and bacon.

Answer: Sausage.

9. What is more useful when it is broken?

Answer: An egg.

10. Why is every losing team like scrambled eggs?

Answer: They have both been beaten!

Egg Riddles for Kids

Kids would do anything for the love of chocolates. Especially on Easter, parents plan scavenger hunts for their kids. Keep your kids prepared for their friend’s scavenger hunt with these egg riddles for kids.

1. Why did the chicken’s computer break?

Answer: The hard drive was fried!

2. One day a scholar came to the court of Emperor Akbar and challenged Birbal to answer his questions and thus prove that he was as clever as people said he was.

He asked Birbal: “Would you prefer to answer a hundred easy questions or just a single difficult one?” Both the emperor and Birbal had had a difficult day and were impatient to leave.”Ask me one difficult question,” said Birbal “Well, then tell me,” said the man, “which came first into the world, the chicken or the egg?” “The chicken,” replied Birbal, very confidently. “How do you know?” asked the scholar, a note of triumph in his voice. What did Birbal answer to this?

Answer: Birbal told the scholar, “We had agreed you would ask only one question and you have already asked it” and he and the emperor walked away leaving the scholar gaping.

3. What day does an Easter Egg hate the most?

Answer: Fry-days.

4. Why do chickens lay eggs?

Answer: Because if they drop them, they will break.

5. How do monsters like their eggs?

Answer: Terry-fried.

6. What does a mixed-up hen lay?

Answer: Scrambled eggs!

7. A little girl goes to the store and buys one dozen eggs. As she is going home, all but three break. How many eggs are left unbroken?

Answer: Three

8. Marble walls as white as milk, lined with skin as soft as silk, in a fountain crystal clear, a golden apple will appear, there is no key to this stronghold, yet theives break in and steal the gold. What is it?

Answer: An egg.

9. What happens when you rub a balloon against an egg?

Answer:  It becomes egg-static

10. What’s the best thing to have for breakfast when you are meditating?

Answer: Ommmmmmm-lettes

Final Thoughts on Egg Riddles

Whether it’s a kid or an adult, a good egg riddle is always the best way to grab their attention. A simple human nature is that a human brain works more efficiently if they are subjected to some challenge.

Egg riddles are more popular among kids and adults during Easter. There is no problem in getting into a riddle challenge when you are with your friends or relatives. A single person starts with one riddle and the game goes on and on. Every single person loves to be a part of it.

The one with no answer would be called a loser and will have to do some crazy task given by others.

So why not prepare yourself before any embarrassing moment with friends by reading our egg riddles with the answers given above and making your life easy. Enjoy our riddles and do not forget to ask these fun egg riddles to any person around you.

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