93 Funny Clown Puns to Make You Laugh


There are two groups of people: those who enjoy clown puns and those who are frightened by them. Being in the first category allows you to laugh with your friends while making clown jokes.

They’re wonderful at trying to bring a laugh or two with their big noses and feet, bold colors, and slapstick gags. Using various clown puns, we’re working to support the circus fun alive.

If you’re a mother taking your child to the clown show for the very first time, or simply a jokester looking for a laugh after watching “It” with your friends, knowing a few funny clown puns is always a good idea.

We bought you a list of clown gags that you can use at home instead of going out to have fun.

Best Clown Puns

Clowns can be a great source of entertainment for us. So, best clown puns, it is possible. What is the distinction here between a homeless clown and a scary clown, for example? One is penniless, and the other is known as Pennywise.

1. What’s the best way to protect yourself, if you’re attacked by a gang of clowns? Go for the juggler!

2. Why don’t we eat clowns? Because they taste funny!

3. How is the clown’s shoe business going? It’s hard – there are big shoes to fill!

4. Why did the clown quit his job? Because people were not taking him seriously.

5. I know that girls like guys who are funny and spontaneous. However, when I tap on their window at 2 AM dressed as a clown, they all run away screaming!

6. How big is a clown’s hard drive? 100 Giggle-bytes.

7. What do you call a clown who hates sitting down? A stand-up comic.

8. My friend swears he loves horror movies involving clowns. I’m not certain, but I think he means It.

9. My father was the best clown of all time. When he died, all his friends came to his funeral in one car.

10. Why are all clowns so busy? They’ve got a lot of funny business to handle.

11. What kind of illness did the clown come down with? Juggle fever.

12. We shouldn’t joke about rape, because rape is no laughing matter… Unless you’re being raped by a clown.

13. Why was the clown’s mortgage turned down? Because he could not afford the clown payments!

14. Why was the clown forced into medical retirement? He unfortunately broke his funny bone.

Funny Clown Puns

No doubt, making funny clown puns will result in a room full of laughter or giggles. For instance, how do clowns like their eggs? Funny side up! Or if a clown farts, does it smell funny?

1. I’m absolutely surrounded by pickled vegetables in jars. It’s like Piccalilli Circus in here!

2. How did the clown write his jokes? He jest put pun to paper!

3. Why are clowns always going to the doctors complaining about bad necks? Because they sleep funny!

4. I went to the fancy dress shop to buy a clown outfit, but I couldn’t decide on the accessories. I let the salesman pick my nose.

5. What happened at the egg contest when one of the clowns had a cracked egg? The other clown said, “The yokes on you.”

6. How does a clown sneeze? Honk Shoe!

7. How does Ronald McDonald introduce his wife? “Meet Patty!”

8. My girlfriend told me I was acting like a clown. It was so upsetting that I stopped juggling and almost fell off my unicycle.

9. I didn’t know what a class clown was till I went to a class and realized I was a class clown in kindergarten and then I woke up from a nightmare.

10. Why did the clown stop smiling? Someone chopped his lips off.

11. What protects clowns from the sun? A bozone layer.

12. A man goes to the doctor because he has a clown growing off his neck. What does the doctor tell him? Don’t worry; it’s nothing serious.

13. Why was the Mom Clown so popular with the other parents? Because she was really good at carpooling.

Hilarious Clown Puns

What are your options if there are no clown shows in your town? Hilarious clown puns would be the answer. My parents, for example, hired a clown for my birthday party. But he was a complete Bozo!

1. Why did the clown leave the cheese circus? He couldn’t get his Stilton.

2. Why do clowns wear loud socks? To stop their feet falling asleep.

3. Did you hear about the clown who ran away with the circus? They made him bring it back.

4. What material is a clown’s costume made from? Poly Jester.

5. What do you do if you are attacked by a gang of clowns? Go for the juggler.

6. My Dad worked as a trapeze artist – until he was let go!

7. Why was the lopsided circus clown looking for another piece of cheese? He only had one stilt-on!

8. What do you call a circus clown who’s covered in egg? A yolker!

9. Did you hear about the naughty clown who ran away with the circus? The ringmaster made him bring it back!

10. How do you get a clown to stop smiling? You shoot him in the face.

11. Why do clowns always get into fights? Because they have the balls to.

12. I’m going to send a clown to deliver flowers to my wife. Will she think that’s a romantic jester?

13. How do clowns graduate from clown college? With ed-joke-ation.

Clown Puns One Liners

It is simple to find a list of puns related to clown that contain 2 to 4 liners jokes that can be dull at times. I’m thinking about starting a clown shoe company. But it’s no easy task! can be one of the great examples of clown one-liners.

1. A clown held a door open for me the other day. I thought, “what a nice jester”.

2. I had a friend who was a clown who performed on stilts. I always looked up to him.

3. Why did the clown cross the road? To get his rubber chicken.

4. Why are circus clowns often stressed? Because their job is in tents.

5. Went to the circus and saw some clowns with tightrope walkers. Oddest flavour of crisps yet.

6. Saw a group of pheasants & partridges dressed as clowns. I thought, “they’re game for a laugh”.

7. My friend was a clown in a circus who did a human cannonball act. Never replaced him when he retired, couldn’t find anyone else of the same calibre.

8. My Dad was the head clown at the circus, until he passed away. I guess I have some pretty big shoes to fill!

9. My Mom bought me a clown shaped lollipop at the circus, but it sure did taste funny!

10. I think I’m going to start a clown shoe business. But it’s no small feat!

11. two cannibals are eating a clown, when one cannibal looks up and asks the other cannibal…Does he taste funny to you?

12. Most people are scared of clowns, that’s why everyone runs away from you.

13. I saw a group of pheasants and partridges dressed as clowns the other day and, I thought, “they’re game for a laugh!”

Clever Clown Puns

Clever clown puns can be as witty as jokester tricks. Is it a romantic jester if I send a clown to deliver flowers to my wife? A great example in this category.

1. What do you call a clown who went to jail? A sili-con!

2. Why do clowns always wear loud socks? So, their feet don’t fall asleep!

3. Why was the clown so sad? He broke his funny bone!

4. What do you get when you boil a clown? A laughing stock!

5. What’s the funniest fish? A clownfish!

6. Why should the clown be worried about his balloon business? He shouldn’t – he just likes to blow everything out of proportion.

7. What is the difference between a homeless clown and a scary clown? One is penniless, and the other is Pennywise.

8. What do you call a phobia of a psycho clown running at you with a chainsaw? Common sense.

9. What is the difference between a comedian and a clown? A comedian leads Ukraine, and a clown leads America!

10. What do Winnie-the-Pooh and Bozo the Clown have in common? The same middle name.

11. Where did the clown go after he retired? Down Old Clown Road.

12. Why did the clown not show up to work? He was feeling a little bit funny.

Scary Clown Puns

Scary clown puns are a type of joke that is related to jokesters. Everyone brought flowers to a clown’s funeral. It can be demonstrated that there was not a single dry face in the house.

1. How is going to a singles bar different from going to the circus? At the circus, the clowns don’t talk.

2. Why don’t aliens in UFOs ever abduct clowns? Because they smell funny.

3. Why don’t vampires suck the blood of clowns? Because they have a funny aftertaste.

4. What caused the death of the old circus juggler? His balls dropped ­ while he was juggling knives.

5. Why did the vampire suck the blood of the tightrope walker? Because he wanted a well-balanced meal.

6. How do you kill a circus clown act? Just go for the juggler.

7. If a car with four clowns drives off a cliff, what is the tragedy in that? You can fit a lot more than four in a car.

8. Why did the cops pull over the Mini Cooper full of clowns on their way across the road? For the fun of it, plus they obviously weren’t wearing seat belts.

9. What do you call the corpse of the magician who died doing during his act? Abra cadaver.

10. Why did the clown’s rubber chicken cross the road? She wanted to stretch her legs!

Dirty Clown Puns

Jokers play dirty tricks on us, so there are dirty clown puns. What, for example, do a clown and a pornstar have in common? They both know how to juggle a lot of balls.

1. Come hang out with me on the trapeze? I’m quite the swinger.

2. So, what’s a nice girl like you doing hangin’ out with these clowns?

3. Is that a balloon in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

4. You wanna clown around for a bit?

5. How would you like to be Mrs. Jingles for a night?

6. How’d you like to see the big top?

7. Would you help me remove my greasepaint from some hard-to-reach places?

Clown Puns for Instagram

Clown puns for Instagram work as a business or a marketing technique to promote their shows. Puns like Creepin’ it real, Here for the boos or Shake, your BOOty can work well.

1. Today I went out with only half of my face painted like a clown. Not everyone saw the funny side!

2. My parents hired a clown for my birthday party. But he was a real Bozo!

3. I don’t like that clown from IT? He’s always fooling around and cracking jokes instead of fixing our computers.

4. I quit my job at McDonald’s yesterday. Turns out, my boss was a real clown.

5. Thousands of clowns were killed today in the worst seismic event of the past 100 years. Scientists are calling it the mirthquake of the century.

6. I ate a clown fish yesterday. It tasted funny.

7. Clowns can no longer afford their ballons… Because of inflation.

8. My uncle opened a clown themed restaurant. It didn’t do very well though, customers kept saying the food tasted funny.

9. A clown at the circus gave me some free popcorn. That was a very kind jester.

10. Did you hear about the guy who got an ear transplant from a clown? He had a happy new ear.

11. My mom took me to the circus yesterday to see the clowns. My favorite was the clown who was always covered in eggs. He was known as the yolker.

Final Thoughts on Clown Puns

Clown puns for youngsters are only widely known when citations to clown performances are included in. There are clown puns for youth and adults for a good laugh.

Clown, well-known comedy act and circus comic character distinguished by distinct and unique makeup and fancy dress, preposterous high jinks, and cluelessness, whose intention is to elicit hearty laughter.

Some people are not genuine clowns but would like to be. The goal is to make others laugh for a good time and forget their worries.

Envision if the clown’s character traits sounded as amusing as the clown puns. Circus jokes and clown jokes can brighten and amuse even the gloomiest days. They’re after the juggler!

If you enjoy horror and comedy, there is a category called scary clown puns. They can be hilarious while also robbing you of your precious sleep. Our blog is full of clown jokes that will make you laugh out loud.

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