100 Owl-some Bird Puns to Quack You Up


Are you ready to have a hooting good time? Well, then, brace yourself because this flight is going to take you through a collection of bird puns to keep you under the wings and share with others on a dull day!

Birds, don’t only fly high in the sky but they are also a part of the animated movie industry. We are pretty sure that no animated movie exists without a beaked character in it. And so, there was no reason to overlook the “bird puns”.

Even if birds are not your favorite animal, the early morning chirping of them is surely a serene feeling that soothes our soul and gives us peace of the moment. Thus, bird puns can be a crowning stroke to make your mornings brighter.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best kid-friendly bird, chicken, turkey, owl-some bird puns you’ll ever hear.

Best Bird Puns

Are you looking for an inspiration for bird play on words to come up with your own best bird puns? Well, then keep the ball rolling because we have got your back!

1. One of the bird movies got nominated for the Oscars. It was called ‘The Lord of the Wings.’

2. The crowbar made breaking into the house such an easy task for the birds.

3. There’s an owl who knows magic tricks. His name is Hoodini.

4. The smartest bird of prey award surely goes to the know-it owl.

5. An owl baby usually takes after the father owl. They, too, follow the ‘like feather, like son’ tradition.

6. The duck republic has a level duck to lead them. He’s called a wise quacker.

7. A canary flew into the pasty dish and made it a Tweetie pie.

8. How do birds on a wire start a relationship? They meet online.

9. How do you warn someone who has a duck flying towards him? Duck!

10. Why didn’t the rooster watch movies with his family? He wasn’t into chick flicks.

11. Which bird won a Nobel Prize for Physics? Stephen Hawk-wing!

12. Why did the turkey lie down in the roasting pan and pour butter over itself? It was self-basting.

13. Did you hear about the man who stopped eating chicken? He went cold turkey.

Funny Bird Puns

What do we call the birds who don’t know the song lyrics? Humming birds, you guys! For more funny bird puns like these, look at the list of puns about birds below.

1. Excuse me, could you please sparrow me some change?

2. A bird went to the grocery store to buy a bar of soap. He came out angry because he couldn’t find a ‘Dove’ there.

3. Being a flight attendant would be the dream job for eagles and owljays.

4. Why did the little bird get in trouble at school? Because he was tweeting on a test.

5. Did you hear the one about the crow and the telephone pole? He wanted to make a long-distance caw.

6. What did the owl answer to her owl boyfriend on the phone? Come, I’m owl by myself.

7. Make sure you keep your clothes safe while you are in the bathtub as there are high chances of the robber ducky looting you.

8. The ducks love to eat quackers with their soups.

9. If birds could speak a different language, geese would be fluent in the Portugeese language.

10. My wife told me I had to stop acting like a flamingo. So I had to put my foot down.

11. If you ever get a chance to see the chickens hatch, don’t miss it. It’s egg-sighting.

12. Pelicans usually get kicked out of the restaurants. Everyone at the restaurant says it’s because of their very big bills.

13. Snowy owls love math. Their favorite is owlgebra.

Hilarious Bird Puns

Do you know that parrots typically repeat the sounds of other species or even mimic the owners when in the mood? We know that’s a hilarious fact! Thus, if you are seeking hilarious bird puns that could relate to your birdie at home, you’ve got it all right here!

1. Why did the crow refuse to go home from the night club? Because he was raven.

2. What bird never spits out his chewing gun? A swallow.

3. What do you call a bunch of chickens playing hide-and-seek? Fowl play!

4. If you ever get a chance to attend a winter owl party, you should do it! The parties are a hoot!

5. Why didn’t The Eagles like to talk to the press? They thought they were a bunch of vultures.

6. Did you hear about the grumpy owl with an upset stomach? He had irritable owl syndrome.

7. Why was Donald Jaybird Trump knocked off his perch? He tweeted too much.

8. Why did the chicken and the egg go to bed? To see which came first.

9. What did the birdwatcher say to the birdkeeper? Show me your boobies.

10. All the birds were getting ready for the royal ceremony. They had packed their bags to leave for Duckingham Palace.

11. The chickens love to stay healthy and strong. Hence, they egg-cersize every day.

12. The baby owl stood in front of the judge, saying, “I am talon you; I didn’t do anything.”

13. If a chicken was born in the 1960s, it belonged to the funky chicken generation.

Clever Bird Puns

Birds are the most intelligent creature after humans in this world. Here are some clever bird puns that would not only make you laugh but will also give an insight into their smart behavior.

1. What kind of bird can carry the most weight? The crane.

2. What robs you while you’re in the bathtub? A robber ducky.

3. What kind of bird doesn’t need a comb? A bald eagle.

4. What bird movie won an Oscar? Lord of the Wings.

5. I really don’t get bird puns I find them toucan fusing.

6. What does a bird like in his soup? Crowtons.

7. Don’t worry if a bird has a bad wing; it can use a sparrowchute.

8. What did the pigeon say after its friend landed a sick flip? Coo.

9. What do you give a hunter for his Birthday? A Birthday pheasant.

10. If there were a movie to be made on a green woodpecker, it would be named ‘Woody, The Wood Pickle’.

11. If you are on the waters and a bird ends up showing aikido skills, its name sure will be Steven Seagull.

12. Sharing bird puns are quite harmless. But if you start mockingbirds, then things might get a little unpheasant and hawkward.

13. Why don’t ducks like going to doctors? They’re a bunch of quacks.

Bird Puns about Pigeon

To our surprise, pigeons are exceptionally emotional birds, yet they are still a source of pigeon puns to crack us up. Explore the pigeon jokes below that will get you squawking with laughter for sure!

1. The baby pigeon got a job sitting inside toys and shouting. She was a squeaker.

2. Pigeons must be wealthy. They have no problem putting deposits on expensive cars.

3. I love these online auction sites. I sold my homing pigeon six times last month.

4. If you wondered why they put lions in Trafalgar Square, they wanted to put the cat among the pigeons.

5. A pigeon and a tropical bird were playing on the computer. The pigeon lost. Toucan play that game.

6. The pigeons weren’t happy when the council banned feeding them. There were a lot of angry birds.

7. Two pigeons were discussing their favourite singers. One chose Birdy. The other said The Byrds.

8. A scientist wanted the day to go faster, so he tied a clock to a messenger pigeon. Time flew.

9. A bird got so good at its job that it became a manager, then a director of the postal company. It was a career pigeon.

10. What do you get if you cross a parrot with a pigeon? Voice mail.

11. My homing pigeon died. I’m worried it will come back to haunt me.

12. Why did the pigeon cross the road? It was the chicken’s day off.

13. The teenage pigeon started hanging out in town instead of going to lessons. He was too coo for school.

Bird Puns about Parrot

No wonder why parrots mimic other species because they are the most intelligent bird in the bird kingdom as per neuroscientist’s research. So, if you are in search of parrot puns, check out the jokes underneath.

1. To the person who stole my coffee, my lamp, and my parrot… I don’t know how you sleep at night.

2. What do you get if you cross a parrot with a centipede? A walkie talkie!

3. What’s orange and sounds like a parrot? A carrot!

4. What do you name a synthetic parrot? PollyEster!

5. What do you get if you cross a parrot with a woodpecker? A bird that talks in morse code!

6. Why was the Pirate sad when his parrot left him? It gave him the cold shoulder.

7. The parrot has now turned into a popular jail-bird.

8. What is a parrot’s favorite game? Beakaboo!

9. Where do parrots invest their money? In the stork market.

10. My parrot wasn’t talking as much, so I realized that he was feeling under the feather today.

11. If parrots love to play games, ‘Hide and Speak’ would be their favorite one.

12. What did the gangster say to the parrot? We have ways of making you talk.

Bird Puns Names

Out of all the birds, “Owl” is a creature whose name exists in just three letters, which turns out to be a good source of some bird name puns as well. Get your hands on for some bird puns based on their names!

1. Smarty Pants

2. Wacka Cocka

3. Easy Peasy

4. Clarence Sparrow

5. Christina Ostrichi

6. Edward Seagullen

7. Duck Rodgers

8. Jack Sparrow

9. Chick Jaggar

10. Goose Springsteen

Bird Puns for Instagram

For someone who has an Instagram handle for their birdie or is a wildlife photographer running a page, these bird puns for Instagram can be the perfect captions for your upcoming post. Catch a glimpse!

1. A proper tweetment is the only solution for a sick bird’s great recovery.

2. Every bird loves the chicken dance because it is poultry in motion.

3. A velcrow helps keep the crows in a flock.

4. If birds were to run the Church, the Cardinals would sure take the lead out there.

5. If you happen to get a crate of ducks, you will be lucky to call them a box of quackers.

6. Owl loves to read books, and the favorite genre that it prefers is the ‘hoot-dunits.’

7. The cranes are considered the strongest of birds. They can easily carry the most weight.

8. It was so cold that the eagle was forced to say ‘Birrrrrrd.’

9. The other day, I saw a bird get so stork raven mad, I was scared. It really had flown off the handle.

10. The best time to buy a bird is when it’s cheep – a piece of advice to make your heart fly, always!

11. A few birds spend all their time on their knees, praying to God. The bird community calls them ‘The Birds of Prey.’

12. Hummingbirds love to hum because they don’t know any other words.

13. I found a sad bird in my window today. Seems like a bluebird to me.

Final Thoughts on Bird Puns

There is nothing better than bird puns that play in our minds all day long. This, in fact, is a good thing, to keep our moods fresh while carrying away the morning blues.

Be it, Joey and Chandler from Friends with their “Few fowl” or an animated movie Aladdin with Jaffer’s meddling parrot, birds are liked by everyone around us.

So, if you think you are old enough to go through bird puns then take inspiration from joey who kept the bird in their apartment and if you have kids with this obsession, then it’s a win-win situation for you guys!

These graceful, colorful, and melodious creatures are the perfect source of hilarious puns, to make us feel better.

Therefore, now you are here reading this, we believe that you have explored all the bird puns thoroughly. Yet, if you think that we are missing out on some egg-ceptional bird jokes then comment below. All suggestions are whole-heartedly welcome!

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