99 Hilarious Baseball Puns to Make You Laugh


Baseball puns are popular because people love to poke fun anytime, anywhere. There can be so many puns to make in the baseball game because of the way it is played.

Words like, hit, strike, pinch, bat and base can be weaved into any pun if you think hard enough.

Baseball puns below are extremely hilarious, but it would be best to train your mind so that it can think of the right puns at the right time. The list below covers a wide range of some of the best baseball puns for you.

So, when you want to see a baseball game with your friends, or want to play, carry these funny baseball puns in your mind for a good time. You are about to have a whole lot of fun!

Best Baseball Puns

This category has the best baseball puns for you. When you are playing baseball, a bat and ball will not be enough, you need puns. Check out the following baseball play on words.

1. The baseball player’s wife was a large and an accountant – you could say she was a ballpark figure.

2. Baseball games are held at night because bats sleep during the day!

3. I don’t field like playing football today. Anyway, baseball is a batter game!

4. You know where the Bible mentions baseball? In the big inning.

5. I heard the Kool Aid man is starting a baseball team. He’s the pitcher.

6. While driving, baseball players are urged to keep their necessary documents in the glove compartment.

7. A designated baseball player in the team always holds water for others. He is given the title of the pitcher.

8. I asked my friend if he wanted to get the park to play one game of baseball. He seemed a bit undecided, but I said this should be an easy choice with no ifs and bunts.

9. If an invisible man pitches a ball, then it would be pitching that no one has ever seen before!

10. Have you ever wondered why baseball players get girlfriends? Cause They’re great at hitting it off.

11. Did you hear about the baseball player who can spot a fast-food restaurant from miles away? He leads the league in Arby eyes.

12. Baseball has to be the most nostalgic sport Cause no matter if they are right or left-handed batters, they always hit close to home.

13. Ever wondered why China doesn’t have a baseball team? Because they ate all their bats.

14. Have you heard about the disease named after a baseball skill? It’s catching.

Funny Baseball Puns

This category holds funny baseball puns for you. Baseball funny puns are also included in case you need to impress someone in the field. Enjoy and laugh you way in the field.

1. Our math teachers works nights selling concessions at local baseball games. He’s a true ballpark figure.

2. The umpire asked the baseball player to stop singing. He was too pitchy.

3. Frogs are good outfielders because they never miss a fly.

4. During lunch, all the catchers in the team usually sit behind the plate.

5. There are special rules if a zebra plays baseball. Three stripes, and you are out!

6. The only similarity between a fly’s father and high hit baseball is that both of them are a pop fly!

7. The baseball player was seen visiting the library. But it was for just five minutes as it was a shortstop!

8. Every time after playing a baseball game, I wash my bat in the bleachers!

9. When a baseball pitcher goes to the market to buy a carpet, he usually ends up buying a throw rug!

10. My brother can play soccer, tennis, baseball, basketball. He is a jock of all trades!

11. After getting tired of the boring game, my son said to me, “Okay Pop, fly me out of here”.

12. I called Paul, who was a baseball executive, for game tickets. He wasn’t available due to being an extremely busy guy who has a lot on his plate.

13. The reason why some umpires become fatter with time is that they always clean their plates!

Hilarious Baseball Puns

This category of baseball puns is the best! These hilarious baseball puns will have you rolling on the floor. So, get ready for a hilarious ride of amazing puns of your favorite sport.

1. The baseball team hired a baker. They needed a good batter.

2. Baseball players need to stay in line. If they don’t, they’d be afoul of the rules.

3. The baseball scout asked the pitcher if he had a good curveball… and he wanted a straight answer.

4. A baseball player became a thief after retirement because he couldn’t stop stealing.

5. Why do we sing ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’ when we’re already there?

6. The baseball player shut down his website as he was not getting any hits Playing baseball on a foggy day is all about hit and mist.

7. I was uncertain as to why the baseball got bigger and bigger. Then it hit me.

8. The baseball team decided to hire a ghost in their team. It was said that it would improve the team spirit!

9. The police went to the baseball game as someone reported that the second base was stolen!

10. It is unwise to play the game of baseball in the jungle as there are so many players who are cheetahs!

11. The tennis player asked the baseball player for help as he wanted to score a grand slam.

12. The umpire was angry at the baseball player for imitating a chicken to distract the batter and having a foul mouth.

13. Why don’t orphans play baseball? They don’t know where home is.

Baseball Puns One-Liners

This category contains a list of puns related to baseball. The puns are funny and direct. We guarantee you a good laugh with the following baseball one-liners. Enjoy the good times while they last.

1. Normally, you never see baseball players living near a road named Line Drive, but you can often see them living near baseball parks!

2. It takes much longer to run from the second base to the third than from the first to second as there is a shortstop in the middle.

3. The only superhero who loves playing baseball is Batman!

4. Never ever call a baseball player a monster. He might really be one of them doubleheader monsters!

5. I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me.

6. When the baseball landed in a sewer, it was called a foul ball.

7. The cops were called to the baseball game. Someone stole second base.

8. When statisticians play baseball, the players run around databases.

9. The vampire didn’t want to be part of the baseball team because they only wanted him to be their batboy.

10. There are about 1-2 million baseball fields in the world, but that’s just a ballpark figure.

11. Baseball players hate joining unions as they are afraid of being called out on strikes!

12. In the game, the fans couldn’t get soda pop at the doubleheader. It was due to the fact that the home team lost the opener!

13. Baseball players who get three strikes. They deserve a shout “out”!

14. I like baseball so much more than football. It’s just a batter game!

15. Basketball players are excellent in MCQs. They know how to strike the correct boxes!

Cute Baseball Puns

This category is different from the others. We have some cute baseball puns just in case you need to impress someone in the baseball field. The cute puns don’t guarantee you a success in impressing them, but you will surely enjoy the puns with them.

1. If you were a baseball and I were a bat, would you let me hit that?

2. Cinderella was really bad at baseball because she had a pumpkin for a coach.

3. Steve’s not at home. He’s busy with a lot on his plate.

4. Two baseball mitts got married. They fell madly in glove.

5. Bart Simpson’s dad became famous after he made a Homer Run.

6. Girls who date baseball players eventually see a diamond.

7. I hope you’re good at catching cause I’m starting to fall for you.

8. As the ball left the glove, the glove cheekily said, “Catch you later!”

9. If you ask a baseball player to bake a cake, they usually do it with oven mitts, a batter, and bundt pans!

10. Baseball players usually have their lunch and dinner at home plates!

11. Why do baseball players shout? Because they’re ALL IN CAPS!

12. Why does a pitcher raise one leg when he throws the ball? If he raised them both, he’d fall down.

Baseball Puns Captions

Flexing a game of baseball on Instagram is a must these days. Posting a picture to show the world you can play baseball is important, but do you know what is even important? A pun as a caption. These baseball puns captions for Instagram will help you be the funniest baseball player on social media.

1. My wife and I both played baseball at high school. That’s how we hit it off!

2. China should be a baseball team because they can take out the whole world with just a bat.

3. You’re a real home run.

4. Making pancakes is precisely like a game of baseball. It would be best if you had excellent batters for both.

5. I may be off base but we should date sometimes.

6. The new batter who came from overseas became an instant hit!

7. Baater up you have less than one week left.

8. I hit a home run when I met you.

9. Baseball players make a lot of money because their bases are all loaded most of the time!

10. Oranges are set to replace the baseball to zest up the game!

11. It’s a sliding into home kinda day.

12. The most important pitch is the next one.

13. You’re my pinch hitter.

14. Have your day in full swing.

Baseball Puns for Marketing

Want to advertise a baseball company? We will help you market in a creative way with these baseball puns for marketing. Remember, best way to win your audience is to make them laugh first.

1. He could play all sort of sports – a jock of all trades.

2. The baseball player found success as a salesman because he could make all sorts of sales pitches.

3. When a baseball player isn’t going steady, he’s probably playing the field.

4. Coal diggers never play baseball in major leagues because they all play in the miner leagues!

5. The pitcher threw an orange instead of a baseball. He was trying to add zest to the game.

6. Baseball players don’t sing and play at the same time because they can’t get a good pitch.

7. The only difference between an umpire and pickpocket is the former watches steals while the latter steals watches!

8. Baseball players in Charlotte are required to wear armors when they play knight games.

9. Baseball players are excellent in convincing fans about their chances of winning the MLB as they are outstanding pitchers.

Baseball Puns for Boyfriend

This category has cute baseball puns for boyfriend. When your significant other is a baseball player, you need to find good puns to make him laugh. Enjoy these puns with your boyfriend.

1. Are you in the outfield? Because you’re an angel.

2. Babe, I didn’t forget about you, how bout if I call you up this September?

3. As a baseball player, I know my way around the bases.

4. After this early morning spring training workout, you wanna come be my afternoon delight?

5. Do you have a club option? Because my interest in you is mutual.

6. Do you play baseball cause you can take a swing in my batter’s box?

7. Forget the Dodgers! I think you’re the hottest thing out there right now.

8. Even though there’s no ball game on tonight, I’ll still be slamming something out of the park.

9. I’m falling in glove with you!

Final Thoughts on Baseball Puns

The list of clever and funny baseball puns is for you to make jokes and laugh while having a good time with your friends. You can make baseball puns or invent your own because there is always room for a good pun.

You can make these baseball puns with your friends, your family, your significant other or with your game buddies.

Not only with your friends and family, you can use these baseball puns when marketing a baseball brand.

These puns are for everyone, no matter what your age is you will love these. You can use them while watching a baseball match on television or live. These puns guarantee you a good laugh and a good time.

If you are a fan of baseball game, we recommend you to learn these puns because you will need it. A true baseball fun must know all the puns, it will make you sound cool and people will appreciate your pun-ny humor.

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