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Reiner Warns Of Destruction Of Democracy, Networks Aligning With Trump



Actor/Director/Producer Rob Reiner is now warning that the very survival of democracy in America under President Trump is in dire jeopardy. He stated that “state-run TV” networks have “aligned” themselves with the President.

Reiner is one of the biggest leftists in Hollywood and he hates President Trump with a passion. He said, “We are fighting right now for the soul of our democracy,” as he ranted endlessly about a Russia conspiracy theory on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” Reiner is one of the loudest voices calling for the impeachment of President Trump and has been since day one.

“We have never seen anything like this. We have a foreign power, basically trying to undermine our democracy and the possibility that the President of the United States is in conspiracy with that foreign power. This has never happened before in this country. You can see why the other side is putting out a full court press because they know that what’s coming down the pipe, conceivably, it is the biggest scandal in American history and we are fighting right now for the soul of our democracy,” Reiner said before turning his attention to the media. Never mind that there is not even a single shred of credible evidence that Trump has colluded with Russia. Reiner convicted him before Trump ever took office.

“You’re under attack. The press is under attack and right now, if you remove the ability to get the truth out, then you’re going to have the destruction of democracy,” he told substitute hosts Nicolle Wallace and Willie Geist. He’s referring of course to the majority of the media that are propagandists for the left. Evidently only Marxists tell the truth, not actual journalists. If you aren’t against Trump, you are a liar according to Reiner. You would think that the networks never aligned with JFK, or Bill Clinton, or Barack Obama. Exactly what reality does this guy live in?

“There’s no checks and balances coming from Congress. Right now, the courts are holding, but this is the first time in American history where you have a state-run television — Fox, Breitbart, Sinclair, Alex Jones aligned with the President of the United States,” Reiner continued venting. “That’s very, very tough. The battle lines have been drawn. And we’re going to see whether or not democracy survives.” First off, I would not call Alex Jones ‘media’. And he’s hardly in Trump’s corner since he supports Russia to infinity. As for Breitbart and Fox, I see more real news there than most other places. My favorite sources are The Daily Wire and The Washington Free Beacon.

Wallace made herself look like an incompetent dupe by complimenting Reiner for his “storytelling” and asked him to elaborate on “the coalition you just listed, the President of the United States, his lemmings in the House Republican Freedom Caucus who are doing his bidding, basically waging a war against the Trump-appointee-led Justice Department and FBI, the network you just listed.” Useful idiot comes to mind here.

“Are they doing a better job telling a false story than the truth-tellers are doing?” Wallace asked, conveniently forgetting the days MSNBC’s Chris Matthews got a thrill up his leg watching former President Obama. Again, only progressives tell the truth evidently. A truth they create and spoon-feed those who will listen. “No. The truth tellers are telling the better story,” Reiner responded, presumably once again meaning that only liberal media outlets are telling the truth. It’s a fable though… a made-up story to twist facts and control weak minds. “The problem is that when you’ve got 40 percent of the country that is only tuned into the lies, and they are cemented, it’s going to be very hard for the truth to break through when all the information comes out,” he concluded. Drat that conservative media!

I think that Reiner has lived way too long in make-believe Hollywood and thinks far more of himself than anyone else does. Reiner added, “I have hope that democracy will survive. We have been tested before. Make no mistake about it. We are being tested right now as to whether or not 241 years of self-rule will emerge.” Yes, and thankfully, conservative patriots are winning that test. But if another Democrat gets elected to the presidency in 2020, we are done for. However, I think Trump will win a second term in a landslide. Americans are tired of the lying media, Hollywood and communists. Reiner’s idea of self-rule is Marxism. He needs to exit stage left.

SOURCES: Breitbart, NewsBusters

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