Unhinged Anti-GOP Mother’s Day Ad Launched By Liberal Billionaire Tom Steyer



Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer released a truly bizarre video on Mother’s Day attacking the GOP and President Trump. His political advocacy group NextGen America paid for and ran the ad that attacks Republicans and Trump in a truly despicable manner.

The 60-second spot shows a woman talking about how she missed the early-warning signs that her young-adult son had become a Republican and is warning other moms to take heed. It accuses the GOP of a whole list of sins from stealing to misogyny and more. Oddly enough, it promotes abortion for Mother’s Day as well.

The ad begins with a mom who says she noticed “some issues” with her son in middle school and shows a yearbook photo of him with a quote below: “‘Go back to where you came from.’ — Me.” There is sentimental music playing in the background and the mother recounts how her son engaged in behavior like stealing from people “less fortunate” than him in middle school and ended in hanging out with white supremacists. The video also took a dig at President Trump as the mother explained that her son frequently came home from college because he never learned how to do his own laundry. It prominently shows a t-shirt with Trump’s logo on it.

The mother explains that her son “was never afraid to talk with girls,” she says with a chuckle. “But things never really worked for some reason.” The son is seen in a framed photo in a “Trump” shirt holding a sign that reads “BABY KILLER” in front of two people.

“It wasn’t until I met his college buddies that I realized it was too late,” she says, while displaying images of white nationalists carry tiki torches at the deadly protests last summer in Charlottesville, VA. “Only a mother can catch the signs early. This Mother’s Day, talk to your child about the GOP,” the mother said before guzzling a martini and lamenting how she wished she had.

NextGen America, a liberal organization founded and led by billionaire Tom Steyer, put out the video earlier this week. He’s poured millions of dollars into electoral races, fundraised for former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and called for Trump’s impeachment. In an ad promoting the site needtoimpeach.com, Steyer said: “He’s brought us to the brink of nuclear war, obstructed justice at the FBI, and in direct violation of the Constitution, he’s taken money from foreign governments, he threatened to shut down news organizations that report the truth.”

“Saw this guy’s ad yesterday,” “Patriot” said via Twitter. “Yea, he’s really out there with his hatred of all things Conservative, Trump, and NRA. I’m sure Christianity will be next on his list if it’s not already. Beware.” Steyer, a billionaire hedge fund manager, has spent millions on the campaigns of Democratic candidates for elected office, including Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 presidential bid. He’s also rabidly for impeaching Trump just as Maxine Waters is.

Speaking of Maxine Waters, here’s Steyer appearing with her just recently:

“[Trump] really is an incredibly skillful and talented communicator. He really is, which Hitler was, too,” Steyer said. “I think the reason people push back against the Hitler comparison, regardless of any similarities, is Hitler ended up killing millions and millions of people, and Mr. Trump has shown a disregard for our law, he breaks the law … But he hasn’t killed millions of people.”

The crowd broke out into murmurs at the remarks, which one person seemingly replying “yet” to Steyer’s last remark.

“I agree! Look, that’s why we want to impeach him!” Steyer said, waving his hand at the crowd. “We’d like to end it here while it’s still OK. I think that’s why people push back so hard, because that is a very big difference. We haven’t gotten to that point. God bless us, let’s hope we never get anywhere near that point.”

Hot Air really, really nailed it:

Steyer has been a pain in the ass for his party for months. He has an idea in his head that he has a political future, maybe a national one, and has settled on a strategy of pandering to the most ardent hashtag-Resistance lefties to try to build it. He’s been bankrolling an “Impeach Trump” campaign for months, running TV ads and urging people to sign up on his website with an eye to converting them into voters, donors, and volunteers later if he does choose to run for office. The impeachment push gives Democratic leaders fits because it serves Steyer’s ends at the expense of their own. It antagonizes Republicans, giving them more motivation to turn out this fall; it distracts from the economic message that Schumer and Pelosi are trying to push; and it makes every Dem who isn’t gung ho to impeach look like a DINO and a sellout by comparison, eroding their support.

Steyer doesn’t care. He’s becoming a minor political force by assuming the role, essentially, of anti-Trumper-in-chief.

As Chicks on the Right said, “Trump Derangement Syndrome is an equal opportunity illness. It does not discriminate between white or black, rich or poor. Once you get the sickness, you go maAaAaaaad. It doesn’t matter WHO you are… as long as you’re a feeble-minded liberal, of course.” It’s hard to argue with that assessment. I don’t think the ad will have the effect that Steyer had hoped for. Those on the right and in the GOP are praying he runs more loony ads like this because they show just how unhinged and evil the left is. You are motivating reasonable people from the middle to the very conservative in the GOP in opposing socialism and identity politics. Even former Barack Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett hates this ad.

SOURCES: Fox News, Chicks on the Right, USA Today, Independent Journal Review, Hot Air, The Resurgent, The Right Scoop, The Washington Free Beacon

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