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Hogg And Kasky: The NRA Is Scared, Calls Trump A Professional Liar



CNN’s Anderson Cooper ran a segment on “Anderson Cooper 360” featuring far-left activists David Hogg and Cameron Kasky who both lied about the NRA and President Trump. They did this while discussing the speech that President Donald Trump gave in Dallas at the NRA’s Annual Leadership Forum.

Kasky first stated that after the Parkland shooting Trump seemed to have been going in the right direction calling for gun control. He said that Trump changed his mind after a meeting with NRA leaders. That’s when the rhetoric got divisive and full of outright lies.

CNN host Cooper Anderson asked Kasky if he believes Trump is afraid of the NRA. “Cameron, when the President was in that meeting with Democrats and Republicans he castigated the Republicans saying you’re scared of the NRA. Do you believe today he showed that he is scared of the NRA?” he asked. “I think he is very interested in the money that the NRA will bring him and that the NRA in turn gets from gun manufacturers. You know, the gun — the NRA used to boast itself as being an ‘Average Joe’ coalition of Americans who are trying to protect their Second Amendment rights and now you will see that they are getting a lot of kickbacks from gun manufacturers. So I don’t necessarily think Trump is scared of the NRA, I think Trump is very enamored with the financial support the NRA gives him,” Kasky responded.

“So as to whether or not the NRA meeting changed his views, that’s kind of up to speculation, but I will tell you that is hopefully the first Russian-funded group he has met with,” Kasky outrageously claimed. Hogg said that he thought Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and the NRA were “worried because of the support we’ve been getting and the support we’ll have in mid-terms,” adding that anyone who supports the NRA doesn’t “stand with kids.”

“Yet, in one of the recent spending bills that they had, they cut mental health spending for schools by over $25 million,” Hogg continued. “That doesn’t sound like improving the mental health system for schools to me.” It’s also not true. Both Kasky and Hogg are known for lying. They did not disappoint with Cooper on CNN. The network happily gave them a platform to tell their lies.

To even suggest that the NRA is a Russian-funded group is ridiculous. Here’s where they get that lie. Per The Daily Wire, “The NRA did receive approximately $2,512 from people with Russian addresses since 2015. However, the NRA also brings in approximately $400 million per year in revenue, meaning that only $2,512 in donations have come from Russian addresses in the same time span that the NRA has brought in over $800 million — which is only 0.00031% — hardly enough to call the NRA a “Russian-funded group.”” Not exactly damning.

Hogg said he believes the NRA is afraid of the support students are gaining in their push for stricter gun laws. “I think people in the situation that are really scared would be the NRA,” Hogg said, adding: “This is the first time they had the President and the Vice President come out to the annual convention for the NRA. What they are seeing here is, what they are worried because the support we’ve been getting and the support we’ll have in mid-terms. Because like it or not, we don’t care if you are exact or Republican or Democrat, if you are supported with the NRA, you don’t stand with kids you stand with the gun manufacturers and the people making money off this fear and tragedy that is perpetuating itself.”

As far as the NRA being scared of Hogg, Kasky and the other young nitwits pushing gun control, the numbers don’t support that either. The NRA is breaking all kinds of records for new membership and donations received currently. The NRA is scared? The gun rights organization just broke a 15-year fundraising record. Support for gun control measures is declining, not increasing.

Millennials are turning against the Democrats and are going conservative according to a poll by left-leaning Reuters. Democrats are also in serious trouble for the mid-terms, regardless of what they claim. Republicans could gain as many as nine seats in the Senate in the next race. In an analysis this week, CNN’s Harry Enten wrote that “the House is not a lost cause for Republicans at this time.” Entren cautioned: “Anyone categorizing the House as ‘all but’ certain to be won by Democrats in 2018 is repeating the same mistake of 2016, when polls showed a Hillary Clinton win as more likely than not, but far from inevitable.”

Hogg’s statement that Trump “cut mental health spending for schools by over $25 million” is not even close to being true. As far-left Vox notes: “The omnibus [that was signed into law] also included more funding for school-based mental health programs …” The American Psychiatric Association released a statement on the day the omnibus bill was signed into law, specifically saying that they “praised” it, noting that in total it increases funding for mental health by billions of dollars.

Kasky followed up with a CNN appearance, this time calling Trump a professional liar. “He’s a professional liar to appease whatever crowd he’s at,” Kasky said. “If he’s in front of families, he might say something in support of common sense gun reform. But then when he’s at the NRA, he’ll say something to get a big cheer. The NRA convention is like Comic-Con, you only get the die-hard fans.”

“The average Americans, the ones who perhaps got their membership free with the purchase of a handgun; they’re not showing up there and they’re not holding Trump accountable for what he actually needs to talk about. They aren’t going to this dog and pony show that Trump and Pence are going to. It’s a celebration, really,” he added.

Hogg and Kasky have been coached well in lies and talking points by the left. But their lies are easily exposed.

SOURCES: The Daily Wire, TheBlaze, Breitbart, Chicks on the Right, Independent Journal Review, Mediaite, NewsBusters, Twitchy

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1 Comment

  1. Mike Spanjer

    May 6, 2018 at 8:46 am

    these little zits are full of shit

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