Van Jones Pleads With Oprah To Stop Trump: ‘We Had You, the Obamas’ We Had ‘Hope!’



Van Jones sat down with Oprah Winfrey on CNN and told her how much he missed seeing her on television and pleaded with her to give “us” “hope” for America’s future with President Trump in office. “We miss you so much! Do you miss us?” the CNN host gushed over Oprah, who the left desperately wants to see challenge Trump in 2020.

“It meant so much to us,” Jones praised, [but] I have to let you know how it is for us now,” he said somberly. Jones aligned Winfrey with the Obamas and bemoaned how there was no “hope” anymore because of the events that have led to Trump being in the White House, “We had you. We had the Obamas in the White House. Even on a bad day, you had a North Star. You had some hope. And then it was like the universe looked just said, psych! And threw us in the toilet and closed the lid and now we’re just stuck in this crazy situation, swirling,” he stated.

“We have each other,” Winfrey told Van Jones, before urging him to stay away from the “hysteria and negativity.” “I have to just say everybody is feeding yourself on the hysteria and negativity. You got to stay in the light,” Winfrey lectured, before plugging her new movie, A Wrinkle In Time. The Disney movie removed references to Christianity in the storyline and is tanking at the box office as a result.

Even though Jones was obviously referring to President Trump and his administration, Winfrey instead cited the violence in the culture as “the darkness” instead, citing the recent Parkland shooting, as well as Ferguson and the gun violence on the streets of Chicago, urging Jones to not give away “energy” to your “opponents.” It was a deflection to keep from broaching the subject of President Trump head on and to sidestep the issue of running for the presidency.

OPRAH WINFREY: So if you put the focus on, look at what happened with the darkness that showed up in Parkland and the darkness that showed up on the streets of Ferguson and the darkness in many, many, many, many, many, many homes in Chicago with shootings and senseless murders…do not give your energy to the other side. Do not spend all your time talking about your opponents. Do not give your energy to that which you really don’t believe in.

“But help us, though!” Jones unceremoniously begged, stating that he tried to stay positive, but was always confronted by his peers to “go low” and fight the “Nazis” on the other side. “I go out there and I try to tell people, let’s not become what we are fighting. Let’s not be what we’re fighting. They tell me, shut up, Van, because we got bigots out here, we got Nazis out here, we’re getting bullied, we are tired of going high. We want to go low and kick them in the private parts!” he whined.

Winfrey told Van Jones to stay a “warrior of light.” “I believe it, I believe it! [But] how?” the CNN host said with exasperation before pleading for Winfrey to help him not “freak out” every day by how awful things are with Trump in office. “Listen, I need help. I wake up in the morning, I’m trying to be a warrior of the light, and I reach for my cell phone, and I look at it, and I just start freaking out, and I freak out the whole day… What do you do?” Jones complained.

Oprah told Van Jones to put down his cell phone and just be grateful for being alive. “You think you can fight it [the negativity] head on. You cannot meet it head on and fight it. You have to transcend it,” Winfrey told Jones. Both then praised one another for their television specials. They also told each other they were bipartisan and were trying to “bridge the gap.”

Many see Oprah’s appearances, advice, etc. as laying the groundwork for a 2020 presidential run. Those such as Van Jones are showing desperation over the issue. Although she once again avowed not to run while appearing with Van Jones. Given his panic, Van Jones could not have been comforted by those words from Oprah Winfrey.

SOURCES: NewsBusters, The Daily Wire

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