O.J. Simpson ‘Hypothetically’ Confesses to Murder – Social Media Frenzy Ensues



24 years after the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, a ‘hypothetical confession’ to their murders has aired on Fox News from O.J. Simpson. The confession was taped in 2006 and Fox claims it was lost until just recently.

The “O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession?” aired and social media went into an immediate frenzy over it. Simpson walked author Judith Regan through what happened on June 12, 1994. He starts out by talking about his “friend Charlie,” whom he says went to Nicole’s to look around. He says Charlie came over to Simpson’s home, told him what was going on and Simpson responded, “Whatever is going on it’s gotta stop!” Unfortunately, Regan didn’t ask Simpson what Charlie said was going on.

Simpson says he and Charlie then drove to Nicole’s with a cap, gloves and a knife under the seat and parked in the alley. He says he walked around the property and Ron Goldman appeared, saying he was at the restaurant where Nicole dined and was returning the sunglasses her mom left behind. Simpson says he got very angry at that point, believing that Ron was there clandestinely with Nicole. He started screaming at Goldman. Nicole came out and things got heated. She told O.J. to get the f*** off her property and then he says Nicole fell and hurt herself. According to legal recounts, he in fact swung the knife at her and hit her in the face with the blunt end.

At this point, O.J. casts aside the ‘hypothetical’ stance and definitively describes what happened that fateful night. He claims Ron got in a karate stance and he responded, “You think you can kick my ass?” and then he says, “I remember I grabbed the knife.” O.J. eventually checks himself when he realizes he’s talking in first person and actually starts laughing. He even laughed when speaking about his children that night. When Regan queried him on his children being in the house, Simpson starts laughing and says, “Now we got to stop. Now we got to stop. It’s hard enough for me without bringing my kids into this.” He was quiet briefly and started laughing again, “I’m sorry, I tend to keep my kids out of everything as you may notice.”

Simpson’s son Justin was 5 at the time, while his daughter Sydney was 8 and had it not been for the family dog drawing the attention of a nearby resident when he emerged from the property with dried blood on his paw, the two children would have been the ones to discover their mother’s body.

Simpson claims he had become angry with Nicole in the weeks before the murders because of her alleged drug use and her relationship with Faye Resnick, who he refers to as a ‘hooker’ and ‘call girl’. Things reached a boiling point on the day of the murder when Simpson claims he was told by a doctor that Resnick and possibly even Nicole would be going to rehab while at a dance recital for his daughter Sydney. That’s when he made the decision to confront Nicole that night.

After Goldman took his karate stance and Nicole was hit in the face, Charlie allegedly came up to Simpson while holding a knife that he either got from Nicole’s home or Simpson’s Bronco. He claims he blacked out at that point and when he came to, he was covered in blood. That was when he fled the scene with Charlie, leaving his two children alone inside the house while their dead mother lay fatally stabbed outside the door to her home. Simpson also acknowledges dropping a glove on the property, which totally blows up the theory cops planted a glove. Simpson was infamously found not guilty of the double homicide in 1995.

The publisher asked him about a line in the book that says Simpson had “never seen so much blood in his life.” “I don’t think two people could have been murdered the way they were without everybody covered in blood,” he said. “And of course, I think we’ve all seen the grizzly pictures. I think everything was covered, would have been covered in blood.” Nicole was almost decapitated in the slashing.

The Fox segment begins by pointing out that even though what the football player says is hypothetical, it is “tantamount to a confession.” Regan says that Simpson confessed to the murders via his lawyer. “I thought it was some kind of scam and I didn’t believe him and I thought this guy’s a lunatic, but I took his number and said I’d call him back. And the next day I called him back and he said he was willing to do it and the only condition that he had was he didn’t want to call the book I Did It, he wanted to put an If in front of it so that he would have deniability with his children.” She then added: “He couldn’t face his children and couldn’t tell them that he had done it. That was the way it was portrayed to me.”

It is unclear how much Simpson was paid for this interview in 2006 with Regan, who was his publisher at the time and was set to release his book If I Did It. That special interview with Simpson cost Regan her job at Fox. The interview was not aired because of the court battle between Simpson and the Goldmans. Simpson was ordered to pay the Goldmans $33.5 million by a civil court jury shortly after he was acquitted of double murder, but in the two decades since that verdict was handed down, the family has received no money from Simpson. Any proceeds from the airing of Simpson’s ‘hypothetical confession’ and from the book release will go to the Goldman family.

SOURCES: TMZ, The Daily Mail, Fox News, BBC, CBS News, The New York Post, The New York Times

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