Democrats Walk Out On Virginia Lawmaker’s Gun Speech



In the Virginia House of Delegates, things got very heated. Enough to where Democrats literally walked out on a hard-hitting gun speech given by Nick Freitas, a former US Army Green Beret combat veteran who represents Virginia’s 30th District and is running to challenge Democrat Sen. Tim Kaine. In the wake of the Parkland, Florida shooting, emotions are running very high.

The speech by Freitas was in opposition to further gun control proposals that also called out the checkered history of the Democrat Party. He was brutally blunt and the truth hurt on this one. He delivered a heated response after several Democrat delegates called their Republican counterparts “Nazis” and “segregationists” in floor speeches demanding more gun control laws. Freitas was not about to let that go by unchallenged.

The first thing that Freitas covered was how ineffective gun control measures are and pretty much all they do is infringe on our Second Amendment rights. He said we need to take a hard look at why so many shootings happen in “gun free zones,” as well as the need to allow trained and capable teachers to be armed in order to help secure their students, if they choose to do so. He went on to point out how many mass shooters and perpetrators of gun violence come from broken homes, and suggested that things such as the welfare state and even the abortion industry were contributing factors. Freitas threw everything but the kitchen sink at the Democrats over gun control.

Freitas was not done however. He proceeded to infuriate Democrats to the point of walking out when he took issue with the manner in which they had been characterizing Republicans opposed to more gun control. “It’s really difficult to have an open and honest debate about this … because members of this body are comparing members of (the Republican) side of the aisle to Nazis,” and even more offensive, a comparison to “segregationists.” It was not our party that supported slavery, that fought women’s suffrage, that rounded up tens of thousands of Asian Americans and put them in concentrations camps, that supported Jim Crow, that supported segregation, or supported mass resistance,” Freitas said. “That wasn’t our party, that was the Democrat Party.”

“I’d be really appreciative that every time you want to make a powerful point, you don’t project the sins, the atrocities, and the injustices the Democratic Party perpetrated on others onto us,” he added. It was a mic drop moment and the hatred and fury from the left was palpable. Freitas also took issue with the insinuation that every Republican opposed to gun control was bought and “paid off” by the NRA, and noted that even though Planned Parenthood contributed more in political donations than the NRA, he didn’t view his ideological opponents as evil or bought off by the abortion industry. That was far too close to home for the left and caused an uproar.

According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, several Democrats expressed outrage at Freitas’ speech and essentially claimed that it had been racially insensitive for him to bring up the indisputable history of their party. How so? Because it was the truth? Every time something is said that the Democrats don’t like or that is uncomfortably attributable to them, they cry racism.

Democrat Del. Lamont Bagby, chair of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus, called the speech “hateful and divisive.” Which is very interesting because evidently comparing Republicans to Nazis and segregationists isn’t somehow. He said Freitas’ references to broken homes, the welfare state and abortion were little more than racist “dog whistling.” And there goes the race card… again. “We realize that we live in a ugly political moment. So while we were offended, we were not surprised,” Bagby said. “It should embarrass every member of this body that we have allowed such rhetoric to enter these chambers. Bringing up a very painful past to make a political point is disgusting and poisonous.” And the truth.

Democrat Del. Delores McQuinn, one of those who walked out during the speech, said it was full of “insensitivity and disrespect” and deflected from the issue of gun control. “Let us not bring in things that would be hurtful and painful to people who have to live in a skin that some of you will never know and have to endure a reality that being black in America is sometimes difficult,” she said later on the chamber floor. Wow… who knew that guns were equated with racism. That ‘racist’ shoe is on the left foot here, not the right.

Freitas, who served two tours in Iraq, also noted that Democrats have said plenty of offensive things about Republicans. He explained that he would not tolerate the attacks on his fellow Republicans from some of his Democrat colleagues, comparing them to Nazis or segregationists. “I had one of his Democrat colleagues in a subcommittee meeting tell me that if I didn’t vote for his particular bill, then I was on the side of terrorists and I wanted weapons to fall into the hands of terrorists. What sort of offense do you think someone like me, with two combat tours, who’s lost friends to terrorists, thought about something like that? So, If we’re going to get back to meaningful dialogue, it’s going to require a certain level of mutual respect,” he added.

I appreciate what Freitas had the courage to say. It should be said loud and often. These people hate hearing the painful truth. This veteran had the spine to say what needed to be said no matter who it offended. I applaud him for it. This kind of selective offense is why we can’t have an honest conversation anymore.

SOURCES: Conservative Tribune, The Daily Wire, Fox News Insider, Conservative Review, The Washington Examiner

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