Saggy Pants Law Proposed In South Carolina



The legislative body of South Carolina is busy at the people’s work.  They are “working” to pass a law making it illegal to wear saggy jeans.

The law would make it illegal to wear pants “three inches below the crest of his ileum”. The ileum is “the third and lowest division of the small intestine, extneding from the jejunum to the cecum”, acccording to

Just based on this definition I am already foreseeing problems with this law.  I did not even know what ileum meant.  Are police officers really going to be determining this?  Perhaps they will be armed with x-ray machines to make an exact assessment.

Shouldn’t they just have made it against the law to show your butt crack?  That is easy to determine.  But wait, I am sure there are already laws covering public nudity.

The bill is mostly supported by Democrats, but, amazingly, this bill has support from both Democrats and Republicans!

Breaking the saggy pants law would result in monetary fines and community service.  It would be $25 for a first offense, $50 for a second or three hours of community service, and $75 for a third offense or six hours of community service.

Democrat Wendell Gilliard is the co-sponsor of the bill and said, “We have to lead by example.  It is necessary because it’s not getting any better”.  He said that people are now wearing their pants BELOW THEIR KNEES.  Of course, that is stupid.  But should it really be illegal?  I do not thinking leading by EXAMPLE means passing another law.  Leading by example would be wearing your pants the way they are designed to be worn.

As much as I hate the look and the fashion trend of saggy jeans, I do not think government has any business policing fashion trends.

Don’t the police have better things to do than enforce this silly law?  I am sure they do, and I would guess they are not happy about turning into fashion police.   What about the cost involved in the enforcement?  What is next, banning hats worn crooked to the side?  Banning tops with holes in the shoulders?

Perhaps the resources being used to have police enforce a silly law like this would better be used in securing our schools!

There are other problems with this proposed legislation.  Passing a law like this is just begging for a lawsuit from the ACLU for discrimination. It could be suggested that this law unfairly targets African Americans as it much more of a trend in that community than others.  It also could be argued to be a violation of the right to freedom of expression.

The legislators of South Carolina need to put on their big boy and girls pants and move on to more important business.

On the plus side, all of this brings back fond memories of General Larry Platt’s song, Pants On The Ground.  Enjoy!

h/t: Independent

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