Whoopi Goldberg Slams Pence for Not Showing Proper ‘Respect’ to North Korea



Whoopi Goldberg is evidently a fan of murderous communist regimes. On yesterday’s The View liberal co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar called Vice President Mike Pence a hypocrite for sitting down while North Korean athletes marched into the stadium at the Olympic Games this weekend. Excuse me? North Korea is an existential threat to the entire planet now and you would have our Vice President stand up for a vicious dictator like Kim Jong-Un? You disgust me. Whoopi carped that Pence didn’t show North Korea proper respect, while Hostin compared Pence’s actions to the NFL anthem protests. This is no way similar to the National Anthem protests. This is geopolitical in a time of war. As for proper respect… you do not give respect to a murderous regime like North Korea.

North Korea starves their people into submission and in fact, to death as punishment. They have death camps and use rape and torture as weapons against their own people. They tie Christians to crosses and burn them to death, y’all. And you want Pence to show them proper respect? Hostin actually sneered at Pence and called him a hypocrite because he walked out of a football game as players knelt in protest. How can you even begin to compare the two? That’s just obscene. “I thought that Mike Pence said that it was inappropriate to make political statements at sporting events?” Hostin said sarcastically. “Wasn’t he that guy who walked out of the football game because people were kneeling and not standing?” she added, condescendingly. Pence refuses to condone a communist dictator and you are offended? Too freaking bad.

Behar just couldn’t help herself and pointed out that Pence would say this was different because it wasn’t in the United States. “In their own country is what he would say to that,” Behar offered. And of course, she misses the point entirely. North Korea should not be in the Winter Olympics period after all they have done and are getting ready to do. This is the leader of South Korea progressively groveling before the Hermit Kingdom. It’s a massive show of weakness and will get many killed in the end. Pence is not weak and he’s not a communist… unlike the shrews of The View.

“But he’s representing the United States of America isn’t he?” Hostin snarked. Yes, and he did exactly what he should have done. I’m proud of Pence for not standing for these monsters. And here comes Whoopi, who took it even further by saying that the US had to be “respectful” to North Korea. Are you kidding me? Spoken like someone who has no idea what a gulag is like, or doesn’t really care. “We have to be respectful because what we do know about politicians is they end up sitting with people that you and I say well, why are they sitting with them? So if you’re in Korea, you need to stand up. You need to stand up and show respect!” she argued. Sure, Whoopi wants us to respect a regime that has murdered millions. She would have loved Hitler, Stalin or Mao.

The beasts of The View gushed over how the Koreas joined together to march under a unification flag. Let me tell you something, that’s not representative of South Koreans themselves. They don’t want to unify the Korean peninsula. It would put North Korea and China in control and they would become a hellhole as well. Whoopi accused Pence of not recognizing that action as a “good thing,” again urging the US to “respect” the totalitarian regime. If she loves tyranny so much, I’m sure the North Koreans would welcome her… move Whoopi to the Hermit Kingdom. She can experience their ‘wonders’ firsthand.

“He should have given enough — had enough respect to say you know what, maybe they are doing a good thing for themselves and maybe we can sit down with them at some point, but you can’t have it both ways,” Whoopi claimed. She’s right… you can’t have it both ways and therefore you don’t deal with communist dictators.

Conservative co-host Meghan McCain was the only one who disagreed with Whoopi, saying she probably wouldn’t have stood either. Good for Megyn. McCain went on to charge the media and in particular CNN for “normalizing” their government in their Olympic coverage over the weekend. Guest host Sherri Shepherd backed up McCain, saying she was “surprised” at CNN “normalizing” Kim Jong-Un’s sister. “They have committed a lot of atrocities. Don’t normalize this woman,” she stated. Yeah… his sister is the head of Propaganda and Agitation for the Communist Party. There’s nothing normal about her. She’s a female Goebbels.

But Whoopi claimed it was Pence’s fault for “normalizing” anything. “[I]f you’re going to go over there, you’re going to represent the United States. Either don’t go and say you know what, we can’t normalize it…If you’re going to represent the country you have to make a decision to either go and stand and do what you need to do like we would all have to do or don’t go. Because the minute you go, you’re normalizing it.” I disagree… Pence was scheduled to attend long before the NoKos decided to go and we are a world power. He didn’t normalize it… Pence highlighted the regime. Just say no to murderous communist dictators. Whoopi just hates Trump and Pence and is looking to score cheap points. Fail.

H/T: NewsBusters, Breitbart, BizPac Review

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