RNC Ad Annihilates Democrats Just By Showing Them Sitting At SOTU



I love this ad! The Democrats could not look any worse even if they tried. This is really going to hurt them in the 2018 mid-terms and that makes me very happy. This video was just released by the Republican National Committee. All it does is show how the Democrats behaved during President Trump’s State of the Union address. No words necessary… the Democrats’ actions damn them all by themselves. The beginning of the video asks Democrats what they stand for and then it shows how they remained in their seats when the President spoke about things every American should be proud of… the military, record low unemployment, the National Anthem and on and on and on.

In the video, when President Trump spoke about how we “proudly stand” for the National Anthem, the ad shows Democrats sitting and making faces. When the President spoke about serving our veterans, bringing down minority unemployment and enacting the “biggest tax cuts and reforms in American history,” stone faced Democrats remained seated. That’s about as un-American as it gets. The GOP ad showcased the leaders of the Democrat Party including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schemer, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Bernie Sanders. They sat stoic, except for Pelosi, who played pinball with her dentures the whole time. I’m not kidding.

The video wrapped up with a shot of Pelosi looking behind her to make sure Democrats were doing as they were told and staying in their seats like good little Marxists. It was the most shameful display I have ever seen during a State of the Union during my lifetime. It drew wide criticism from most of America and the President. The Republicans in general thought it was despicable behavior. It’s a good thing I wasn’t there. I would have gotten there early and left presents for all the Democrats on their seats… maybe a blankie, a pacifier and a Tide pod. Oh, and a copy of the communist manifesto. I think that about covers it. There’s a good reason I only write about politics.

At the Daily Wire, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro pointed out the political costs Democrats are risking by this juvenile behavior: “Because Democrats despise Trump so much, the chances of any sort of bipartisan deal are dead. On virtually everything. And that’s great news for Trump and conservatives, since Trump can now make virtually any concession to make himself look moderate, knowing Democrats will turn it down; meanwhile, conservatives don’t have to worry about Trump cutting a bad deal, because Democrats have no intention of cutting any deal.” It’s really brilliant political maneuvering when you think about it.

Ben Shapiro had this to say, “On Tuesday evening, Democrats proved that they’re no longer “progressives” or even the loyal opposition. They’re merely one thing: the anti-Trump party. That truth has been on partial display since the election — they’ve spent over a year interminably complaining about phantom Trump-Russia collusion, suggesting nefarious doings that “stole the election,” and labeling every Republican they can find a racist, sexist, bigoted homophobe. But for a little while, at least, they attempted to provide a patina of legitimacy to the notion that they simply wanted to find common ground with the Trump administration, at least on issues like immigration and infrastructure. Then came President Trump’s first official State of the Union address. Democrats sat.”

They just sat, grimaced, groaned, booed and hissed. And then they sat some more. It was hugely disrespectful. Trump is right… the Democratic Party is motivated more by hatred of Donald Trump than the best interests of the American people. That’s the brutal truth of their pitched fit at the State of the Union address.

The Resistance is about to get ‘resisted’ out of everything and it serves them right. During a speech on Monday in Cincinnati, Ohio, Trump said Democrats who refused to stand were un-American and just plain sad. He even went so far as to joke that they were treasonous. Well, if the red shoe fits. I think they are and have been for a very long time. Their actions during the State of the Union were juvenile and pathetic. It stinks of liberal hypocrisy in the extreme.

Conservatives on the other hand are taking the high road and winning with Trump’s approach to all of this. The RNC ad ended with the words, “Democrats: What do you stand for?” Nothing good, that’s for sure. Obviously, not jobs or restoring America’s economy. They don’t stand for low unemployment rates, the rule of law or patriotism either. In fact, as far as I can tell, they stand for almost nothing. Nothing American that is… if it’s elitist or globalist, they are all for it. Open borders, unfettered refugee entry, sexual deviancy, the murder of the unborn, higher taxes, loss of freedom – if it’s bad, immoral or evil, the Democrats love it. This ad is killer for the Dems and I mean that.

H/T: The Conservative Tribune, The Daily Wire

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