Queer Feminist Fight Club Wants To ‘Bring Down The Patriarchy’ Or Something



What in the blazes did I just watch? There’s not enough bleach on the planet to make this one right. Nope. Now, I’ll give… this is hilarious in many ways. If you like wild entertainment where a “queer femme” fight club features angry post-Brexit feminists fighting one another to “bring down the patriarchy,” this is for you. Somebody please stop the world, so I can get off. PLEASE. They are called “Femme Feral” and their founder is Phoebe Patey-Ferguson. This should be the brunt of never-ending parodies and jokes everywhere. These lesbians were ticked that Britain voted to leave the European Union, so Patey-Ferguson and her studio mate, Anna Smith, took out their anger with a good old fashioned wrestling match.

What do you want to bet they’ll try and make money off of this? I love it when anti-capitalists beclown themselves with capitalism. I’m still trying to wrap my noggin around a politically-induced female wrestling match that would give birth to Femme Feral, a club for women to combine “protest, performance” and to, of course, smash the patriarchy. “It was a way of channeling and being able to get that anger out and put it somewhere in a productive way,” Patey-Ferguson told Broadly. “I think we wanted to find a way of sharing this anger and take up loads of space. It is a reaction to that [idea] as a girl you need to be nice, personal, peaceful, [to] sit down and be quiet.”

If you ask me, these women need professional, clinical help, not a fight club. Femme Feral evolved into a “queer femme fighting force,” says Patey-Ferguson. Shudder. “The feral aspect is about this instinctual behavior that everyone knows how to do it. We deliberately don’t get good because we want people to be able to jump in,” she explained. “You find this rage within you and you just go for it. I think a lot of that energy is very genuine and comes from a very instinctual place … rather than it being like a theater show. It is totally in the moment and deep inside you.” Think I’ll pass, thanks.

On Facebook, this intrepid group calls wrestling night “queer, feminist, anti-fascist, noise-driven ferocious fight to the death [of the alt-right].” Okay… these women may think they are tough, but I guarantee that if they come at conservatives to kill them, they’ll beg for a safe place and a blankie. This is obscene and ridiculous all at the same time. It’s way, way, way beyond parody. Fight night unfolds thusly: female-identifying members face off for one-on-one fights before the entire group partakes in an orgy-like group wrestling match. Make sure you watch the video guys… I think they may go broke because, damn. Queer, rotund sweaty snowflakes does not a profit make.

The fighting gets intense. “Unlike WWE fights, nothing is choreographed. Patey-Ferguson has ripped out a toenail; people leave covered in bruises,” notes Broadly. Who in the fresh hell would want to take part in a cat fight like this? The group even “performs” at festivals now. Ah, and I’m sure they are paid. I guess there is always an audience for freaks. At the group’s latest event, the women-identifying members yelled “F*** Theresa May! F*** Theresa May!” before the first fight, wherein Patey-Ferguson claims she cracked a rib. And then obviously went for state funded healthcare… not. Because you have to wait months for that. I don’t like Theresa May, but she’s not oppressing these women.

“You don’t feel like you are locked in your room staring at the Internet alone. There is a kind of empowerment in that, because if we express that together, there is a possibility of change,” she said. No… you just beat the crap out of each other for kicks and to blow off repressed sexual deviancy, am I right? Of course, I am. How all this is supposed to stomp the patriarchy or kill the alt-right, remains to be seen. But have at it gals! I’ll be sure not to watch or even care.

You have to watch the video at the end of this post from Paul Joseph Watson – YOU CANNOT UNSEE THIS… it is EPIC!! And pretty much spot on. Evidently, the first rule of feminist fight club is to talk about feminist fight club. Just laughable and pathetic. This is not empowerment. It’s not smashing the patriarchy. It’s the devolution of culture and it’s frankly beastly.

H/T: The Daily Wire, Chicks on the Right

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