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Scott Jordan, the CEO of SCOTTeVEST, made the idiotic decision to insult his customers.  For some inexplicable reason, he decided to take to Twitter this past week and call his Fox News viewer customers “f**king idiots”.

Jordan’s company advertises on Fox News.  He stated in his tweet that he does so because he finds the viewers particularly gullible.

Jordan tweeted this past Sunday:

The level of arrogance and condescension in this tweet is breathtaking.  So is his level of idiocy.

I was unfamiliar with SCOTTeVEST.  Basically, they sell shirts and coats that have a lot of interior storage to carry things like iPads, wallets, passports, bottles of water, and so on. The idea is to make carrying these items easy for hikers, airport travelers, and commuters among others. They also claim it deters and makes life more difficult for pickpockets.

It does not sound like the worst idea. It does sound heavy to me.  And I do not like the $100 or more price tag, but to each her own.

I am not sure why you would have to be an idiot or gullible to buy this product.  It is not like some cleaning product you see on TV that makes outrageous claims of some kind of cleaning ability.  Or some diet pill that makes far fetched miraculous claims.  It is a coat.  A coat!  I cannot see how buying a coat takes a special level of idiocy.

It did not take long for Jordan to realize he made a HUGE MISTAKE.

On Tuesday, he tweeted, “I am sorry.  On Sunday, I posted an insensitive comment about our TV advertising.  It was wrong and inappropriate for so many reasons.  I have deleted the post.  If you didn’t see it, then don’t ask what it was about.  If you did see it, you know why I am apologizing.  I appreciate all our customers very very much, and any attempt at humor by me to suggest otherwise was simply wrong.  Without our customers, I would be nothing.  I will continue to try and be a better person and CEO.  Thanks for understanding.  Please forgive me.”

I think he is going to have to try really, really hard.  Because he truly seems like a poor comedian, if we are to believe him that this was an attempt at comedy.  I doubt that.  Chances are he had one too many drinks and took to his Twitter machine.  For whatever reason, I think we witnessed him having a moment of honesty on Sunday.  And then we witnessed his absolutely required disingenuous apology in order to save his business on Tuesday.

It is also very comical that he states ‘if you do not know about his comment do not ask’.  Does he not realize Twitter is forever?  People can and will easily Google his horrible statement that will remain out there permanently.

Scott Jordan clearly believes he sells a truly crappy product.  I must believe him.  I would never consider buying a SCOTTeVEST.  He has nothing but utter contempt for his customers.  I wish him nothing but the worst in terms of the future success of his business.

h/t: The Gateway Pundit

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