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House Dems Plot Historic Censure Of Trump Over ‘S—hole Countries’ Comment



Just wow. The Democrats have totally lost it over Trump’s alleged sh*thole comment. Which, by the way, I don’t believe he made. Several people that were in that meeting did not hear it and there weren’t that many people around that table. Now, two top House Democrats are saying they will unveil a resolution next week to censure President Trump following reports he expressed a preference for immigrants from Norway over people from what he described as “sh*thole countries” like Haiti, El Salvador and African nations.

The players involved are exactly who you would think are involved in this. You have the racist and Marxist Congressional Black Caucus led by Chairman Cedric Richmond (D-LA), communist Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), who is the ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, nut job Democrat Al Green from Texas and impeachment-happy sea hag Maxine Waters (D-CA) all lining up to not only censure, but impeach President Trump over a comment he didn’t make. And if he did make it, it’s something all of us think. It’s a non-issue. They talk about Trump’s incendiary language in the White House. Have you ever seen the things the Clintons and Obamas said? It makes this look like baby talk.

These asshats are expected to formally introduce the censure resolution after the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday. How symbolic. Richmond and Nadler issued a joint statement that they were “deeply disturbed and offended” by Trump’s remarks describing places like Haiti and African nations as “sh*thole countries.” Sure they were. This is faux outrage meant to smear and entrap Trump. It’s subversive and borderline treasonous. The Washington Post first reported that Trump made the comments during an Oval Office meeting with members of Congress about immigration policy.

Did you know the New York Times has already pulled this stunt? They claimed that Trump said the same thing last summer. Now, the Washington Post is claiming it. Does that seem legit to you? It doesn’t to me. Not at all. This whole thing is manufactured hysteria. In announcing their plans, Richmond and Nadler pointedly noted that Trump lost the popular vote to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in 2016 – a fact that Trump has at times claimed is because of fraudulent votes. And what the hell does that have to do with Trump’s statements? This is all because they are still butt hurt over Clinton losing. The left is more than willing to take down the entire nation over being sore losers in an election. I’d laugh, but this is deadly serious and is leading somewhere very dark.

“This censure resolution is important because America is a beacon of hope. We have to show the world that this President does not represent the real feelings of most of the American people which is part of the reason why he lost the popular vote,” Richmond and Nadler said. “Congress must speak with one voice in condemning these offensive and anti-American remarks. There is no excuse for it.” You know, WaPo reported this, but exactly who said Trump said that? Durbin? Because he’s a beacon of credibility… not. Just wondering. They say Lindsey Graham confirmed the comments. Again… credibility here.

And here comes the RINOs turning on Trump right on cue. Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) broke his silence on the issue on Friday, saying at a WisPolitics event that Trump’s comments were “very unfortunate” and “unhelpful.” Rep. Mia Love (R-UT), a Haitian-American, called on Trump to apologize. “The President’s comments are unkind, divisive, elitist, and fly in the face of our nation’s values,” Love said in a statement. She’s not a RINO and I’m disappointed in Love. Trump has been convicted here without a trial over an utterance that he most likely did not even make.

Richmond and Nadler said they will ask House GOP leaders to bring up the resolution for a vote, but their efforts are unlikely to be successful, which is good news. Nadler previously introduced a resolution to censure Trump when he cast equal blame on white supremacists and counterprotesters for violence in Charlottesville, VA, last August. I’m really beginning to lose all patience with these communists.

Earlier Friday, Rep. Al Green (D-TX) announced that he would force another House floor vote to impeach Trump next week in light of Trump’s remarks. A vote Green forced last month failed on the floor, but 58 Democrats supported it. “Congressional condemnation of racist bigotry is not enough. In Congress, talk is cheap – it’s how we vote that counts. Next week, I will again bring a resolution to impeach @realDonaldTrump. I will put my vote where my mouth is,” Green tweeted. Of course he will. And Maxine Waters has started crying even louder for impeachment now.

Here’s Auntie Max’s statement from her web site:

Donald Trump is a racist and indecent man with no good values who is woefully unfit and undeserving of the office in which he serves. That this president, a deeply flawed human being with no understanding of public policy, would make such ill-informed and deplorable comments about Haitians, Salvadorans, and immigrants from African countries, merely underscores everything we already know about him: he is a hopeless and ignorant bigot.

Donald Trump dog-whistled his way into the White House, running a campaign based on hate, bigotry, and fear…

Donald Trump is an embarrassment and a national disgrace. Members of Congress have a responsibility to the American people and our democracy to impeach him.

Republicans are not going to go for censure or impeachment here. Censure is very rare for a President, or it used to be. The only time the Senate considered censure was for President Andrew Jackson in 1834 for moving to dismantle the Bank of the United States. The censure resolution was ultimately revoked by Jackson’s allies three years later after they gained control of the chamber. The House has moved a handful of times to censure or rebuke presidents, such as John Tyler in 1842 for abuse of powers and James Buchanan in 1860 for the handling of Navy contracts. Some Democrats suggested censuring President Bill Clinton in place of an impeachment vote in 1998, but their efforts were not successful. Censuring is not a frivolous act, but these morons are treating it as such.

This is an outrageous move and deeply stupid. Trump looked tired after all this and I don’t blame him. This is sheer insanity.

H/T: The Hill, The Washington Examiner, Hot Air, The Washington Times, The Daily Beast,

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