CNN Analyst Mudd Goes On Racial Slur-Filled Rant After Trump’s Alleged ‘S***hole’ Comment



I have never seen so many leftists lose their freaking minds all at once like I have over this alleged utterance by President Trump. Why is everyone acting like this is such a huge deal? What Trump allegedly said is what most of us think and it’s the truth. CNN is the worst of the bunch here. First it was Lemon and Cuomo, but Philip Mudd out did them by a mile. He went on a slur-filled rant over what Trump supposedly said. It was the trigger to end all triggers. For the last 24 hours it has been a non-stop meltdown on leftist media.

Mudd is impressively unhinged. He’s the former deputy director of the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center – and people wonder why our intel agencies are sooo screwed up. Here’s a great example of why. Mudd is a current CNN counterterrorism analyst, who is not worth the powder to blow him to hell and back. As the mania over Trump’s sh*thole comment spread, Mudd exploded against Trump. Trump’s question during an immigration discussion set him off: “Why are we having all these people from sh*thole countries come here?”

Mudd vomited multiple racial slurs during his manic rant against Trump’s comment. He appeared on Don Lemon’s show (of course) and claimed that the President’s comments were evidence the country has not progressed on race relations. What bull feces. Listen to this unadulterated crap, “A white honkey from Norway can come here, but a black dude from Haiti can’t,” Mudd said. After his several minute long rant where he used the word sh*thole a dozen-plus times and the ‘N’ word, Mudd proclaimed he wants a T-shirt that reads “I’m a sh*tholer.”

“What does that tell in an American that in one generation called you a nigger? What does that tell you, Don? I can tell you what that tells a honkey like me,” he continued. “We’re no different than we were a generation ago, and were learning the same lessons that we learned when we called a Chinese man a ‘slant-eye,’ when we called a man from Guatemala a ‘spic’ and a ‘wetback,’ and we called a black man a ‘nigger.’ That’s what it tells me. We got a ways to learn.” Dude, if you are trying to prove you aren’t racist here, you just failed.

And they just let him vent like that using the ‘N’ word at will. Earlier, Mudd stated almost identical comments and repeatedly used the word “sh*thole.” Classy. “Cover your ears, Wolf, because I’m gonna give you a reaction and it’s personal,” Mudd started. “I’m a proud sh*tholer. My family was called ‘WOPs’ and ‘mackerel eaters.’ We came from Italians and Irish who were regarded as people from sh*thole countries. A century ago we called people ‘slant-eyes,’ Chinese immigrants that we’re now ashamed of speaking about in those terms because they came from a sh*thole country and now they’re a backbone of this country. In the 1940s, we called people ‘traitors’ because they came from a sh*thole country called Japan, and we’re ashamed. We called people who fled from conflict in Central America ‘spics’ and ‘wetbacks,’ and we’re ashamed.”

“The President is growing this country on the backbone of bigotry that comes from when I saw my family called ‘spics,’ ‘WOPs,’ and ‘mackerel eaters.’ We should be ashamed. We’ve learned too many lessons, and history will tell you that if you don’t read history, you’ll repeat ’em. That’s what our President did for us today. I am not proud.” The President is not a racist and he is not a bigot. And if you are so ashamed, there’s the door… leave. No one is stopping you and frankly, I’d be thrilled to see you leave. I’m ashamed of Mudd.

This ass is off his meds. He’s totally lost it. You know what? Haiti is a horrid place. It’s full of crime, poverty and misery. It’s not about race or the people… it’s about their governments and what they have done to their countries. But the left doesn’t care about that… they just want to get Trump, no matter what. And the truth doesn’t matter in the least to them.

H/T: The Daily Caller, Chicks on the Right, Breitbart, The Federalist, Real Clear Politics

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