Robert De Niro Slams Trump In F-Bomb-Filled Rant Intro For Meryl Streep



Robert De Niro is not aging well. Not in looks, personality or language. He’s got a regular potty mouth going on when it comes to President Trump. He gave an F-bomb laden, lying, blistering and incredibly petty introduction to Meryl Streep at the National Board of Review Annual Awards on Tuesday. I was not amused in the least. De Niro made it painfully clear that he and his cohorts, such as Streep, hate the “f***ing fool” President of the United States.

He congratulated Tom Hanks, who he said, “has played opposite some of the most iconic figures in American cinema. In ‘Turner and Hooch’ he co-starred with a humongous, slobbering French Mastiff. In ‘Toy Story’ his nemesis was action figure Buzz Lightyear. And who could forget his award-winning performance in ‘Castaway,’ opposite a volleyball named Wilson.”

Then De Niro focused on Hanks’ co-star in ‘The Post’. As The Daily Wire put it, the formerly Harvey Weinstein-loving, permanently Trump-loathing Streep. Who by the way, referred to Weinstein as a god in 2012. “That brings us to ‘The Post,’ and another signature performance from the extraordinary Meryl Streep,” said De Niro. “Meryl is the most generous and giving actor. She not only inhabits her own character, she helps bring out the character of everyone else on the screen. Can a volleyball do that?” I would argue that the volleyball is a better being that Streep will ever be, but I digress.

It was at this juncture, that De Niro made his first attack on Trump. “Not even if the volleyball was a stable genius,” he said in reference to Trump’s recent description of himself. He then pointed out that Streep’s new loser of a film is actually all about Donald Trump. “It was fascinating to watch ‘The Post,'” he said. “That story took place nearly 50 years ago, but there are many parallels with today obviously. At the time of the story Donald Trump was suffering with ‘bone spurs.’ Today the world is suffering from the real Donald Trump.” Then De Niro got nasty.

“Come on. You know. What are we talking about?” he said. “This f***ing idiot is the President. It’s The Emperor’s New Clothes — the guy is a f***ing fool.” Spoken like a true Hollywood communist. Calling the publication of the Pentagon Paper a “proud moment for American Journalism” in defense of the First Amendment, De Niro returned to slamming the “jerkoff-in-chief.” He was just getting warmed up. “Our government today, with the propping [up] of our baby-in-chief — the jerkoff-in-chief I call him — has put the press under siege, trying to discredit it through outrageous attacks and lies,” he said. “And again just like 1971 the press is distinguishing itself with brave, exacting journalism.” This guy is delusional.

De Niro then pivoted to the ever popular Nixon/Trump comparisons. Lame. “The movie gave us glimpses of President Nixon as delusional, narcissistic, petty, vindictive, nasty and bats*** f***ing crazy. Ah the good old days,” he said. Says the man who supported a pervert AND a racist in the People’s House… Clinton and Obama. Then De Niro went for the gratuitous gender card. “But, astonishingly, today women are still struggling to get their rightful place and their fare share,” he said. “I am still fighting for Meryl to be able to get 79 cents of what a man would get to play Catherine Graham. It’s shameful, I know.” Give us a freaking break. De Niro and Streep are massively wealthy. That’s hypocrisy on a whole new level even for De Niro.

Streep is just as hateful towards President Trump. Most of Hollywood is. She has been very vocal about it as well. Frankly, I have never even heard of the National Board of Review Annual Awards, so it seems fitting that a no-talent shrew like Meryl Streep would get best actress there. Both De Niro and Streep defend leftist propaganda outlets masquerading as news outlets. They kiss and pat each other on the back saying how wonderful each other are. It’s disgusting. The corrupt politicians in DC infuriate me… the fake media incense me… but Hollywood is in a class by itself… they sicken me.

This is not 1971 again. This is not Watergate and you are not reliving your glory days in Tinsel Town. De Niro and Streep are has beens who are weak, foul-mouthed communists who have nothing but hatred in what passes for their souls. Perhaps De Niro and his Hollywood buds should all visit a psychiatrist, because they are the ones definitely exhibiting mental instability here.

H/T: The Daily Wire, Chicks on the Right, The Daily Mail

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