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Jordan: The FBI was Actively Planning in a Systematic Way to Plant Anti-Trump Stories



Those emails between disgraced FBI agents Peter Strzok and his girlfriend, FBI attorney Lisa Page, are now revealing even more shadowy doings on their part. They are exposing exactly what they meant by an “insurance policy” that the two spoke of back and forth in the event that Trump won the presidency. On “The Story with Martha MacCallum,” Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan (R) explained how those text messages show that “the FBI was actively planning in a systemic way” to plant stories in the Wall Street Journal and other places to trigger an investigation that would drag on and eventually, they hoped, bring down the Trump presidency. I believe that plan was widespread.

“I leave that up to senator Feinstein and the Judiciary Committee in the Senate.,” Jordan stated in response to MacCallum’s query on Dianne Feinstein’s decision to release Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson’s closed-door testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee. “What I do know and what I found most interesting about what I have been able to read thus far is the fact Glenn Simpson said Christopher Steele told him the FBI had another source. How did Christopher Steele know that? Did the FBI tell him? If they did, why is the FBI telling Christopher Steele, the guy who was paid by Fusion who was paid by the Clinton campaign, why is the FBI telling Christopher Steele they got another source on this whole Russia investigation? I think that is interesting and something we need to get to the bottom of.” I find it disturbing on many levels.

“Yeah it goes to the larger question of whether or not there was a coordinated effort between these intelligence agencies and, perhaps, including the FBI and the Clinton campaign to dig up dirt on Donald Trump, right?,” MacCallum asked Jordan.

“Exactly,” said Jordan. “And I think when you couple what Senator Feinstein released today with the story John Solomon wrote this morning on additional text messages we have now reviewed, where they talk about planting stories. Peter Strzok and Lisa Page in their text message exchange talk about planting stories with the media to further their narrative. What was their narrative and what was their plan? It was the insurance policy that was designed to make sure that we can’t take the risk the American people are going to elect Donald Trump president. So now this all fits together. So that’s what I found most interesting today is those text messages that John Solomon wrote about, along with what Senator Feinstein released and how it fits this idea that the FBI was actively planning and orchestrating in a systematic way this idea we are going to generate stories that further our narrative and the plan we have.”

Rush Limbaugh is much more astute and informed on this than just about anyone out there. He sees the big picture on how these texts fit together like pieces of a corrupt puzzle. He claims this is a bombshell story and I agree. From Rush:

Here’s the text, “Article is out but hidden behind pay wall so you can’t read it,” she texted him on October 24th, 2016. Strzok says, “[Wall Street Journal]? Boy, that was fast. Should I ‘find it’ and tell the team?” What this means is that these two people planted this story and were coming up with ways to hide that fact, to act surprised. “Article is out but hidden behind pay wall so can’t read it,” she texted him. Strzok replies, “Wsj? (sic) Boy, that was fast. Should I ‘find it’ and tell the team?”

“Boy, that was fast”? What else could that mean but that these two were leaking FBI material to the Wall Street Journal! They leak it out, and the Journal runs with it and does a story, and these two are marveling at it. “Boy, that was fast.” The story’s already out. “Should I ‘find it’…?” The “find it” is in quotes, by the way. “Should I ‘find it,’” meaning, should I fake like I didn’t know anything was coming and I just saw it, “and tell the team?” It is clear they’re behind whatever news is in this story. They leaked it, which is a violation of every law governing their conduct and their work at the FBI.

MacCallum said, “It’s remarkable,” concerning the text exchanges between the two FBI agents. “We reported on those text messages last night … With regard to the other revelations here that someone died as a result of the exposure of this dossier and that perhaps sources were uncovered and that someone got angry about that and perhaps someone was killed as a result. What do you make of that information, congressman?”

“I don’t know,” said Jordan. “What I — and if that happened, of course, that’s terrible and I hope it didn’t. But, what I do know is on January 6th, the intelligence community went to Trump Tower and briefed President Trump on the dossier. If you remember, clapper told James Comey to stay around after the briefing and further brief the president on the dossier. Shortly thereafter, it was leaked to the press and CNN talked about it and Buzzfeed printed the entire dossier. I think what happened in that meeting was when this FBI director briefs the President-Elect it gives the dossier legitimacy and someone leaked out the fact that oh, the FBI director thought it was important enough to tell the President-Elect and then it’s out there. We hope this didn’t happen. But if it did it seems to me it was because the then Obama Administration briefed the president and somebody leaked it to buzz feed and to CNN.”

Jordan lost his feed, so we didn’t get the full exchange unfortunately. But MacCallum did say that Glenn Simpson claimed he was “stunned” when he learned of the infamous Trump Tower meeting. All of this reeks of a corrupt setup by FBI agents. They should be fired and tried for what they did here. Instead, Strzok was fired, with references… Page was transferred and McCabe is retiring. No harm, no foul, except what they did was treasonous. Those texts and emails go to motive and show how the FBI was working with the media to unseat a sitting President in a soft coup.

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