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Gaetz: Day’s Coming Soon We’ll Be Sending an ‘I’m With Her’ T-shirt to Hillary Clinton’s Cellmate



Tucker Carlson of Fox News had Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) on his show Friday night. They sat down to have a chat about the multiple investigations surrounding Hillary Clinton. Trace Gallagher reported that the U.S. Attorney’s office and the FBI have actually been looking into the Clinton Foundation for months. Not only that, but the Department of Justice is digging into the Clinton email probe, the Uranium One investigation and the allegation that the Obama administration quashed a DEA investigation into Hezbollah narco-terror activities in order to smooth the way for the Iran nuclear deal. Not a good time for Hillz, to be sure. And it looks like it’s going to get a lot worse for her.

Gaetz believes the Hildabeast could be charged criminally. “There may have been acts that occurred at the State Department as a consequence of bribes paid to the Clinton Foundation, which are creating an ongoing security concern for the United States of America,” Gaetz said. There definitely were.

“Take, for example, the Hezbollah story you just mentioned. It’s not just the cocaine that’s being trafficked — you’ve got Hezbollah acting in common cause with narco-traffickers in South America to move opium, to move heroin, to move people into the United States. And the investigation that was going on to degrade these networks, to degrade the collusion between Hezbollah and South American narcotraffickers was smothered by people at the Justice Department. And there is a suspicion that the State Department led by Hillary Clinton had a role in limiting the American people’s access to information about Hezbollah being funded and their operations in this country because they wanted the Iranian Nuclear Deal so bad, they didn’t want us focusing on the fact that Iran has funded over 100 mosques in South America to recruit people and then to send them to the United States to do harm.”

Gaetz stated that the accusation against the Clinton Foundation is that it “was just a money laundering operation where people paid in order to have access to the State Department.” He wasn’t done either… he said that there “were notations on particular documents and bids where people would write F.O.B. (friend of Bill) which means those were donors to the Clinton Foundation and as a consequence they were given special treatment.”

Gaetz feels that it’s of paramount importance to investigate the matter because “we don’t have people right now acting as vendors on behalf of the United States of America — not as a consequence of their merit or what they can do, but because they’re friends and potentially donors to the Clinton Foundation.” He explained that 20 members of the House Judiciary Committee sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions months ago, saying that they have to look into these matters because of the ongoing security concerns. Not only that… but the statute of limitations runs out against Clinton on a number of these charges this year. Tick tock people.

“Finally now, we have Hillary Clinton dealing with investigations cascading down on her like it’s a bomb cyclone. I think the day’s coming soon, Tucker, when we’ll be sending an ‘I’m with her’ t-shirt to Hillary Clinton’s cellmate.” Oh, please let that be true. It would be a dream come true for America and a nightmare come to life for Hillary Clinton.

Gaetz firmly believes that Clinton is criminally exposed and told Tucker that. He went on to say, “Absolutely. Look, if people were taking bribes and then, as a consequence of those bribes, engaging in actions that they would not otherwise be engaging in. That is a crime. You cannot do that in the United States of America. And we’ve got to go now and remedy the consequences. Take, for example, the subject of your show tonight, the opioid problem. If you had people trafficking and would have been found out otherwise, we’ve got to now go back and remediate the harm that the Clintons caused this country.”

With all the corruption swirling around Hillary Clinton, it’s hard to believe she’s not already behind bars. She would be if there hadn’t been people actively in the FBI and Department of Justice protecting her and sanitizing evidence against her. It’s long past time that this woman answered for her mountain of crimes. I appreciate Gaetz going after her and holding Clinton accountable… finally.

H/T: Breitbart, PJ Media

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