Channeling The BERN: Panera ‘Pay Your Fair Share’ Cafe Proves Socialism Sucks



Have you ever heard of the Panera Cares™ Cafe? Neither had I until I tripped across a piece from Steven Crowder at Louder with Crowder. It was a socialist experiment that failed spectacularly. Patrons would pay what they wanted for food. Yeah, that was a great idea a la Bernie Sanders. To say it was a massive failure is being too kind here. Panera decided to test the idea in Clayton, Missouri. That’s the St. Louis area. St. Louis Bread Co. is part of St. Louis-based Panera, which operates more than 2,000 bakery-cafes. Customers were tasked with “paying their fair share.” They actually stayed open for eight years as a favor to the locals. They lost money every single year.

Here’s the result of socialism tried yet again by these morons: “Panera founder and Executive Chairman Ron Shaich told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that the St. Louis Bread Co. Cares Community Cafe in Clayton, Missouri, is imminently due to close because it was on a month-to-month lease and the store would have required a big investment. ‘The nature of the economics did not make sense,’ Shaich said. The idea for the Clayton cafe was to encourage people who could afford to pay the suggested price or more to do so, in effect subsidizing those who were more financially stretched. ‘We loved it, it worked well, it proved that the idea would work,’ Shaich said.” And that’s a lie on top of a failure.

Listen to the contradiction in this guy’s statement… it proved the idea would work. But the nature of the economics did not make sense. WTH? Get that… it would work, but it didn’t. Huh. Well, that’s because socialism never, ever does, you lying twit. In fact it worked so freaking well that Panera founder and Executive Chairman Ron Shaich stepped down as CEO of Panera on January 1st. Well done. Now, maybe the company can get back to making a profit before the whole entity goes toes up in the market.

You know, if they had gone full-throated Marxist and charged their more affluent customers $200 per loaf of bread, they might have been able to make this leaky boat float. But nope. They found out that paying your fair share entails coming in and eating for free. That doesn’t keep the lights on or the bread baking folks. They keep trying this failed formula and leftists are surprised when it fails. Every. Single. Time. But they keep trying and lying.

Socialism does not work. It never has. Socialism is communism-lite and it always ends in starvation, death and equal oppression and want. It destroyed Venezuela and has destroyed every other country it has been faithfully applied in. Capitalism creates wealth… it is the first step. Then progressives always try socialism before implementing hardcore communism. It drains out all the wealth that capitalism created. This is why Bernie Sanders is so dangerous. He promises freebies and equality for everyone. But someone always has to pay and it’s not the Marxists at the top of the food chain. EVER. In the end there is equality… everyone is destitute, miserable and equal in want and lack of freedom except those like Sanders in control.

Better luck next times guys… because there is always a next time. If insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results, there is not a sane progressive/socialist/communist/Marxist on the planet.

This restaurant served over 500,000 meals during its eight-year existence. Not bad for an uppity food bank. The cafe opened in 2010 in an existing Panera-run restaurant blocks from the St. Louis County government buildings. Shaich said customers paid, on average, about 85 percent of the suggested price, proving, he said, ‘that people are fundamentally good’. I highly doubt that estimate, but say it was true… you are still losing on investment by 15 percent a year and that does not include overhead. You can’t keep the doors open that way. The company opened similar cafes in Chicago; Dearborn, Michigan; Portland, Oregon and Boston. Now only the Boston location remains open and it’s on life support.

Panera was acquired by the Luxembourg-based JAB Holding Co., which also owns Krispy Kreme, Caribou Coffee and other entities, in July. I’m sure the board decided this nonsense needs to be ended. Directors are funny like that… they want to make a profit. Selfish capitalists.

H/T: Louder with Crowder, The Daily Mail, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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