Joy Behar Suggests US Gays Are On The Verge Of Being Slaughtered In The Streets



The sea hag speaketh again. And this one is a whopper. “The View” host Joy Behar suggested Tuesday that the US is on the verge of stoning gay people in the streets during a conversation on Iran that went off the rails, saying “not yet” when a co-host said it was silly to compare America to Iran. It is… in fact, it’s downright nuts. She’s doing this to take attention off Trump and Americans supporting the Iranian people rising up and taking back their country, amid chants of “death to the dictator!” Many of those are women and gays, you moron. Behar stands with Obama and his cronies who empower the mullahs of Iran and in 2009 turned their backs on the Iranians rising up in the Green Revolution. They were imprisoned, tortured and slaughtered in large part due to Obama giving them the green light to do so.

President Trump and Nikki Haley have both come out in strong support of the protests in Iran. The people are hungry there and prices are out of control. Worse, they hate the Islamic tyranny they are forced to live under. Trump has also tweeted criticism of the regime’s support for terrorism. Joy Behar objected to Trump’s support, saying he should stay out of it and keep playing golf. She’s all for turning our back again and keeping radical Islamists in control, while they spread terrorism across the globe.

Ana Navarro, a CNN commentator and fierce Trump critic, said it was important for Trump and other past presidents to express solidarity with the protesters. However, she said it was wrong of Trump to also criticize the Iran nuclear deal in the context of his support for the protests. They are one and the same, you twit. The Iranians saw all the money come in from Obama and it was spent on goat herders, the military and terrorism. They did not spend it on feeding their own people or helping them prosper. That’s a recipe for revolution.

Behar drew a comparison between the Iranians rising up against the regime and Americans rising up against Trump. That’s just bitingly stupid. Co-host Meghan McCain blasted the comments, saying such moral relativism was a conversation-ender. Good for her. “It’s not apples and apples. It’s not equal,” Behar said. “But we’re on a very slippery slope in this country toward throwing democracy out the window every single day.” This woman has let her hatred of Trump drive her literally mad. She should listen to herself. She needs serious help.

“We have to defend the freedom of the press and civil rights here,” Navarro said. “We do, but you’re not being stoned in the street for being gay!” McCain said. And if the press wasn’t a propaganda outlet for the communist left, we would not be talking about it all the time. As far as civil rights, this is the freest nation in the world and these harpies still cry over imaginary persecution. They are delusional. To McCain, Behar said, “Not yet, Not yet.” Trump is the most gay friendly President I have seen in my lifetime. This is a false trope tossed about by the left. It’s just another lie.

“We have other reasons to protest in the streets in this country,” Behar said. Yeah, tampons, drag queens and social justice. It’s sheer insanity. Also, the country that Behar said is throwing democracy “out the window” held a US Senate election last month in Alabama, where a Democrat won a seat for the first time in 25 years. The left rigged it, but it happened.

As is a custom on the show, Behar’s babbling incoherence about Iran, Saudi Arabia, democracy and other topics went well beyond her intelligence. It was as usual rewarded with applause from the program’s easily impressed studio audience. Mindless sycophants all. This kind of media bull crap is why a good part of the country has gone bonkers. It’s not that someone like Behar spouts this junk, it’s that there are those who eat it up and take it to heart. They believe every lie they hear. No wonder McCain went silent. What’s the point?

I’m really tired of the Trump hatred out there. It’s just off the charts bonkers and it’s dangerous. Behar is an evil, stupid woman. Why anyone would watch this hose beast is beyond me.

H/T: The Washington Free Beacon, Chicks on the Right

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