PERFECT! California Sign Changed To Welcome Felons, Illegals And MS13!



This is hilarious and sad all at once. Yesterday, California officially became the first sanctuary state in the United States and they were proud as punch about it. But don’t be fooled… there are a whole bunch of conservatives in California that are not happy with this at all and are working to counter these Marxist moves. All this progressive bull crap is wearing very thin with them. Someone who is sane, decided to make a statement about all of this and it is sheer perfection. They trolled traffic with a highway sign that shredded the Democrats’ sanctuary state policy.

Just under the official ‘Welcome to California’ sign, a lower sign was hung that read: “OFFICIAL SANCTUARY STATE: Felons, Illegals, and MS13 Welcome! Democrats need votes!” That is a truth bomb right there and it lays it out short and sweet. I love it. There wasn’t just one sign either evidently. There were multiple ones in multiple locations. One of the signs was posted on the busy I-15 Freeway that runs between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. I’ve driven that stretch many, many times. Locals took pics of the sign and it spread like wildfire on Twitter.

This also isn’t the first time that California highways have been hit with the anti-illegal immigration signs. Last year in Malibu, whoever did this struck there as well. I wonder if this is Sabo’s work. That would be just like him – I adore that guy and his wit. And of course Fox News wasn’t going to let this go unnoticed. They royally blasted California for ringing in the New Year with its illegal alien embracing sanctuary policy. “Not only if you’re illegal, you’re welcome in California, also if you want to get high, you’re welcome there too, ” Ainsley Earhardt said.

I forgot about that… pot just became legal in the Golden State. I heard someone say yesterday, there goes NASA… you can’t get a high-level security clearance if you are a stoner. True enough. “So you can be illegal, and wasted on marijuana, and live in that state and be just fine,” Earhardt continued. Yep, you sure can.

California has been at the forefront of giving sanctuary to illegal aliens no matter how many innocent lives like Kate Steinle’s it costs. Last month, President Trump exploded after a jury slapped illegal alien, seven-time felon Jose Ines Garcia Zarate with a slap on the wrist after killing Kate Steinle on a San Francisco pier. She died in her father’s arms. There was no justice for sweet Kate. A memorial for her at a local college was destroyed by Antifa because they said it promoted hate against illegal aliens. Kate had dreams too and now they’ll never be realized.

California will actively block ICE and federal agents now from doing their jobs in that state in regards to illegal aliens and crime will escalate even more. Right along with homelessness, disease and want. They’ve managed to turn themselves into a third world hellhole. Well done. But not all of California by any means is on board with this. While the state lurches further and further into communism by restricting guns, legalizing drugs and prostitution, and embracing criminals, there are still sane people there that want to see constitutional rights honored and actual citizens protected. Imagine that.

The state is bankrupt and still insists on freebies everywhere. Governor Moonbeam Brown is an unmitigated disaster. He always has been. He goes around lecturing on non-existent climate change and drives his state economically into the ground. They have no respect for the rule of law. Jeff Sessions should move to immediately cut them off from federal funds as a state. He’s already cut off the LAPD from millions in funds for their sanctuary stance. California should not get federal funds period if they are going to defy federal law like this. They can bail themselves out of bankruptcy. I feel sorry for the many good people who live in California.

Somebody spent a lot of time and money on these signs. I hope they stay up, but I’m sure they won’t. It doesn’t matter… they are on Twitter now and all over the place. The Internet is forever.

H/T: BizPac Review, The Right Scoop

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