Nancy Pelosi Warns of ‘Catastrophic Shutdown’ of the US Government



Nancy Pelosi Warns of 'Catastrophic Shutdown' of the US Government

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi brought up the possibility of a catastrophic government shutdown if  ‘responsible funding’ was not included in the budget.

“Tomorrow, Leader Schumer and I will meet with Speaker Ryan, Majority Leader McConnell and White House officials to discuss the urgent need to provide robust, responsible funding for the government and avert a catastrophic shutdown,” Pelosi said in a “Dear Democratic Colleague” note to her caucus members.”

Yes, the same Nancy Pelosi who says the new tax plan amounts to “Armageddon” and that it’s “the worst bill in the history of Congress.”

Nancy Pelosi Warns of 'Catastrophic Shutdown' of the US Government

Pelosi said that in the meeting and in future negotiations, she and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., will call for parity in the spending caps.  They also have funding to combat opioids and pensions, among ‘other items’ on their agenda.

“In these talks, Leader Schumer and I will continue to insist on parity in the CAPS,” Pelosi said. “We are fighting for funding for the opioid epidemic, veterans, pensions, disaster relief, National Institutes of Health, Children’s Health Insurance Program and community health centers.”

Democrats have been salivating at the opportunity to pick a fight with weak-kneed GOP congressional leadership and with Trump.

They have made it clear the fight will come over immigration and spending, two issues that defined President Trump’s campaign.

Pelosi also reiterated support for a legislative fix for recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program despite there being no fix added to the spending bill last month. The program is set to expire in March.

“We are firmly committed to swiftly passing the DREAM Act, which we know would pass with bipartisan support if brought to the floor,” Pelosi said.

The meeting is set to include President Trump, the four congressional leaders, along with Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney and White House Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short.

House members say that leadership is mulling attaching said deal, if it can be reached, into the must-pass spending bill legislation. That way, if it were to be derailed as immigration legislation often is—or it were to be vetoed by President Trump if the final deal is not to his liking—then the resulting failure would have catastrophic consequences, namely a government shutdown.

Armageddon! The worst bill in American history!! Oh, the humanity!!! The sky is falling! Run!

Liberals, if you want to stay in this wretched country after the Republican Party passed “the worst bill in the history of Congress,” be my guest. But don’t say Nancy didn’t warn you!

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