Kim Jong-Un Boasts He Has Nuclear Button On His Desk



North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un is threatening everyone with nuclear annihilation once again. In his New Year’s Day address, he bragged that the Hermit Kingdom’s nuclear capabilities are “reality,” not mere threats — and he said he even has a nuclear button on his desk to prove it. This guy is really poking the American badger. He’s begging to get eradicated. “The US should know that the button for nuclear weapons is on my table,” he said during the speech, according to an Associated Press translation. “The entire area of the US mainland is within our nuclear strike range. … The United States can never start a war against me and our country.” Wanna bet?

Kim added, “We need to mass-produce nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles and accelerate their deployment.” He forgot to add with the help of China, Russia and Iran. South Korea seized two ships this week that were selling oil to North Korea in violation of UN sanctions… one was Chinese and the other flew a Panamanian flag. After China was caught violating sanctions, the Russians stepped into the rift to give the NoKos oil. You see my point here. The reason this little troll is talking tough is that he knows these countries have his back. Those that think that China will curb North Korea are delusional.

Kim spoke in front of several microphones — although there was no “nuclear button” in sight. Yes, I know that he doesn’t have such a thing, but I have no doubt he is just arrogant enough to pull something. Meanwhile, we are letting his weapons program progress even further which is a massive mistake. As Fox News points out, Pyongyang’s frequent missile launches in 2017, along with its sixth nuclear test, have ratcheted up tensions with the United States. The tests were the focus of fiery back-and-forth arguments between North Korea and President Trump, who has called Kim “Little Rocket Man.” Look for this to get even more heated in 2018.

President Trump was asked for a response last night. He simply said, “We’ll see, we’ll see.” People keep forgetting that Trump is not Obama. He’s not going to give away our military plans to the press. He spoke briefly to the media outside a New Year’s Eve party at his Mar-a-Lago resort. His message was clear… it’s going to be a great year for the US. Not so much for the North Koreans, I would add.

Kim, wearing a gray suit and tie, also called for improved relations with South Korea, an idea mentioned in speeches, but which always comes up short. The only way that would happen is if the entire Korean peninsula came under Chinese rule and everyone knows it. He said the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics would be a good opportunity to showcase the status of the Korean nation. “The Winter Olympic games that will be held soon in the South will be a good opportunity to display the status of the Korean nation and we sincerely wish that the event will be held with good results.” I bet. That’s why the military presence there is being stepped up as I write this. Kim plans on sending a delegation to the Olympics.

As Bloomberg pointed out, South Korean TV stations stopped broadcasting the speech before Kim was finished. Which was appropriate since it was nothing but bluster and propaganda. Kim’s Jan. 1 speeches have previously set the direction for tensions on the Korean peninsula. A year ago, he said North Korea was in its “last stage” of preparations to test fire an intercontinental ballistic missile and he ended up firing three of them.

The United Nations Security Council last month approved its strongest sanctions yet on North Korea — a move that Pyongyang described as an “act of war.” In recent days, Trump has warned that alleged illicit Chinese oil sales to North Korea may jeopardize a peaceful resolution to the confrontation. Ya think? China has denied the accusations. Listen, diplomacy is dead with North Korea and doomed over there. We’ve kicked this nuclear can as far down the road as we can. If we don’t do something soon, millions could die. They may anyway thanks to the irresponsible actions of our so-called leaders. Trump was targeted to get this deadly nuclear football. He sure didn’t start it, but he’ll have to finish it. If war comes, it won’t be Trump’s fault. You can thank Bill Clinton and Barack Obama for most of that.

H/T: Fox News, Bloomberg, The New York Post

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