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Trump Spends Friday Hosting Coast Guard At His Golf Course At Mar-a-Lago



President Trump truly loves the military. He spent today hosting the Coast Guard at his golf course at Mar-a-Lago. I doubt CNN will cover this much at all, but it was a wonderful event. They are more busy these days accusing the Secret Service of parking white panel trucks in the way so they can’t spy on Trump playing golf. Today they had a front row seat they probably didn’t want because it makes Trump look good. Front seats to the special “thank you” round he played with members of the US Coast Guard, that is.

President Trump welcomed the Coast Guard members to his golf course and told them he wanted them to have a fun tournament to figure out who the best player is. “It’s an honor to have you on the course,” Trump said. The White House said that sixty members of the Coast Guard accepted Trump’s invitation to use his golf course for the day. Trump also provided the service members lunch. “These brave men and women patrol the waterways near Palm Beach and Mar-a-Lago everyday,” White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley said. “The President wanted to thank these service members personally for their service to this nation.”

“The job you did in Florida, and frankly, especially, the job they did, as you know, the job they did in Texas, saved 16,000 people. It’s unheard of,” he told a group of onlookers and media. “So I just want to thank you.” That however, did not extend to the media who were not allowed to watch the President himself golf today.

The White House brought reporters across the course and down to the 17th hole just before the President drove up in a golf cart that he was personally manning. “You’re gonna determine who the best player is, right?” Trump said, shaking US Coast Guard Chief Warrant Officer Gene Gibson’s hand, as he spoke to members of the Coast Guard moments later. “Maybe it’s the boss, I don’t know,” he said of Gibson. Trump then joked with the guardsmen this afternoon about his own game, saying he had just scored well on the hole where they were standing. The President told the service members that they were holding up billionaire Leslie Alexander’s play with their photo spray. “He said, “If it’s for the Coast Guard, I don’t mind waiting. I said, “That’s OK. You’re gonna wait,”” Trump recalled to laughter. “Thank you, Leslie,” the President said.

The President stressed that he wanted to say “thank you.” Trump said the group would have a “little Coast Guard challenge.” The White House said the group was taking part in a “4-man scramble,” a type of tournament. Some of the service members came from nearby Coast Guard Station Lake Worth Inlet, which Trump visited over Thanksgiving to hand out lunches. He addressed the media before they played and then they got down to golfing.

The President, speaking alongside some of the service members to reporters, called his golf course one of the greatest in the world. He also pointed out his golf game to those present. “Enjoy the course. I think all of you were watching my shot,” the President joked, adding that he got a birdie. And then, pointing to the press, he chuckled: “They’ll say I took a triple bogey, but I actually got a birdie.” I think that’s funny and of course the media took it only as bragging. He closed the golf course so these Coast Guard members could play in private. That was a wonderful thing to do.

Trump golfed yesterday with his son Eric and PGA star Jim Herman. Tuesday he had an outing with several golf champs and a GOP senator. Earlier today, the White House revealed Trump’s plans to host Station Lake Worth Inlet and other Coast Guard members at the course for an afternoon session. Trump left before the guardsmen started to play and returned to Mar-a-Lago for the day. Before he departed the course, Trump teased guardsman about how many of them showed up. “The Coast Guard is fantastic. And, I said, “Come use my course.” I didn’t know I’d be flooded,” he added, eliciting laughter from his guests. “But that’s OK. You guys go have a good time. Let me know who won. We’ll get them a little trophy.”

It’s all in good fun and out of respect for the military. This is President Trump’s way of showing respect and saying thank you.

Trump and Chief Warrant Officer Gene Gibson pal around.

H/T: The Daily Caller, ABC News, Politico, The Right Scoop, CBS News, The Daily Mail

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