Former Philly Judge Who Resigned Over Sex Scandal Now Running For Congress As Dem



This doesn’t surprise me much considering we are talking about progressive Philadelphia here. A former traffic court judge, who was ironically caught up in a ticket-fixing scandal, resigned over sexual harassment charges and then went to jail for lying to the FBI. Now, he’s running for Congress as a Democrat there. His slogan is, “A Fresh Start for Pennsylvania.” I kid you not. What do you want to bet he gets elected? Willie Singletary, 36, a former Philadelphia Traffic Court judge and a pastor, has announced his run for the First District seat currently held by US Rep. Robert Brady, who is also chairman of Philadelphia’s Democratic City Committee, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Former Judge Singletary has quite a history. In 2013, he was caught up in a ticket-fixing scandal that prosecutors at the time said benefited only Philly’s rich and powerful and cost the city and state hundreds of thousands in unpaid fines. Hey Dems… how’s that 1% doing in Philly? But of course, we are talking liberal courts here, so the good judge was found not guilty of the charges. However, he was convicted of lying to the feds during an investigation which earned him 20 months in the hoosegow. He got out in 2016. He’s not going to let a little thing like corruption or a criminal conviction get in the way of his political aspirations. He’s a Democrat after all.

The scandal was so bad, it led to voters abolishing the city’s traffic court in a 2016 ballot measure that moved traffic violations into the Municipal Court. Where they ostensibly won’t be subject to so much corruption. Good luck with that. Oh, and it gets even better. Singletary was also embroiled in controversy after a city cashier accused him of sending her cell phone photographs of his genitals. “Do you like that?” he asked her, according to the Judicial Conduct Board. An investigation revealed salacious details of the judge’s actions during night court in 2012. He was placed on suspension and wound up resigning over the scandal.

In his video, Singletary notes that he rose from poverty — his father was in and out of prison and his mother had an addiction. He grew up in West Philadelphia with 21 siblings, six of whom were also named Willie. No comment.

Singletary admits he “made mistakes.” Ya think? But he insists that he would make a fine congressman. You betcha he would. He’s just the kind of candidate the left loves. “Even though I made some mistakes, I’m not a mistake,” Singletary said in a video announcing his candidacy for Congress. “And just like many in our community, we all could use a fresh start.” “Yes, I’ve made some mistakes, some of which I am not proud of,” Singletary added in the video. “And for those who are affected by my mistakes, [I] truly, truly apologize to you today.” So, please elect me so I can get wealthy and abuse the system. I added that last part. You know… truth in advertising and all that.

Pennsylvania state law does not prevent convicts from running for public office. That varies from state to state. His lawyer is making the rounds reminding voters he was not actually convicted of corruption. Because y’all are stupid… right? This guy is an insult to Philadelphia voters. “He was found not guilty of every single corruption charge. Marion Barry was the mayor of D.C. He was on film smoking a crack pipe, and he was elected mayor. So I think voters are forgiving people,” attorney William J. Brennan said. So, let me get this straight… because Barry got away with it, every other black politician should be able to. Gotcha.

And here comes the obligatory apology tour: “My gift took me to a place where my character couldn’t keep me,” Singletary said. “I made some decisions that were not so good. I also made some mistakes. I’ve apologized for that. I don’t want to be stuck in my past, and neither should my past hinder me from my future.” Yes, because we all know that your past does not predict your future… except it usually does. Current Rep. Robert Brady had no comment about the challenge. I bet. At least he has sense enough to stay out of this mess and keep his trap shut over it. I suggest he take the high road and let this guy’s own deeds do him in. He’s already pretty much there.

H/T: Breitbart, Philly.com

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