20,000 Homeless In Los Angeles: Welcome To Gov. Jerry Brown’s Skid Row



Skid Row in Los Angeles has always been an eye sore – even reaching back into the 1980s. Now, it’s totally out of control. 20,000 homeless people are living there. Los Angeles is warm most of the year and it attracts this sort of thing. Governor Jerry Brown’s socialist policies have put the growth of the homeless population on steroids down there. Garbage is piled high and tents line the streets. There’s a video here over Christmas showing all these people subsisting in a ghetto in 2017 America. It’s just wrong.

I understand that some of these people have been out of work for years, in large part to Barack Obama. Others are addicts or criminals. Some are mentally impaired. But there are ways to help the homeless. In Utah, they help pick them up, set them up in apartments and put them to work. Some need to be in mental facilities or rehab centers. Some should be in prison. But others can and want to be salvaged. Los Angeles looks more like a third world country, than a thriving American city these days thanks to progressivism.

People sit along the road and wander aimlessly in the dirty streets. Diseases like Hepatitis are spread when government workers hose down the streets. There aren’t enough bathrooms and the ones that exist are many times locked, so these people literally go to the restroom in the streets there. That’s a breeding ground for things like Cholera and TB. A number of the fires that have ravaged California as of late are said to have been started by homeless camps. This is endangering millions of people and Brown does next to nothing about it.

Instead, he brings in more illegal aliens and refugees that simply add to the problem. It’s like Germany American style. Just to drive down there you are taking your life in your hands. Behold what Christmas Day looks like on Jerry Brown’s Skid Row. It’s sobering and depressing. It says volumes about California and the state they are in. You are looking at thousands of homeless people in the dark and dingy underbelly of Downtown Los Angeles this year.

It’s funny… you don’t see the media covering places like Skid Row in Los Angeles or Detroit… or even de Blasio’s New York. Why? Because in every single case the politicians who are responsible for these cities are Marxists. Every one of them. Where you find want and misery, you’ll find a leftist politician. The shocking footage – captured using a car dash camera – shows the brutal reality of life on the streets for some 20,000 people in the notorious Skid Row district. There’s just under four million people in LA.

This footage was shot on 5th, 6th and Pedro Streets. This is how the poor and destitute live in the City of Angels. Many of them are women and children. This area of LA’s central business zone is considered to be one of the most dangerous places to live in the city. Those living on Skid Row share a total of nine toilets. That was according to a June report titled ‘No Place to Go’. The stench and the filth must be massive. A few of these people will find food and somewhere warm to sleep at a shelter or rescue mission. Not many though. There are just too many of them.

The three-minute clip was originally published on Instagram by LA street artist Plastic Jesus then on LiveLeak by Nick Stern in the ‘Citizen Journalism’ video category. This should shock and sicken every American who sees it. But by the Grace of God, there go all of us. The video went viral. You’ve got disabled people in wheelchairs trying to exist in that slum. You see one wheeling down the middle of the street. Another wheelchair-bound man reclines listlessly on a street corner while women file their thin-looking children through the crowds. Makeshift canopies – often simply sheets erected on poles – are packed in tightly beside one another in endless rows. The life expectancy of many of these people cannot be good.

I know there are street preachers who go down there. I’m sure there are doctors who try to help as well. It’s nowhere near enough. The rising cost of rent and housing in California is also forcing middle class residents into alternative accommodation. The stark truth is that you can’t afford to buy a home in California anymore between the housing prices and the taxes. Renting is even out of the question for many who are not making over $100k a year. Workers end up living in their cars by the roadside and hundreds of people – including nurses and chefs – sleep in parking lots in affluent areas like Santa Barbara.

One example given is nursing assistant Marva Ericson, who has been sleeping in her Kia for the past three months. She showers at her local YMCA then gets dressed in her hospital scrubs for work. The problem is so widespread that a Safe Parking Program was introduced in the area 12 years ago. It allows clients to stay overnight in the parking lots of churches, not-for-profits and government offices. In Santa Barbara alone, there are 23 parking lots currently used for the program. It is not only an awful way to live, it’s exceedingly dangerous.

I’m sure most Americans do not realize just how bad things have devolved in California and other progressive strongholds. You can thank Jerry Brown for a lot of this mess. He was elected to fix problems, not let them fester and explode like this. To me, this is just horrifying.

H/T: The Daily Mail

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