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Liberals Freak Out Over Vanity Fair Video Mocking Hillary Clinton



I actually thought the video was humorous and spot-on for a change. I was shocked that Vanity Fair put it out. Liberals are freaking out over their mocking video of Hillary Clinton. Serious outrage is emanating from leftists over this. The video suggests New Year’s resolution possibilities for the Hildabeast since she has failed one too many times at politics. It’s only 63-seconds long and recommends that Clinton start working on a sequel to her book, “What Happened,” but with a new title, “What the hell happened?” Another Vanity Fair staffer thinks Clinton should “disable autofill” on her iPhone so that typing a simple “f” doesn’t automatically become “form exploratory committee.” Heh. Now, tell me how those aren’t true.

Vanity Fair’s editors posted a video of themselves drinking wine and giving Clinton 6 pieces of advice for 2018. While sipping wine, the editors advise Clinton to steer clear of politics in the new year and completely forget about running again in 2020. I thought it was exceedingly appropriate.

Oh, and there’s more. One of them suggested that Clinton teach a class on alternate nostril breathing that she famously discussed during an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Sounds like a winner to me. Another Vanity Fair staffer proposed that Clinton take more photos in the woods because, “How else are you going to meet unsuspecting hikers?” Again true – most people probably run the other way. Just sayin’. Then there’s knitting, volunteer work and improv comedy. Probably best to skip the comedy though… Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a sense of humor we are aware of. She can’t even convincingly laugh. It’s more of a cackle.

Basically, they are saying try anything, just for the love of all that is holy, don’t run for office again. Please. Especially not for the presidency in 2020. We are concerned for your health Hillary… and ours. One Vanity Fair staffer said it is time Clinton finally puts away her James Comey voodoo doll. I’ll bet she has a whole room full of voodoo dolls. She actually likes voodoo. “It’s a year later and time to move on,” a staffer says while others raise a glass of Champagne and offer cheers to the former first lady. It certainly is… just move on already.

The attempt by Vanity Fair at humor was light-hearted and meant in fun. But the butt-hurt left did not take it that way. Not in the least. Outrage spewed out of Twitter. People slammed Vanity Fair and then unsubscribed. How dare them besmirch their idol, Hillary Clinton? A ton of people defended Clinton. They were off the rails bug nuts over it. Former Clinton adviser Peter Daou even started a hashtag “CancelVanityFair” and encouraged his followers to boycott the magazine. Other leftists are burning copies of Vanity Fair in protest. One comedy writer didn’t find the video funny, telling Vanity Fair to “stick to determining which celebrity was best dressed on the red carpet.”

“So @VanityFair decided that the best way to end 2017 was to take a repulsive cheap shot at @HillaryClinton, one of the most accomplished women in the history of the United States,” Daou wrote. “Suggesting the first woman to be a major party presidential nominee should take up knitting is a stunning lack of judgment on @VanityFair’s part.” Uh, no… exactly what has Clinton accomplished? Corruption? Thuggery? Collusion? Get a grip already. Actress Patricia Arquette responded, “Hey STOP TELLING WOMEN WHAT THE F— THEY SHOULD DO OR CAN DO. Get over your mommy issues,” while anti-gun advocate Shannon Watts asked, “Anyone ever tell Al Gore, Mitt Romney or John Kerry to go away and try knitting?” I have… lots.

“My stomach churned as I watched that slimy, unappealing video clip. What a slap in the face it is, not just to @HillaryClinton but to educated, hardworking women everywhere. I do not support this. #CancelVanityFair — Paula Bruno, Ph.D. (@2HeartsWellness) December 27, 2017.” That just goes to show that there are plenty of over-educated idiots out there.

“You owe Hillary an apology,” one user tweeted. “I’ll never read you again!” Oh… boo hoo! Vanity Fair should have told them to stuff it, instead they apologized for ‘missing the mark’ with their humor. Sigh. They actually did something right and were bullied out of it in 2.3 seconds flat. Lame. One professor posted a multi-tweet thread offering advice on how the magazine can recover from a “major scandal over a stupid sexist video.” They could start by telling said professor to pound sand. Just a thought.

H/T: Fox News, The Daily Caller

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