Trump Demands the DEATH PENALTY for NY Terrorist



This is one move by President Trump that I can totally get behind. He called for prosecutors on Wednesday to seek the death penalty for Sayfullo Saipov, who mowed down more than a dozen innocent people on a New York City bike path on Tuesday. Saipov killed eight and injured 15. He was shot by an officer and survived unfortunately. He is proud of what he did and requested an ISIS flag for his hospital room. “NYC terrorist was happy as he asked to hang ISIS flag in his hospital room. He killed 8 people, badly injured 12. SHOULD GET DEATH PENALTY!” Trump tweeted. Right there with ya chief.

President Trump immediately demanded stricter US immigration laws and for tighter vetting of immigrants. That’s exactly what he should be doing, but the left is having a meltdown over it. The media and the left seemed more concerned over a potential blowback against Muslims than the actual murder of New Yorkers. Trump has asked Congress to end the Diversity Lottery Visa program that allowed the Uzbek suspect into the country in the first place. You can thank Chuckie Schumer, George H.W. Bush and politicians from both sides of the political aisle for this deadly insanity.

Trump would really like to send this asshat to Gitmo. Have at it… that’s what it’s for. He said he would consider sending Saipov to the military prison at the US naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, which Barack Obama tried, but failed to shut. But not before setting a whole bunch of murderous Islamists free. If Trump does send him there, it would be the first detainee since 2008 to get that privilege. White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders later told reporters that Trump considers Saipov an ‘enemy combatant’, a designation that would curtail his legal rights. That’s exactly what he is. I say faster, faster pussycat.

Trump appropriately labeled the terrorist ‘this animal’ and lambasted the US justice system for terrorism suspects as ‘a joke’ and ‘a laughing stock’. Currently, I don’t see how anyone can disagree with that assessment. Trump has worked from the moment he entered office to increase deportations of illegal immigrants, limit legal immigration, increase vetting of refugees, limit the number of refugees and where they are from into the country.

Saipov is married with three children. He’s an Uber driver. And he’s a killer for ISIS. He entered court yesterday in a wheelchair, handcuffs and with his feet shackled. He faces terrorism charges filed against him by the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York and a call for the death penalty. But if he is tried as an enemy combatant, he will go to Gitmo and be judged by a military tribunal. Saipov, 29, wore a gray shirt and was surrounded by five guards while in his wheelchair inside a New York federal courthouse after he was charged with providing material support to a terrorist group and committing violence and destruction of motor vehicles. How about the slaughter of innocents?

His lawyers are not seeking bail… like they would EVER get it. A judge ordered him to be held in federal jail. Saipov did not enter a plea to terrorism charges and a judge set his next court date for November 15. He had a massive amount of ISIS videos on his cellphone. He picked Halloween for the attack on a bike lane in lower Manhattan because he believed more people would be out on the streets. And bonus… it was right down the street from where the Twin Towers attack occurred. He also had plans to drive over the Brooklyn Bridge and kill pedestrians on the walking path over the NYC landmark.

The 29 year-old left behind knives and a note, handwritten in Arabic, that included Islamic religious references and said ‘it will endure’ — a phrase that commonly refers to ISIS, FBI agent Amber Tyree said in court papers. Saipov was questioned in his hospital bed. He says he was inspired by ISIS videos and started planning the attack about a year ago. He decided on a truck two months ago. According to the criminal complaint, Saipov said he was also thinking of hanging an ISIS flag on the front and back of his truck during the attack, but ultimately decided against it because it would draw too much attention. Ya think?

John Miller, deputy New York police commissioner for intelligence, said Saipov “appears to have followed, almost exactly to a T, the instructions that ISIS has put out.” ISIS has exhorted followers online to use vehicles, knives or other close-at-hand means of killing people in their home countries. England, France and Germany have all seen deadly vehicle attacks since mid-2016. A November 2016 issue of their magazine advised adherents to rent trucks and recommended targeting crowded streets and outdoor gatherings, according to the SITE Intelligence Group, a militant-monitoring agency. Carlos Batista, a neighbor of Saipov’s in Paterson, New Jersey, said he had seen the suspect and two friends using the same model of rented truck several times in the past three weeks.

Overnight, FBI agents raided the Saipov’s Paterson, New Jersey home. Saipov attended a ‘suspicious’ New Jersey mosque that has been under surveillance. On October 28, Saipov was spotted on the George Washington Bridge, the crossing at the far northern tip of the island between New Jersey and New York. That same day, his EZ-pass recorded him driving through the Holland Tunnel (which also links New Jersey and New York) twice. The Holland Tunnel is located in lower Manhattan, near where Saipov started his rampage on Tuesday.

He lived a very quiet life and had no social footprint. People liked him… he had everyone fooled. He had spent most of his life living in a single apartment with his parents and three younger sisters in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, Radio Free Europe (RFE) reports. Two neighbors back in Tashkent told RFE that the Saipov family were ‘very secular’ and ‘ordinary Uzbeks who don’t stand out in any particular respect’. “His parents are far from religion,” one of them said, “They don’t even pray.” Looks like all that changed for Saipov.

At the age of 22 in 2010, Saipov moved alone to the US after winning a greencard through the Diversity Visa Lottery. But a police source in Tashkent told RFE that Saipov lived for a time in Osh, Kyrgyzstan – a city that saw violent ethnic clashes in 1990 and 2010 – before immigrating to the US. When he first came here, acquaintances said that he did not appear to be a ‘religious person’. Several years later though, they say he became ‘aggressive’ and started expressing ‘very radical views’, according to sources who spoke to RFE. Since immigrating, Saipov has lived in multiple states, with addresses in Ohio, Florida and New Jersey. There’s some confusion about where Saipov lived when and for how long, since it appears he moved around frequently. It’s possible that Saipov, working as a trucker, split his time between the three states.

President Trump deserves our full support in seeing that this murderous demon gets what he deserves. Leftists would love to see him in our court system forever rather than getting a one-way ticket to hell like he deserves. Let’s hope Trump prevails and gets this guy the death penalty. He deserves much worse.

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