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Debbie ‘Blabbermouth’ must be having a meltdown right about now! Her little ‘boy toy’ Imran Awan, IT specialist and DNC staffer and ‘hacker’ is locked up after he was trying to flee the country. Now, he’s arrested and could squeal loud and clear any day! It’s only a matter of time before some of these criminal activities come out. Like who killed Seth Rich? Who killed Bernaton Whisenant? Who killed Molly McCauley?

Sooner or later Debbie and her other criminal associates will have to pay the pied piper. The truth will come out!….and yes, several of those hard drives that were smashed by Imran Awan and/or his family….well, the feds can still access the information that was on them. YOWZER!


H/T Conservative Tribune:

Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s former IT guy is about to have an ugly rendezvous with the American justice system, and even his decision to introduce Mr. Smashy to a number of hard drives associated with the case isn’t going to stop the truth from coming out.

That’s the takeaway from cybersecurity industry experts who told The Daily Caller that even though Imran Awan took a hammer to several hard drives seized by the FBI in relation to the case, it would be very easy for authorities to extract the data from them.

Awan was arrested last week at Dulles Airport as he tried to catch a plane that would take him back to his native Pakistan. Awan’s attempted flight from the country came just hours after the FBI had executed a search warrant on his home to obtain smashed hard drives apparently connected with the case.

According to Politico, Awan is being detained on one count of bank fraud for apparently deceiving the Congressional Federal Credit Union when he applied for a home loan.

However, he’s also suspected as a major player in a double-billing scheme for computer hardware that he allegedly helped orchestrate while he was an IT staffer for top congressional Democrats, including former DNC head Wasserman Schultz. Federal officials also suspect him of mishandling sensitive information by putting it in the cloud.

You might think, with the hard drives smashed, that evidence from the hard drives couldn’t be recovered by officials. However, Tom Hakim of werecoverdata.com — a firm which specializes in this sort of thing — says that getting information off of the drives shouldn’t be that difficult.

“It depends on what happens, but even if it is hit with a hammer, it probably doesn’t damage the platters that actually hold the data, which remains recoverable,”  Hakim said.

“In most cases, it’s very likely” data can be recovered “in two or three days, maybe a week” if a hard drive is smashed that way, Hakim said.

That’s bad news for Awan, and it could be bad news for Wasserman Schultz, too.

images (26)

No DUH! There is no doubt this scumbag had access to Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI), thanks to Debbie ‘Blabbermouth’ Schultz. Imran Awan probably sold high security clearance information from accessing over 80 Congressional Democrats’ computers/emails to the highest bidders, including our enemies and the Pakistani IS. Imran had access to emails from Democrats that were on such committees as The House Intelligence Committee, The House Foreign Affairs Committee, The House Homeland Security Committee, The House Energy Committee, The House Ethics Committee, The House Armed Services Committee and others.

Five of the Democratic Congressional members from Florida who paid Imran and his family members included: Lois Frankel (paid Abid Awan $77,375), Ted Deutch (paid Imran Awan $2,083 and Rao Abbas ($17,906), Frederica Wilson (paid Awan $127,475), of course, thousands more were paid from Debbie Wasserman Schultz, former Dem. Robert Wexler, Charlie Crist. and Patrick Murphy.

Can you say DemocRATS!?

It’s pretty amazing that Imran Awan made all this money from these Democrats and others and yet he STILL needed a loan for over $100,000? What’s up with THAT?

Imran Awan is tied into mortage transfers, debt evading bankruptcy, unpaid credit lines, and several illegal driving offenses which included driving unregistered vehicles.

This scumbag who was hired by Debbie ‘Blabbermouth’ Schultz back in 2005, worked with the DNC as a IT staffer and made more than $160,000 a year. He also owned 3-4 homes, a few car dealerships (through ICE) and was a real estate agent.  In addition, it seems he worked for Nanoset Technologies and had access to NADRA (National Data Registry Agency), that would give him access to passport data information.

hqdefault (2)

Did I mention that Bernaton Whisenant was investigating voter fraud and passport fraud in Broward County? ….What a coincidence?

Did I mention his lawyer, Chris Gowen, is a friend of the Clintons and worked for them with the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative? Oh, and did I mention, Chris Gowen also mentioned ‘pizzagate’ in his defense statement to the press? How bizarre is that?!

Oh, did I also mention that when Raos Abbas (Imran’s buddy and another IT staffer) threatened Imran about a loan, that Ted Deutch of all people, suddenly put Raos Abbas on his payroll?

Oh, what about the fact Imran knew Debbie ‘Blabbermouth’ Schultz’s password to her Ipad? Yep, in an email…..

“Amy….I will call you shortly…I have to get this Ipad thing figured out….need to make sure I have her username and password…”

Amy: “I do not have access to her Ipad, Imran does.”

That was an email related to Amy Kroll DNC Assistant to the Chair or Debbie ‘Blabbermouth’.

Oh, yes! The Awan brothers had access to ALL the DNC emails. They were downloading classified information to an offsite computer/server (probably picked up that idea from Hillary herself).  They even had remote access to that server, so that they could basically send that information to anyone over the internet for a price.

Was Imran Awan wiring money to the Muslim Brotherhood?…Probably, but one thing is for sure, he was sending money to Faisalabad in Pakistan and LOTS of it!

The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust filed an ethics complaint against the Florida representative in Congress on Monday to find out more about why Awan kept getting taxpayer coin for doing nothing despite being the subject of a federal investigation —  a fact that likely makes Wasserman Schultz wish those hard drives weren’t just smashed but thrown into the caldera of Mount Doom.


“Since Awan’s arrest last week, Wasserman Schultz has been evasive and unable to answer even basic questions about the nature of Awan’s employment with her office. This only further confirms the urgency of an investigation into her unethical and illegal actions.”

No kidding!….She only threatened a DC Police Chief, when she thought she could get away with it. Hey Debbie! Guess what?! Remember when you said, ‘There will be consquences’?!


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1 Comment

  1. Barbara

    August 4, 2017 at 8:33 am

    Seth parties with debs boy toy. boy topreventy kills Seth after Seth sends dnc and dws data to wiki. dws fights hard to prevent laptop from giving up its secrets. this would make for a really good movie!

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