Not exactly ‘American Woman’. Just imagine topless Latinas in New York’s Times Square panhandling. And not all of them are attractive either. Aside from that, just ewww. And they hassle people for money. De Blasio’s answer was to create eight Designated Activity Zones to try and curtail the abuse between these Chicas and normal people. These are women that are wearing thongs and are topless, but are painted in costumes that give the appearance of clothing… almost.

They are called Desnudas and unfortunately, Times Square Alliance president Tim Tompkins says they aren’t observing the boundaries. They are elusive of the police as well. But even if the police catch them, New York is a sanctuary city and the cops are pretty much rendered helpless in stopping them or any other illegal alien. Sounds to me like a job for ICE, y’all. If they fail to stay in the boundaries of the zones, they are subject to a fine of up to $500. But only 220 summons have been handed out and they are getting even more infrequent.

From the Daily Mail:

The costumed characters crowding Times Square everyday are not fans of people trying to reign them in.

And even with the last year announcement of New York City’s Designated Activity Zones (DAZs), the city-mandated areas created for desnuda’s to ask for tips, many are annoyed with law enforcement’s lack of enforcing the policy.

Law-enforcement reportedly write off the need to ticket, adding that the officers’ hands were tied since most of the costumed panhandlers are illegal immigrants and under Bill de Blasio’s administration, going after them would be difficult.

Desnudas are painted nude panhandlers that are often colored in star-spangled patterns and walk the streets of Times Square.

The New York Post sent a reporter to go out and interact with the desnudas and other panhandlers and were greeted with insults and wild gestures.

‘I told you, if you don’t have a tip, then f*** off!’ one star-spangled desnuda said to a Post reporter.

Not only that, but these women are freaking rude to everyone they meet. They also know the police are powerless to stop them. It’s a new and improved form of begging and isn’t prostitution. Although there is plenty of that in Times Square. This has got to be impacting the number of people going to Times Square. Who wants to go to a place where topless women in red, white and blue body paint demand tips from you and then insult and threaten you? Not me.

I suggest that people make sure they have pepper spray for encounters such as this and being armed would be a great idea, but we are talking about New York here. They aren’t the only ‘beggar characters’ there either. There’s The Hulk, Spider Man, Batman and Minnie Mouse as well. Every kook, crackpot and scam artist is getting in on the begging by threat agenda. It happens thousands of times every single week there. But de Blasio is cool with that… just as long as they aren’t armed. 88 percent of these freaks touch people. Out west, you get shot or punched for that crap.

Uncomfortable incidents – one where a Spider Man wouldn’t let go of a 13 year-old until their father paid $10 and a Batman who snatched $50 out of an Irish tourist’s wallet – prompted the creation of eight DAZs a year ago. But they are about as effective as free speech zones, in other words, not at all. Zones don’t do squat. If Giuliani was still mayor, they’d be arrested and not with kid gloves. I guarantee it would pretty much stop at that point. This is what you get with liberals and Marxists in charge.




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  1. John

    August 1, 2017 at 11:35 am

    Allow men to grab tit and pussy, allow them to be taken into alleys and raped,have police turn a blind eye. Then see how long it persists

  2. Mary Lamb

    August 2, 2017 at 6:21 am

    I would give them a “tip” all right. Thank God I don’t live in place where political correctness trumps the law and decency.

  3. Thomas Kelly

    August 3, 2017 at 3:45 pm

    They’ve got to start arresting the illegal immigrants and deporting them to over seas try it in Iraq and Afghanistan see em get back from THERE

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