In July of 2016 numerous Cabinet positions were reshuffled and Tory ministers were in or out. The mainstream media kept quiet about the lucky 20 who got the grubby handshakes from new PM Maybot, but here they are if you’re interested in this kind of  top-down windfalls:


It’s all documented, so believe it.


George Osborne – £15-£20k [pdf p69].

Mark Harper – £5-£10k [pdf p 69].

Department of Justice

Michael Gove – £16,877 [pdf p55].

Dominic Raab – £5,594 [pdf p55].

Shailesh Vara – £5,594 [pdf p55].

Department for Education

Nicky Morgan – £16,877 [pdf p62].

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Anna Soubry – £7,920 [pdf p88/89 note 9].

Nick Boles – £7,920 [pdf p88/89, note 10].

George Freeman – £5,594 [pdf p88/89 note 17].

Department for Communities and Local Government

Unnamed minister – £5-10k [pdf p52].

Department for Culture, Media and Sport

John Whittingdale – £16,887 [pdf p110].

Ed Vaizey – £7,920 [pdf p110].

Department for Work and Pensions

Stephen Crabb – £16,877 [pdf p104].

Baroness Altmann – £19,723 [pdf p104].

Justin Tomlinson – £5,594 [pdf p104].

Department of Health

Alistair Burt – £7,920 [pdf p78].

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Hugo Swire – £7,920 [pdf p67].

James Duddridge – £5,594 [pdf p67].

Ministry of Defence

Julian Brazier – £5,594 [pdf p105].

Northern Ireland Office

Andrew Murrison – £5,594 [pdf p54].

The total paid out to specific ministers was around £200,000.

The Canary sums it up well methinks:

In any other job, you may get redundancy money if you have to leave involuntarily. But the majority of these former government ministers kept their jobs as MPs. And Osborne, for example, now has six other jobs: Editor of The Evening Standard; six-figure speaking engagements; advising vulture capitalists Blackrock; a gig at thinktank the McCain Institute; chairing of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership, and an Honorary Professor of Economics at the University of Manchester.

While the rest of us suffer because of years of crippling austerity, and other public sector workers are stuck with a 1% pay rise cap, May’s ‘golden handshakes’ once again show it really is one rule for the ruling class, and another for everyone else.


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