Lara Trump, wife of President Trump’s son Eric, discussed her brother-in-law Jared Kushner’s remarks on Monday, saying; “never sought the limelight” of CNN despite having a large role behind-the-scenes in the president’s campaign. “He wanted to clarify… to be as transparent as possible,” Trump said.

“Nobody used BleachBit… Nobody destroyed cell phones with hammers,” she said. Yet, it’s still all they want to talk about… Conversely, Hillary Clinton, previously under investigation for mishandling of classified information, reportedly used an intensive email server cleaner called BleachBit to erase messages. “It does feel like the world is against us right now, but we’re standing strong,” she said of Robert Mueller’s special investigation into the president.


Yet when it was Hillary under the spotlight, when it came to the mainstream media, you can almost hear them in their minds saying…

‘Please say this isn’t so… Please say Hillary didn’t do that!’

Alas..she sure did do it, and there is supporting evidence to prove it.

Their SHOCK is worth a 1000 words…

Watch this!

Did you see what just happened? The entire time they have a smug look on their face like they are dealing with an idiot that’s just talking out of his butt.

Then they demand a fact check thinking they can shut him down, and BOOM! They get a nasty surprise in the form of TRUTH!

After that…there was no denying their candidate of choice is a CHEAT!

Just to make sure we understand how serious the FBI findings are…here’s some dialogue.

BORIS EPSHTEYN: 17,500 emails that she lied about turning over. The server wipe. Within weeks of there being a report that she had a private server, it was wiped. She thought that “C,” which stands for classified, stood for cookie or something. She thought that drone strikes are not classified. She said that the reason she used a private server was for convenience, that she only had one device, she used 13 Blackberries and five iPads. This is somebody who is absolutely disqualified from becoming president. They destroyed BlackBerries with hammers in the State Department.


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