Protests are breaking out across the country, as many people who voted for someone other than Trump can’t understand why they don’t always get what they want and think they’re part of a “movement” by protesting the election results.

As infuriating as they may be, sometimes, they make us laugh. Enjoy! Warning: Strong content!

What are the legal ramifications of hitting someone or should I say running someone over that won’t move? It’s illegal I be in the road right? Obviously going 40 through them is not right but 5mph through them when they won’t move?


Some people seriously dont give a damn and the cop giving the protesters the shrugged shoulders thing after they’d got run over was fricking epic.

The Seattle Tribune web site published an article reporting that six individuals protesting the election of Donald Trump were killed in the course of blocking a freeway:

A 32-year old man driving a Waldrum Brother’s delivery truck is responsible for the death of 6 Anti-Trump protesters that were blocking traffic while chanting “Dump Trump” in the middle of a Seattle freeway.

The accident occurred near an I-15 off-ramp today around 5:15 PM. According to witnesses, a crowd of approximately 16 individuals pulled their vehicles to the side of the freeway and created a barricade by linking their arms together.

The protester’s actions immediately hindered the flow of traffic and motorists became upset at what many of them viewed as an unwanted obstacle preventing them from getting home after a long day at work.

A number of fellow fake news or “satire” sites feature disclaimers informing readers their articles are fabricated, but Associated Media Coverage (and the Seattle Tribune) do not.

Although the photograph used with the fake Seattle Tribune article was captioned “Delivery truck collides with protesters chanting ‘Dump Trump’ in the middle of the freeway,” the image was published as early as October 2016 and was unrelated to any incident involving anti-Trump protesters killed by a truck while blocking a freeway.

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