Just now at an Ariana Grande concert in the UK, 2 loud explosions and several potential gunshots have been reported. The Manchester Police have already confirmed a number of fatalities and injuries. Ariana Grande herself has made it out of harm’s way uninjured.

This is what we know so far:

One of the concert goers has already released footage they captured on film of people fleeing the show shortly after the explosions.

Watch that here:

Manchester Police have already confirmed that this is in fact a “serious incident” at the arena, and have urged members of the public to stay clear of the area for safety concerns.

Their railway station has now been evacuated and all lines have been closed. Both mainline services and even their tram lines have all been shut down. It has been reported by the National Rail in a statement released that “Disruption is expected to continue until the end of the day.”

Eyewitness Andy Holey told the BBC he saw “several bodies”. He said the explosion was near the ticket office and he was blown off his feet by the blast, while another eyewitness, Ivo Delgado told CNN he heard “a big bang and little ones”.

UPDATE 19:30 EST — Eyewitness David Richardson is quoted by the Manchester Evening News:

“The lights came on after the gig and people were starting to leave. As I turned to the left there was an explosion. It was about 40ft behind us near one of the exits. We just thought it was people messing about then it happened again. Another explosion sounded.

“Then we saw the smoke. Everyone just fled. Some people were injured. We saw blood on people when we got outside. People were just running all over the place.

“People have said it was a speaker or balloons but it wasn’t. It was explosions.”

UPDATE 19:24 EST — Bomb disposal units have been seen entering the area around the arena.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned.

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