Well well well…looks like not everything out of Hollywood is walks like ‘stupid’ and sounds like ‘crazy’. In fact, it appears that Jamie Foxx may have just redeemed some dignity for Hollywood with his latest statements…

This is actually pretty awesome, because what he has to say is so true.

Almost too good to be true in fact.

In an interview with Essence magazine, actor Jamie Foxx spoke up about the current political landscape in America, and what he had to say will cause many liberal heads to explode because it runs counter to the narrative they’ve been pushing since President-elect Donald Trump announced his candidacy.

“Regardless of who the president is, the spirit of America is always going to be great,” Foxx said.

Foxx added that the country was set up by the Founding Fathers in such a way that even if things “go off the rails,” the country will be able to protect itself.

The comedian then suggested what he thought the country needed to do now that the election was over, and it’s not something liberals wanted to hear.

He said we needed to work together and not be angry about every decision that will be made. He also suggested that we should go back to being courteous to one another because that’s something that makes America great.

Now here comes my VERY favorite part of what he had to say… I think you’ll appreciate this too.

He said, “When you travel outside America and see how other countries are run, you will run back here.”

Though Foxx worked in some “inclusivity” talk of a sort not dear to us here at Conservative Tribune, we appreciate his pro-American stance and his criticism of Rosie O’Donnell, Madonna, Alec Baldwin, Michael Moore and other celebrity elitists who continued to attack Trump and his supporters.

Refreshing, isn’t it? In a world where the stupid seems to be taking over, not only is it refreshing to hear what Jamie has to say, but it’s also a glimmer of hope.

Hope that Hollywood isn’t a lost cause.

How nice.

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