This man is a genius!

Some people LOVE the ideas, others, not so much…



Or you can just spend 20 dollars and buy a lighter, sanding machine and a bell.

Anonymous Monkey 

if you got a shop that sells a sanding machine for 20 dollars, please do tell me. Oh, don’t forget the bell and the lighter.
Tim Hyatt 

he’s got the dremel….a sanding drum for it isn’t all that expensive…..or, given the tools he clearly demonstrates he has (a dremel, a hole saw, and glue) he could have made a far more function sanding drum for his dremel….
Hairy Legs 

this channel probably uses 1/4 of the world’s hot glue deposit

Bunky Don 

+Tom Self I played the same video, and my neighbor dialed 911. The NYPD police came dancing all the way to my door from New York.
Howard Fortyfive 

Don’t fart in California or the state government will TAX YOU FOR IT!!

the sander #2 is about the same quality you get at harbor freight!


OK that’s funny
Col. Angus 

1:Lighter .30 cents 2:Rotary tool $ 3.99 Harbor Freight 3:Wireless driveway alarm $ 2.99 Dollar store

itchy robot 

all the ladies love a little col angus
Yandal G. 

And they’re more effective.

How about tell us what you are doing instead of the annoying music?

Erik Parker 

the vid was about moronic things like gluing wire to batteries etc…nothing perplexing here except why one would do it…useless… so, get a life and stay out of mine.
CuthuluGaming 42 

Why don’t you do the same? I’m not as good as him with wires and electronics.

You could use that for a Vape to


that what said 😀
Cris. Edward 

mcgyver approved xd
Aaron G. Randall 

Why would you hot glue wood? Wood glue would last longer and is a lot more strong. Unless it is for the super impatient…. I would have to say the first gadget is the best one… if you didn’t have access to matches or a lighter…

“if you didn’t have access to matches or a lighter” But were out in the deep woods with an Ace Hardware just down the path…lol
Aurelio Lopez-Oliva 

This video is 5 minutes? Feels like 10.

what’s the music he used pleasd anyone

spiciest cloud 

Amazing video made of things you find lying around the house ??
The atom of a fat guy's Ass 

Daddy’s sandstorm is fucking dead. Get the fuck out of here

I love your channel! I’m Electronic Engineer I didn’t see that your channel is in english!!! great job!


You’re electronic engineer, and I am astronaut….and so what now.?  Want a cookie or something.?

yes please! thanks 🙂

Wait, he used a dremel to make a slightly larger, non-portable dremel?

well, LESS portable
Greg S 

This channel has got to be sponsored by a hot glue manufacturer, and maybe also a walk-in urgent care clinic chain.

idea #1 – Why dont you just use the lighter you used in idea #2 to start the fire? lol. I think idea #3 was the best though.
jose carlos herrera ovejero 

Lo de la pila veo que cuando se gaste o sulfate…. tiras conector y toda la pesca no es reutilizable y sale mas barato comprar un mechero al final,
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