This is so intense. Imagine if they had a little fight training? Then the big girl steps in…

So, is the slap technique ever a good idea?

Here is what a few guys over at the forum have to say:

“I like this strike.

i´ve done it and it is a very effective technique.

then again, if u can ear slap someone, why punch him? 

i think its about practice and what u like. if u want to do a pre emptive strike u can go for either a punch to the jaw, palm strike to temple, ear slap, etc etc. anything is possible. but it is a very good strike. and it is easy. its is harder to through an very accurate punch to the jaw then to ear slap. the ear as a target is bigger then the point on the jaw u aim for and ur hand and palm are larger than the two first knuckles of your fists.

if ur trained in punching and ur good at it, then hell yeah go for it.

if ur good at palmstrikes, then go for the earslap.

and if ur just somebody who gets in trouble and has seen a few videos on youtube, then just try whatever u can to get your a$$ out of a bad situation.

nothing wrong with ear slapping, simple and effective.

same as punch. only that a lot of ppl cant rly punch properly.

a bad earslap can do way more damage then a bad punch.




“Nijado –

Ear slap will most definitely work. A proper ear slap can rupture the ear drum, and is incredibly painful. Slapping in general is a very viable self-defense tactic. Many SD instructors favor slapping over punching, because there is less likliehood of damage to the hand when slapping. A good “power slap” can knock down or KO an opponent.

Think ‘thai roundhouse kick’ – with your arm.”


Ear slap may be a misnomer. We were taught this technique specifically to rupture the tympanic membrane (eardrum). It is easy to rupture (from small tear to full on destruction), I know, I had my right eardrum torn when struck there…little dribble o blood and I hear Lt ear only, Rt ear was totally muffled…quite disconcerting.

TECH: Make knife hands then slightly cup hands. The technique was a prelude, BOTH hands cupped, slap and rupture both ear drums, Grab now compliant head and allow it to “accidentally” impact one or two knees or just backup, done well they are now deaf and you may not have to worry bout anybody but the Police as you have now Maimed someone.

***A One handed slap (cupped or not) stings like a Mf and places your hand in the right place to grab the entire cartilaginous ear, hahahaha BUT be careful I Hear it tears off real easy (and with gently appropriate direction and pressure can be well used for control)…but it (the external part of ear, cartilage lobe and all) rips right off so so easily, after that happens might as well make them eat it or shove it up their…nevermind.

***so I just stick w/ a hard slap, but I’ve spent time smacking my palms on rope wrapped wood (among other body parts and I dont recommend anyone doing the stupid [censored] I’ve done),

And yes if I can slap ’em why not hit ’em, well my knuckles hit the same makiwara and if I miss
1.hit and rupture temporal artery-Death
2.hit nerve behind jaw, jaw dislocates and possible-Death
3.hit the bones of the orbit-Reconstructive Surgury
4.hit the brachial plexus upper neck seal Artery-Death
5.hit their calvarium and even w/ conditioning-Broken Hand and I really dont want that.

SD-a good ear slap hurts like hell, is unexpected, nonfatal, and (unless they have cauliflower ears, in which case skip the striking and beg forgiveness) if followed by say a nose pop, you can split no one damaged.

-Karl. Peace. anyone seen my hearing aid, there’s a prosthetic ear near it????”



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