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As many of you know, I supported Heather Grant for many reasons, mostly for political reasons, and one very important personal reason: the fact that she is a Nurse Practitioner. As you may know, nurses generally have a special place in my heart, especially since it was a Nurse Practitioner who realized I had cancer in July, 2011.

I plan to remain friends with Heather going forward, as I feel she is a decent human being and someone I know shares many of my values and opinions on the issues of the day. Thank you, Heather, for showing us how to run a clean campaign, talking up yourself without dragging buckets of mud to throw against your opponents.

Thom Tillis was the big winner in North Carolina on Tuesday, capturing more than the 40% necessary to avoid a run-off. As I said in my commentary “The Importance of North Carolina” from May 5,  “If no candidate gets at least 40% of the vote, the runner-up has the option to request that run-off,” and further stated which would work “to the detriment of the winner and would boost Senator Hagan’s chances for re-election.”

Well, in spite of Senator Hagan’s spin and that of her aides, Mr. Tillis certainly is a viable candidate poised to defeat the Senator in November. 

Ultimately, as it stands now, like most Americans, North Carolinians by a wide margin dislike Obamacare, which Ms. Hagan enthusiastically supports. That will be the issue in North Carolina, followed by who could do the best job for the middle class.

Senator Rand Paul, who had backed Tea Party favorite, Greg Bannon, posted to Facebook, his support for Mr. Tillis, emphasizing it was “time for our party to unite” to defeat Hagan. In addition, Rob Engstrom, national political director of the US Chamber said, “Tillis is the candidate best positioned to defeat Sen. Hagan in November, and he provides a clear contrast on issues important to our Members.” He continued, “We welcome that debate” who best could provide economic growth in North Carolina.

I wholeheartedly agree. On November 4, vote for Thom Tillis as North Carolina’s next Senator.    

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