Allen West: I’m Waiting for Obama to Apply “Income Equality” to Jay Z and Beyonce



Before we get to that,… just what the hell is this Hip-Hop-Nevo-Nazi-Fux-Ilimuniati-New-World-Order Salute???
Anyway, Thank you Allen West:
[quote_box_center]Alas, this week we’ve found the theme upon which President Obama and the progressive socialist Left will now stake their claim: equality.

These astute individuals truly believe it is their destiny to make us all equal — as they define it. Listen to the constant rants from the president and the leftist acolytes about “income inequality.” With the full power of the government, either by force or coercion (or both), they shall rectify this inequality and make us all equal. How exactly is that done, and the larger question is, to whom?

Shall we turn to Lebron James and tell him he doesn’t deserve any more in income or compensation, than the 12th listed person on the Heat roster?

Shall President Obama and his pay czar decide what the base level compensation must be across the NBA?

Will the Obama administration turn to Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the NFL, and instruct him on team salary caps?

Or shall President Obama, known for his baseball pitching prowess, tell the New York Yankees they must rescind the seven year $155 million contract to Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka — after all the comptroller of NYC believes in “shared prosperity for all over individual success.”

I’m waiting for President Obama to say during his State of the Union address that income inequality is so vital and important as issue that he will issue an executive order that caps the compensation for Hollywood actors and actresses. After all, why do they need all that income?

As well, entertainers such as his dear friends Jay Z and Beyonce must see a cut in their income and their concerts must be made more affordable to all Americans.

Now, do you REALLY believe that’s what President Obama and the Left mean when they talk about income inequality? Nope. They’re talking about those Americans whom the President referred to when he said, “You didn’t build that.” Because you didn’t, you don’t deserve the fruits of your hard-earned labor, investments, and sacrifices.

You see, we don’t need uniform standards in our military or even physical standards, because everyone is equal and should be allowed to “play.” One man and one woman shouldn’t define marriage. What difference do the last few thousand years of history make?

All of this sounds good, or as we used to say in the military, “briefs well,” but just tell me how has it indeed worked out through history when a government, socialist in nature, has tried to force social egalitarianism — under the guise of equality?

America is great because it is based upon an exceptional ideal of equality of opportunity. Progressive socialists embrace the failed concept of equality of outcomes.

I am 5’9″ and cannot dunk a basketball, but I don’t envy Lebron James for his talents and ability to do so, nor his compensation for it. I found my niche and ability in life as a Soldier and was thankful for my opportunity to serve and the compensation afforded (allow the government has reduced my earned retirement benefits).

Celebration of diversity is not about elevating other cultures above America. It is the celebration of our supreme regard for the diversity of our talents that has placed America above all other cultures and nations.

Let us never forget Thomas Jefferson’s words that “our unalienable rights, from the Creator, are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” And a government that believes it’s big enough to try and guarantee happiness is also powerful enough to take it away — equally.[/quote_box_center]

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  1. luistp

    January 26, 2014 at 9:17 am

    Impeach the bastard NOW!!

  2. lpapa

    January 26, 2014 at 2:30 pm

    Obama is the typical wannabe superstar. He would love to be someone that has a talent that makes people love and respect him, but he has none so he ran for president. He lack any measurable skills in anything other that lying his fool head off. Had it not been for the miserable lack of press scrutiny he never would have even won. But, since every single news outlet is far left that was never going to be an issue. As far as I’m concerned there is no turning back now, we have crossed the point of no return and now must await the complete and utter destruction of this country by the left. Something that they have been planning for decades and being patient has finally paid off. There is only one party and that’s the left, the right has been neutered. The only way to change this is by physical engagement and by that I mean civil disobedience, a 2nd civil war would be the trick, but we have not the will or fortitude to engage in such an act. Therefore we will have to let this run it’s course and I would hazard to say in about 50 to 60 years when I’m long gone change will occur. Good Night America

    • Gail Miller

      January 27, 2014 at 2:41 pm

      Your comment is so true, and it made me want to cry. You are right, we are done. There aren’t enough people willing to stand for what’s right. And the majority are too busy collecting all the things they are “entitled” to. I feel so sorry for the kids of this generation, my youngest is 5 my oldest is 18. The younger one will never know America the way I or even her older sister do. If I could go back I would have had no kids vs see the way they will be forced to live. But maybe, just maybe we can change things around if we can find someone to rally around and support. God help us all

  3. AnneCameo

    January 26, 2014 at 4:26 pm

    Absolutely, income equality – once an individual makes a million $ in one year – the rest goes to the gov’t to be shared. As an assault rifle, a Ferrari should goes 200 mph, – there’s just NO NEED for any more than the MAXIMUM SET limits. (Libs, see how stupid that sounds?)

  4. ML NJ

    January 27, 2014 at 10:17 pm

    What about equality of work?

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