Under the Fedora: Ride Right Through Them Edition



As this column goes up Scott Walker has won in the Wisconsin recall with a 7 point lead with 99%  of the vote tallied.

All during the day the exit polls were said to show a really close race,  in the days coming up to the election  before the left insisted polls shows the race was tightening.

All of this crashed into the reality of the actual vote as cast.

This hasn’t stopped MSNBC from continuing to downplay the Wisconsin result it’s after midnight yet they are still pushing exit polls that turned out to be as wrong as they could be.

At 12:05 AM the four GOP senators also facing recall are all up between 10 & 25 points but MSNBC has not called a single one of those races even though upwards of 92% of the vote has been counted in some.

I can’t help but be pleased to see the Democrats so deep in denial, but I suggest that it has been the right and conservatives who have been in denial for over a year, but it’s been a denial over success…


On January 19th 2010 after Scott Brown stunned the Democratic party  I wondered if the democrats would learn their lesson from the defeat, after reading a Boston Globe column on the subject I said the following:


The sheer contempt for the electorate that the column and those who commented with approval of it drips of the bigotry I heard at the Obama rally combined with the arrogance of the Coakley campaign.

If the GOP doesn’t take advantage of this foolishness it’s only because they are not trying or in the word of Phil Sheridan:

Ride right through them, they’re demoralized as hell

In October of the same year Allahpundit was worried about the Marco Rubio race in Florida as rumors swirled about a deal between Charlie Crist & dems.  My advice?

Allah take my advice, leave the hand wringing to the David Frums of the world go right through them they’re demoralized as hell.

In March of last year I said the Democrats were in a Wisconsin minefield and gave six reasons why that was the case saying the following:

While some members of the GOP are getting wobbilly, I say man up. The reason why the left and the unions are screaming so loud is because they are losing both the argument and the visuals…These protests aren’t a sign of strength, they are signs of weakness as the union bosses can’t quietly slip in the goodies they want. Or as even EJ Dionne acknowledges (and deplores) the Tea Party is winning.

I repeat the words of Sheridan: Ride Right through them, they’re demoralized as hell.

In March 2011 we talked about the White House asking people to invite the president to speak at commencements , Wisconsin leading with Michael Moore and  gave six points why E.D. Kain’s GOP waterloo argument was nonsense made fun of Obama’s closed door policy and noted that the media’s insistence that the GOP was in trouble is poppycock.


In May we saw Kohl retire , MSNBC psi-ops , Obama trying to fire up supporters , polls under-sampling the GOP and the left running from Obama in congress:

No matter what the media tells you, no matter what Harry Reid tells you, the Democrats are afraid. How afraid? The white house is so worried about 2012 they found it necessary to beef up a rapid response team a year early, and the Democrats in congress are so afraid that they ran, led by Harry Reid, from the president on Israel like a bat out of hell. Cripes even Bill Clinton has figured it out:

In July, in August and September things continued to look bleak for the left from NY-9

This is a seat where the smallest margin of victory for a democrat in this district since 1996 was during the republican landslide year 0f 2010 when Anthony Weiner won by a mere 21 points. This is the district that last elected a Republican during the Wilson Administration.

to the beginning of the campaign of Former Obama Administration Official Elizabeth Warren:

Liberal commentators at the Politico are ecstatic as are those at Talking Points memo Balloon Juice, the Huffington Post. Perhaps they might be less orgasmic if they read the first sentence in the Washington Post story concerning her candidacy: (emphasis mine)

Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard professor and former Obama administration official who became a hero to liberals with her sharp critique of the nation’s financial institutions, will announce Wednesday that she is challenging Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts for his seat in 2012.

A former Obama administration official is running against Scott Brown and democrats are optimistic? I can’t think of anything more politically tone-deaf the day after the most significant electoral rebuke to the president since the 2010 midterms.

October, November and December got no better as the Media remained in their plastic bubble:

Yet today on Morning Joe, you would not know this at all. John Heilman, Mark Halperin, Jeffery Sachs and Mika Brzezinski, excoriated Newt Gingrich for suggesting that the occupods need to get a bath then a job. To the Morning Joe/Politico/MSNBC crowd the entire 302 count rap sheet doesn’t exist, the assaults, the cries for socialism, the robberies and the violence, none of these things have happened.

And we aren’t even going to talk 2012 from African Americans for Obama, the Soviet tactics the Gay Marriage implosion and finally the Kimberlin crowd’s attempt to intimidate a black political activist.

The bottom line is the signs have been clear that the Democrats are crashing and burning for a long time but we on the right have been so tentative and no nervous that we haven’t wanted to believe it.

After the Democrats disaster in Wisconsin including the brave Obama tweet I ask my fellow conservatives to finally believe me when I say this:

Ride Right through them, they’re demoralized as hell

We have an excellent chance to crush these guys once and for all, let’s do it!


I mentioned last week how the whole “Celtics are doomed” meme was annoying me as it started right after they won at Philly, while Walker was finishing off the libs the Celtics were winning game 5 in Miami.  This proves once and for all, that there is a reason why you actually play the games.

A thought, the Celtics team is an older veteran team.  If the NBA strike doesn’t happen shaving games off the season are the Celtics still playing at this point?


There was a real treat for old Doctor Who fans like me this month.  The latest Big Finish Cd in the 4th Doctor Range:  Trail of the White Worm not only featured Tom Baker as the Doctor and Louise Jameson as Leela but brings Back Geoffrey Beevers as the Master who played the character opposite Tom Baker in the Keeper of Traken 31 years ago.


And this will be surpassed next year when Tom Baker and Mary Tamm revisit Trevor Baxter and Christopher Benjamin of Jago & Lightfoot fame followed by the pair joining Colin Baker (the 6th Doctor) as companions.

Yeah I’m embracing my inner geek big time.


One more geek thought the Big Announcement from  DC about making a “major character” gay turned out to be Alan West the Golden Age Green Lantern who last had his own comic in 1949.

I suspect anyone who might have cared enough to be angry stopped reading comics when the boys came home…from Korea.


Finally the Kimberlin/Breitbart unmasked  crowd has decided to go after Ali Akbar’s mother.  Apart from the irony of Democrats once again trying to shut up a Black political activist Stacy McCain while still in hiding notes that difference in venue makes a huge difference:

Does the phrase “Don’t mess with Texas” ring a bell? Maryland courts have been incredibly lenient with the Kimberlin/Rauhauser axis, but Ali assures me that Texas won’t take too kindly to the purposeful harassment of one of its law-abiding citizens. Ali’s mother has harmed no one, and whoever thought up this sick stunt might find themselves prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law — Texas law.

I’ll be talking to Ali this Saturday on DaTechGuy on DaRadio.  I suspect this will  end much better for Ali & co than for the Kimberlin crowd.

See you next week.

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